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How Are You Guys Getting Boyfriends While Gaming

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Got roomed with another straight man in a love hotel and had to share a bed. Meeting by the road side on a certain day, the boy in his arms was smiling wildly.

Hey, let me explain myself, don’t go ahead of yourself. I was just being a samaritan. I had to help, even if I lied about being a straight man like you.

Are you running away after getting me excited? Let’s see what kind of ending you want today.

Since you all asked for a wife chasing crack, then let’s perseverate to the end. I’m not crazy, you are the one who is crazy. This is probably a crack but still gentle gong and a shou fighting against the crack story. Lighthearted! Comedy! No brain cells will be lost!

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Short Title:HGBWG
Alternate Title:你们打个游戏怎么就交到男朋友了
Author:Yi Yi Yi Yi
Weekly Rank:#3546
Monthly Rank:#7119
All Time Rank:#7533
Tags:Adapted to Manhua, Cute Protagonist, e-Sports, Gamers, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First,
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  1. ‏Hello, I hope you can help me find this novel its bl . I think I read it on Wattpad, but I don't remember.. Really a lot of events. Well, the novel is about a boy who died and was resurrected in an ancient world. When he opened his eyes, he was in a hut and there was one or two children and he is their older brother. From the poor, then he searched for the memories of the body. He discovered that he had a fiancé, who is the butcher of the village. He was excited when he discovered that he was handsome and strong, and he was his favorite type. He discovered that this body did not love his fiancé, so he ignored him and did not ask for help when his father died When he found out about this, he decided to use it to start a conversation, so he shyly went to him and told him that he wanted some firewood, so he agreed and then ran away from him shyly, and the other man thought that a boy hated him, and when he saw his shyness, he knew that he loved him and did not hate him.. This is the last thing I remember really. I apologize if there were mistakes. I am using a translator, hope you can help me

  2. This seems familiar to me, but it is a fantasy settings (orc) or something, and not translated. It is not even finished so I don't know if it's the one you are looking for.

  3. if I'm not mistaken, the raman is called, Life in Retirement, There, a reborn guy finds himself in the ancient world from the apocalypse, finds brothers and turns out to be a beggar with a poor neighbor ... But it's not so easy

  4. I'm still looking for a novel, a system and different worlds. And one world is the apocalypse, the main character has his older brother who works in the army. They are like brothers, but in the end they find out that they are not brothers. The main character, or rather the body in which he is, had a fiance, but they broke up. PLEASE HELP ME I CAN'T FIND IT

  5. I think this one "Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus" The MC Has a non-related blood brother I'm not very sure about the fiancee part because I read this a long time ago If this is what you are looking for its the 8 arc

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