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Bai Ye traveled to a very strange world where food is the sky and became a chef. He thought it would still be an ordinary life, but he slowly discovered how strange things always came in in this world.

What the hell is a gourmet cell?

What happened to Totsuki Academy?

Are the legendary kitchen utensils true or false?

Even the Sword Art Online Food Hunter version has come out, what kind of trouble do you want to make…

Although I feel that few people read it, I still set up a book friend group, welcome to join the home cook, group number: 553438462

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Short Title:HC
Alternate Title:宅厨师
Author:let go of that sister
Weekly Rank:#3231
Monthly Rank:#7530
All Time Rank:#6322
Tags:Comedic Undertone, Cooking, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Male Protagonist, System, Transmigration,
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15 Comments on “Home Cook
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  1. shoot... hiatus... lmao. too bad... it was kinda interesting. although i feel awkward seeing the japanese characters react like chinese. lol.

  2. Recommended, Poison, 4 Star. really fun, the comedy is pretty fun, if I could give this fanfic a rating of around 5 stars from chapter 1-600, chapter 600+ I'd only give 2 stars because there's too much poison. the attitude of the protagonist is very naive but it's still fun to read it's just that the protagonist is very afraid of facing his "harem", I mean the protagonist hasn't opened the harem yet but when the girl confesses to the protagonist, the protagonist tends to refuse for fear of being "killed" (or whatever) by a stronger girl who also has feelings for the protagonist. what I don't like the most is only senior sister's character, like the final boss, has great cooking skills (almost unrivaled and invincible in the world) and strong martial arts (strong enough to suppress the protagonist with several actions) and secretly controls how the protagonist love someone, because this senior sister, every time the protagonist is confessed by a girl makes the protagonist unable to act decisively for fear of being "killed" (maybe). Other than that the story is good, the poison maybe there but not much, the world includes various anime, games and movies. this world where the chef is the most respected person in the whole world, while the fighter is only a collector of cooking ingredients for the chef to make. anyway the story is exciting but since senior sister came everything is broken.

  3. world consist: shokugeki no Soma (main plot story), toriko (organization only), chuukan ichiban (cooking skill level only),black lagoon (organization), sword art online (just for cooking training),fate grand order (character only), Kobayashi maid (ingredient), Tokyo Ghoul (errand boy), Kimi no nawa (not main story), one piece (devil fruit just ingredient didn't have skill, haki), dragon raja (passerby),cultivator ingredient collector (hah! just like any Chinese novel chase IMMORTALITY), arknight (passerby) and many anime that i don't know cause Chinese language. Protagonis : Bai Ye(Chinese), Shiro Yami (Japanese), Shiromujo (Title SAO), Shiro Yasha (Title by student in Tootsuki)... Sister in Family : Bai Xue (Chinese), Shiro Yuki (Japanese)... Senior Sister (Just Leave, You Ruined Development of Protagonist) : Liu Shiyu (Chinese), Ryu Seiyu (Japanese) ...

  4. I think, this fanfic Will have many problem, because main arc (shokugeki) already end in 800, and after this arc author must improvisation story arc after shokugeki because we don't have many cooking anime. Romance Development has blocked by senior Sister and coward Protagonist think he Will die by senior Sister, and senior Sister too possessive even she didn't love protagonis (main reason this novel Ruined). cooking level? hehehe you know protagonis already level 80 (max 100=God) but he already 100 completely proficiency in many food (mainly Chinese food because YKWIM) Nationalysm? maybe too high because i just see many Chinese name people and food in this fanfic also Japan Country named district 11 (Code Geass) with China as 2 Superpower Country (China, Chinese Culinary with Deep History) and (USA, Molecule Culinary with machine like Nakiri Alice). Japan? what is that just a countryside with limited resource.

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