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A bizarre e-mail made Qian Cangyi’s life drastically changed. He became an actor in hell movies and entered a quirky movie world. Here, there are many people like him in hell movies. Struggling to survive.

Every time a movie is lived, the actors can receive varying amounts of pay, which can be exchanged for money, but more importantly, they can be exchanged for special props that can save their lives in the movie world.

The mysterious stele of Yuxi Village, the scarlet blood moon of Hefang Island, the creepy crypt of a century-old school, the ghost ship of the mysterious sea…

Every movie world hides an incomprehensible existence in Qiancang.

Special props can certainly increase the chance of survival, but to survive in the hell movie, courage and wisdom are the only weapons he can rely on!

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Short Title:HS
Alternate Title:恐怖片场
Author:Booze cooking oil
Weekly Rank:#1288
Monthly Rank:#1105
All Time Rank:#4282
Tags:Acting, Aggressive Characters, Antihero Protagonist, Average-looking Protagonist, Calm Protagonist, Cautious Protagonist, Character Development, Clever Protagonist, Cold Protagonist, Crime, Criminals, Cunning Protagonist, Dark, Detectives, Determined Protagonist, Ghosts, Interdimensional Travel, Investigations, Male Protagonist, Movies, Murders, Near-Death Experience, Orphans, Proactive Protagonist, Ruthless Protagonist, Serial Killers, Shameless Protagonist, Weak to Strong,
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16 Comments on “Horror Studio
  1. After I read this novel, I got some conclusions .. The protagonist is a man who may be 20 or more at least not over 30 years old, he may not go to school because after I read some chapters it is not shown about things related to the Protagonist school. , and also the Protagonist has worked and his profession is not yet known because the translation is very confusing, and without further ado I would say the Protagonist is a pretty calm person even though he was suddenly given an invitation from his email to become an Actor of Hell and was forced. taken away by a bus that seems to make the Protagonist teleport to the world he is going to go to, when facing problems he is quite calm, careful, clever in observing the surroundings even the faces and eyes of a person, he is a little cunning in taking advantage of situations to find out something , and what was more amazing was he had excellent analytical skills both at observing someone, environment, facial expression. This novel is enough to squeeze your brain in half because you will be 'bombed' by the analysis skills of the Protagonist and I advise you to get ready to use your brain IQ, and the novel is quite good at making Mysteries, Conspiracies, Horror, and other things - another thing, AND I RECOMMEND YOU TO READ THIS NOVEL EVEN IF IT FORCES YOUR BRAIN IQ.

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