Yu Qinghuan was lying on the round bed, staring at the purple curtain hanging down by the head of the bed, listening to the sound of water coming from the bathroom, and there was only one thought in his mind.

Your life has reached a peak again!

he! A four-good young man who has graduated from college less than a year, but has been polished by the cruel social laws.

Now, I am lying in the love room of a couple in a five-star hotel, thinking about life.

The first thought that entered Yu Qinghuan's mind was.

Why is the color matching of a five-star hotel's love room so red and purple?

Look at this lamp, this bed, this wall, this strangely shaped chair with a buckled wrist strap, Yu Qinghuan couldn't help but think about it.

purple! gas! East! Come! what!

Forget the color scheme, and the bathroom.

The **** glass room, it's completely transparent, go in and take a shower, and you can see clearly outside! Adam and Eve, who ate the fruit of wisdom, come and beat the designer! Was the fig leaf swallowed by him!

The sound of rushing water pressed into Yu Qinghuan's ears, reminding him all the time that the person who opened the room with him was taking a shower.

Because of his shame, Yu Qinghuan only dared to stare at the ceiling, and by the way, he beat the hotel designer a hundred and eighty times in his heart.

By the way, the person who opened the room together...

Yu Qinghuan turned over and turned his back to the fully transparent bathroom, recalling the scene of meeting him in the hotel lobby.

Yu Qinghuan was really unlucky today.

The leader called him early in the morning and asked him to go on a business trip to see a client. Yu Qinghuan finally bought a ticket, but the train was late and it was already dark when he arrived at the destination.

The worst has come.

He can't book a hotel!

I heard that it is because there is an e-sports competition held here, and several national-level teams have come. The nearby hotel is either packaged by the club, or it has been packaged by fans, fans and fans of e-sports games. .

Yu Qinghuan was squatting on the street, holding his mobile phone, thinking miserably that he would not want to live in the bridge hole, when suddenly a reservation message appeared on the mobile phone, Yu Qinghuan didn't take a close look, grabbed the suitcase and went straight to the hotel. .

However, it was a five-star hotel. Not only was the room charge extremely expensive, but the information on the vacancies was also popped up because of the mistakes of the hotel staff.

Yu Qinghuan was full of despair, and felt that if his heart were any more fragile, he might smash his head into the golden pillar in the hotel lobby and leave this beautiful world.

Seeing that Yu Qinghuan was about to cry or not, the young lady at the reception felt relented, and offered her advice: "Why don't you just wait and see if there are any guests checking out."

"Okay, thank you, Miss." Yu Qinghuan thanked.

The lady at the reception blushed a little, nodded and said you're welcome.

Not to mention, this little boy looks strangely good-looking.

Yu Qinghuan grabbed the suitcase and waited beside him.

After waiting for an hour, many guests came to the front desk, but unfortunately they all came to stay at the hotel, not to check out.

After the lady at the front desk received another couple, Yu Qinghuan took out her mobile phone and checked the time.

Half past twelve in the morning.

Yu Qinghuan decided to wait another ten minutes. If he didn't wait for him, he would go to the waiting room of the train station for one night. After all, staying here all the time would make the receptionist at the hotel front desk embarrassed.

Yu Qinghuan put away the phone, looked up, and found that there was one more person at the front desk.

A guy with a handsome face.

The man held a golden room card.

Yu Qinghuan's eyes were glued to the room card held by the man.

what! Long drought meets Lin! Withered trees come in spring! Good luck! Yu Qing rejoices in the room card!

The man said, "Hello, I want to check out..."

Yu Qinghuan almost jumped up, he moved over carefully, ready to wait for the person to check out, take a photo of his ID card on the reception desk, and set the room.

Who knows that the person is not checking out, but wants to change rooms.

The lady at the front desk looked apologetic and said softly, "I'm sorry sir, we don't have any other room for you to change."

The man frowned slightly: "Is there no single room? Where is the standard room?"

The lady at the front desk said, "All rooms are fully booked."

The man sighed, "Okay."

As he said that, he put the room card that made Yu Qinghuan's eyes glow green into his pocket.

