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Hot Farmer’s Wife: Buying a Husband for the Farm

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The apocalyptic girl Lin Xiaoyue transmigrated into the body of an ancient peasant girl.

The owner of the new body, Daddy, had just passed away, and the family of three was driven to a dilapidated house on the edge of the village by their own grandmother. Looking at the tragic appearance of the cowardly mother and the little radish head, Lin Xiaoyue decided to live a good life with one big and one small.

Fortunately, her space ring and spiritual ability also followed, and with spiritual influence, she was relaxed and comfortable to tear the best.

Well, there is no big man in the family who always wants to bully him without opening his eyes? If she buys one, it won’t work! As a result, when she picked the slave farm, she found out the captain she had a crush on in her previous life!

Ah, she loves this antiquity so much! There are no zombies, no need to go hungry, there are relatives and lovers! She wants to live happily!

This is a story about a small cannon fodder who lived a prosperous life in ancient times. This article is male and female, and there is no Virgin (including the mistress).

This article sets: 1 tael of silver = 1,000 taels, 1 tael of money = 1 yuan in the 21st century, and 1 catty = 10 taels. Overhead, no peasants, industrial and commercial classes are divided.

In addition, “The Rebirth of the Apocalypse in the End of the World” and “I Have a Medicine Field Space in the End Times” have been completed. Welcome to read! Ask for a ticket, okay~~~

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Short Title:BHFF
Alternate Title:农门辣妻:买个相公好种田
Author:make trouble
Weekly Rank:#470
Monthly Rank:#406
All Time Rank:#979
Tags:Complex Family Relationships, Cooking, Familial Love, Family, Family Conflict, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hunters, Magical Space, Poor to Rich, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Special Abilitie, Strong to Stronger, Transmigration,
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22 Comments on “Hot Farmer’s Wife: Buying a Husband for the Farm
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  1. Cook and sell food all the time, nothing important. Buy Husband (NPC1) Mother (NPC2) Brother Nephew (NPC3-4) Overall, a boring novel. Stop reading at any time It's like a novel of porridge without any seasonings.

  2. ML doesn't have any previous relationships. The "lover" mentioned in there is probably a translation of his nephew's name, Qing'er. I got confused there for a while and thought there was some Yaoi going on with Li Xiao and Qing'er being lovers until I got further on in the story. They really are biological nephew and uncle relationship. Qing'er is ML's sister's son.

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