New Year's Eve, New Year's Eve, the new peach for the old.

In the afternoon, the sound of firecrackers burst, and the air was filled with the smell of fireworks.

Probably because there were so many guests visiting today, the neighbors on the opposite side of the room were closing their doors, and there were all kinds of shoes scattered at the door. There were the sound of children playing and adults talking and laughing from the room.

Yu Qinghuan was holding the tape in his mouth and holding the scissors to paste the couplet.

After he posted it, he stepped back a few steps to see if the sticker was crooked, and then nodded in satisfaction.

When Yu Qinghuan turned around, he happened to meet the neighbor's aunt who was about fifty years old next door going out. Yu Qinghuan hurriedly greeted warmly: "Auntie Wang, Happy New Year."

Aunt Wang saw that Yu Qinghuan was warm and polite, handsome and good-looking, and she liked it very much. She took out two oranges from her pocket and put them in Yu Qinghuan's hands: "Oh, how good, Xiaoyu, where is your father?"

Yu Qinghuan didn't refuse, but took the orange and thanked: "Thank you auntie, my dad is in the house and cleaning."

Aunt Wang nodded, and suddenly remembered her purpose of going out - to pick up relatives at the gate of the community, so she said, "Well, happy new year, auntie is leaving first."

"Goodbye Auntie." Yu Qinghuan waved his hand, then picked up scissors and tape, and opened the door.

Auntie Wang glanced at it unintentionally, seeing that the room was empty and no one could be seen at all, she couldn't help but sigh in her heart that their home was deserted.

Against the backdrop of the lively and lively atmosphere everywhere in the New Year, the usual desolation seems very pitiful.

Aunt Wang retracted her sympathetic gaze, hurried downstairs, and walked to the gate of the community.

At this moment, a tall, handsome boy passed her and walked upstairs leisurely.

After Yu Qinghuan returned home, he raised his head and shouted into the room, "Dad, the couplets and blessings have been pasted. Have you finished cleaning? You should be picking us up soon."

Father Yu's voice came from the study: "Quickly pack up."

Although I went to someone else's house for the New Year this year, I have to clean up my own house.

Yu Qinghuan put the tape and scissors away, walked into the room, and wanted to help Dad Yu clean up together, but saw Dad Yu was holding a thick photo album, looking at it with a smile.

Hearing the sound, Dad Yu raised his head and shook the album in his hand: "Son, look, what did Dad find?"

Yu Qinghuan took a look at the album and was a little surprised: "Isn't this my previous album?"

"Yeah, look, your graduation photos from elementary school to high school!" Dad Yu pointed to the photo and sighed.

Yu Qinghuan also looked over with nostalgia.

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

Yu Qinghuan was shocked and trotted to open the door.

The door was opened, Ren Jian stood at the door, with a New Year's gift in his hand, dressed in a navy blue turtleneck sweater and a camel coat, the warm winter sun shone on the ground behind him.

Ren Jian looked at Yu Qinghuan and smiled slightly: "I'm here to pick you up and uncle to my house for Chinese New Year."

Yu Qinghuan lost his mind for a moment due to heart palpitations. After regaining his senses, he said in a panic, "Come in."

"Child, you're here." Dad Yu walked out of the study and placed the album he just flipped over on the coffee table.

"Uncle, happy new year, a little gift." Ren Jian handed the gift to Dad Yu.

"Oh, you're too polite." Father Yu frowned, holding the gift, and smiled helplessly, "You're here to pick us up and bring a gift, it's too much trouble for you, and you see me and Xiao Yu also bought it. I have a bunch of them, and I have to take them with me when I wait! This is sent here and there."

"It should be." Ren was also a little nervous and responded politely.

"You sit with Xiao Yu for a while, and I'll change clothes and leave." Father Yu said as he got up and entered the room.

Seeing Yu's father entering the house, Yu Qinghuan smiled at Ren Jian: "You are so handsome today."

"Come to see my father-in-law, don't be ashamed." Ren Jian reached out and rubbed Yu Qinghuan's hair.

"Sit down, I'll pour you a cup of sweet-scented osmanthus tea." Yu Qinghuan said with a smile, his head lowered.

"Osmanthus tea?" Ren Jian asked suspiciously while sitting on the sofa.