Yu Qinghuan: "…"

Do not! My Lin! my spring! my ji! My room card! God, you kill me!

Seeing that the man was going to the elevator, Yu Qinghuan took a deep breath, summoned up his courage, suddenly grabbed the man's arm, and shouted, "This gentleman!"

The man seemed startled, and threw away Yu Qinghuan's hand.

"I'm sorry, I was abrupt." Yu Qinghuan bowed and apologized again and again, "That's right, the room fee in this hotel is quite expensive, sir, do you want someone to bear the room fee for you?"

The man raised his eyebrows and asked, "Pay the room fee?"

"Yes, I can't book a hotel tonight. I want to ask if you'd like to stay with me for one night? I'm willing to bear the room fee." Yu Qinghuan folded his hands together and asked in a sincere tone.

The man looked surprised, looked Yu Qinghuan up and down with probing eyes, and said, "But I don't know you, how do I know if you have bad thoughts?"

Yu Qinghuan opened the suitcase, opened the neatly folded clothes, and took out one thing after another: "Sir, this is my ID card, this is my work card, this is my wallet, This is my cell phone, you can take a picture or take it and return it to me in the morning. I can sleep on the floor at night. I just want a place to take a shower, because I have to see a client tomorrow. If you still don’t believe me, I will …”

Yu Qinghuan closed the suitcase with a serious face: "I swear!"

The man: "What is it? Poisonous oath?"

Yu Qinghuan said: "If I hurt your mind, then I would go out and cross the road and be run over by a car, crushing the long and short bones of the femur and humerus, and I was sent to the hospital before I died. As a result, the anesthesia in the hospital was used up, and I was in pain to death. Doctor. He whispered in my ear that you accidentally dropped the needle in your arm when you drew blood just now, by the way, this needle was used by an infectious disease patient before..."

"Pfft." The young lady at the front desk was amused.

The man also bent his mouth, looked at Yu Qinghuan with interest, and interrupted his poisonous oath: "Okay, okay."

Yu Qinghuan quickly shut up, and then asked hopefully, "Are you willing to stay with me?"

The man didn't answer right away, he stared at Yu Qinghuan silently for a long time, and suddenly asked, "Don't you know me?"

Yu Qinghuan looked up at the man.

Handsome, handsome, tall and straight, as bright as a jade tree in front of the wind.

But he doesn't know Nima!

Who is this?


Is it a star?

If you're a star, why don't you wear a mask and glasses when you go out, brother, you're a little privacy-conscious!

Yu Qinghuan hesitated for a while and asked, "Are you a star?"

The man laughed and said, "I'm not, okay, come with me."

Yu Qinghuan smiled and quickly followed with his suitcase: "Thank you! I wish your family eat sweets without gaining weight, eating spicy food without getting acne, not getting sunburned in the sun, and staying up all night without losing your hair!"

The man laughed softly again, and then said, "I seem to have this physique."

Yu Qinghuan gave a thumbs up: "...Then you haven't been beaten to death because of jealousy for so many years, it's really amazing!"

The man sighed: "Chat ghosts."

Yu Qinghuan: "I've won awards!"

The elevator dinged and reached the fifth floor.

Yu Qinghuan dragged the suitcase, followed behind the person, and stood in front of the door of the room.

The man took out the room card and was about to swipe it off when he suddenly stopped and turned to ask Yu Qinghuan, "By the way, have you ever thought about..."

"Huh? What?" Yu Qinghuan was puzzled.

The man hooked his lips, looked at Yu Qinghuan with great interest and smiled wickedly: "Have you ever thought that it's not you, but me, who has bad thoughts, what should I do?"

Yu Qinghuan: "…"

He really didn't think about it.

Seeing that Yu Qinghuan didn't say anything, the man smiled even more and asked, "You said that you are looking for someone to live in, because you hope there is a place to bathe?"

Yu Qinghuan nodded.

The man held the room card, opened the door, smiled and said, "Then you have to be mentally prepared, after all, I'm not the kind of person who wants to change rooms for no reason."

The door opens.

Yu Qinghuan's eyes widened, his mouth slightly opened, and he froze in place.

This person just went to the front desk to change rooms.

Because of…

This is a love room! !