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Horizontal Push Starts From Drawing a Sword

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Three hundred years ago, Reiki was revived.

Lin Shuguang was reborn and awakened. Starting from drawing his sword, he fought in all directions.

[Successfully kill, seize 100000 card blood value]

[Get the killing method, one-click promotion]

Grab endless energy and blood, cast invincible strength, push horizontally all the way, extremely unparalleled, upgrade attributes to fight the gods and prove the way.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:HPSDS
Alternate Title:横推从拔刀开始
Author:Probably you are outstanding
Weekly Rank:#1386
Monthly Rank:#1187
All Time Rank:#876
Tags:Arrogant Characters, Fast Cultivation, God Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Poor to Rich, System, Younger Sisters,
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19 Comments on “Horizontal Push Starts From Drawing a Sword
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  2. Chapter 7 - Waste of Money. it's just learning from the start why use money when you can improve it. They even have money problems. -_-

  3. hi guys, i'm having trouble finding a novel that i forgot the name, i'll give a small introduction and if anyone knows which one i'm talking about thank you, it's a novel of cultivation in a modern world with a system, in the beginning the protagonist has a bride who is super talented, where she says she doesn't want him anymore, but it's just a lie to make him stimulate and work hard, since he didn't want to know about it and just spent his family's money, then he wakes up the system, that happens in the first chap, if anyone knows thank you

  4. i feel like there's so many holes in the lies this MC tells it's unreal, it only takes someone to turn around and look into him or want to find him and find all the lies he's telling.

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