Yu Qinghuan went to the kitchen to get a jar of sweet-scented osmanthus candy, and answered loudly, "Huh? Don't you have this custom in your family? It was said that during the New Year, when guests come, they will drink a glass of sugar water, which means that life will be sweet and sweet in the next year. "

Ren Jian suddenly sighed, and then his eyes fell on the coffee table, and he saw the album.

When Yu Qinghuan came out with the sweet-scented osmanthus tea, he found that Ren Jian was flipping through the album with great interest: "Ah...that' old photo."

"You were too cute when you were young." Ren Zhan gently hooked his lips.

Yu Qinghuan blushed, put the sweet-scented osmanthus tea on the coffee table in front of Ren Jian, and sat down beside him.

Ren Jian turned to the graduation photo of Yu Qinghuan's high school, and suddenly asked, "Do you have many friends in junior high and high school?"

Yu Qinghuan: "Ah? Why do you ask that?"

Ren Jian sighed: "I just feel that my temperament dictates."

Ren Jian suddenly thought of something, looked up and asked, "You said you dated a girl in high school before?"

Yu Qinghuan's heart thumped, and he quickly said, "Hey! It's an old thing, why do you bring this up?"

Ren Jian pursed his lips and said nothing, looking down at Yu Qinghuan's high school graduation photo.

Yu Qinghuan thought for a while, and tucked his right hand into Renjian's palm.

Ren Jian was stunned for a moment, held it tightly, lowered his head and continued to flip through the album, his face softened a little.

Dad Yu changed his clothes and hurried out of the room: "It's been a long wait, let's go!"

Ren Jian closed the photo album, stood up, and praised: "Uncle is really spirited!"

Dad Yu laughed loudly.

After Ren Jian brought Yu Qinghuan and Dad Yu home, they were warmly welcomed and entertained by Mom and Dad.

In the evening, the two families enjoyed a sumptuous New Year's Eve dinner.

After the New Year's Eve dinner, Ren's mother said warmly, "My father-in-law and Qing Huan will stay with us tonight. My guest room is all tidy."

Yu's father shied away from Ren's mother's kindness and agreed.

Seeing eight o'clock, the three parents turned on the TV and watched the Spring Festival Gala while making tea and drinking. The juniors, Ren Jian and Yu Qinghuan, cleaned up the dishes.

Ren's mother didn't want Yu Qinghuan to work, and said, "Qinghuan, it's okay, you can rest and let Ren wash the dishes!"

Yu Qing said with a smile: "Auntie, let me help you, clean up quickly."

Father Yu also said: "Let Xiao Yu help, we can't come to eat and drink for free, we must contribute!"

Yu's father said so, and Ren's mother couldn't say anything else, so she covered her lips and smiled.

Yu Qinghuan and Ren Jian put the tableware and chopsticks into the kitchen, one washed the dishes with detergent, and the other washed the foam on the bowls, and they had a good understanding.

"Is my food still to your liking?" Ren Jian asked.

"Hey!" Yu Qinghuan replied quickly, "Uncle's dishes are delicious."

Ren smiled.

Yu Qinghuan was working on his hands and said with a smile: "Renjian, thank you for inviting me and my dad to come to your house for the New Year. I often only eat dumplings once, so my dad and I are very happy to have such a lively this year.”

After a while, his heart throbbed, and he said, "I will always have me in the future."

Yu Qinghuan's chest filled with warmth, he secretly glanced outside the door and saw that the kitchen could not be seen outside, so he raised his head and whispered to Ren Jian, "Can you give me a kiss?"

Ren Jian was disrespectful, he smiled and lowered his head to kiss Yu Qinghuan.

Both of them were full of foam and dared not touch each other, so they just kissed lightly.

After kissing and continuing to wash the dishes, Ren suddenly thought of something and said, "By the way, there is only one guest room in my house, but there are two of you and uncle, so my mother decided to let you sleep in my room."

Yu Qinghuan was startled: "You let me sleep in your room? Where are you sleeping?"

Ren Jian said: "Study, my mother put a folding bed in the study and let me sleep in the study first, but..."

Ren Jian suddenly leaned over Yu Qinghuan's ear and gently bit the tip of his ear: "Who knows if I will sneak back to my room to sleep at night because I can't sleep because of my love for the bed?"

Yu Qinghuan's heart trembled fiercely, but he still pretended to be calm: "Then what..."

Ren Jian: "Huh?"

Yu Qinghuan took a deep breath.

"Then what, is your room soundproof?"