With the formation of the two camps, the international situation has become increasingly clear. One is the anti-British alliance with the Holy Roman Empire as the core—the Continental Alliance; the other is the anti-Shenra alliance—the Pan-Ocean Front—formed by Britain.

In the Suez Canal attack, the last layer of window paper was torn, and the contradiction between the two camps was put on the table.

With the escalation of armed conflicts in various places, apart from the lack of a single document to declare war, a substantial war has formed between Shenluo and Britain.

The main member states of the Continental Alliance are mostly concentrated in Europe. There is a ready-made organizational framework for the Continental Alliance. Now only a little change has taken place in its functions. The British-led Pan-Ocean Front is in trouble.

When countries first joined the Pan-Ocean Front, the situation was not what it is now. The British only told everyone to form a group to encircle Shinra, but did not say that the enemy was the entire European continent.

The scope of the enemy has expanded, and disputes have also occurred within the Pan-Ocean Front. Although everyone has full confidence in the Royal Navy, everyone has no idea about this war.

"Distant relatives are not as good as neighbors", this sentence does not apply between countries. Because of history, most countries have conflicts of interest and even long-term hostility with neighboring countries.

The enemy's enemy is not necessarily a friend, but can become an ally most of the time. For example, if Chile joins the Pan-Ocean Front, Peru and Bolivia, the two hostile countries, naturally lean towards the Continental Alliance.

Now he didn't jump out to stand in line, but because of the superior position of the Royal Navy, everyone did not dare to act rashly, or they might have hooked up in secret.

In this context, everyone should not only participate in the war against Shinra, but also be careful about neighbors stabbing them.

It's not that the British government has not thought of a solution, but when it comes to interests, there is no discussion at all.

Take Chile, Bolivia, and Peru as examples. It is very simple to want Bolivia and Peru to give up their hatred, as long as Chile is willing to give up the gains from the South Pacific War.

After eating the meat in the stomach and letting it out, it is naturally impossible for Chileans to agree, and then there is no more talk.

No matter how great the face of Britain is, it cannot be more profitable. Even if the British government is willing to share the colony of Shinra, it has no effect.

Painting cakes cannot satisfy hunger. Although the colony of the Holy Roman Empire is vast, there are not many that can be captured.

If there are too many people participating in the distribution of spoils, no one will have enough to eat. Everyone participates in the Pan-Ocean Front to eat meat, but not to be hungry.

In order to coordinate the relationship between allies and integrate the power of the alliance, the British government was very busy, but the final receipt was very touching.

All countries have their own small abacus. When the interests of the alliance conflict with their own national interests, the national interests must be given priority.

The Vienna government cannot let the European countries do their best, and the London government cannot let the Pan-Ocean Front countries blast their livers.

The allies have not been settled yet, but domestic doubts are endless. The talkative parties came to an end one after another and criticized the government's foreign policy, as if this situation had occurred, and it was all the result of the government's ineffectiveness.

Throwing away the hostile newspaper, Campbell rubbed his forehead and asked, "Has the Navy not found a chance?"

If you cannot break the situation politically, you can only seek a breakthrough from the military. War will always be one of the sharp tools to shift internal conflicts.

I saw Secretary of the Navy Swinding waved his hand and said: "Whether it is the enemy's South Seas fleet or the American fleet, they are usually scattered in various ports, and there will be no assembly if there is no major event.

Unless it is a separate attack, otherwise it is difficult for us to hit the enemy's main force at once. But after the division of forces, the advantages of the Royal Navy ceased to exist.

Even if the enemy assembles occasionally, it is still active in coastal areas. Considering that the enemy can withdraw to the port at any time and the air force provides fire support, we did not take any action. "

The power of the Royal Navy lies in the overall cooperation. If it is only a one-on-one battle, in fact, their advantage is not big.

This is exactly the opposite of the army. The lobster soldiers have good combat effectiveness in small-scale battles, but once the scale of the battlefield expands, it will soon wither.

Asquis, Chancellor of the Exchequer: "Since there is no sneak attack, then simply seek opportunities to fight the enemy.

We also have the cooperation of allies, and we can completely kill the enemy's two ocean-going fleets in a short time to ensure the smooth flow of maritime trade.

The pace of war is constantly approaching, and the time left for us is running out. The saint of Vienna Palace is now performing his final performance.

If nothing happens, their investigation results will come out soon, and then they will declare war on us righteously. "

It can be seen that Asquith is very cold towards Franz. It's right to think about it. Everyone has no image. You only have it. It is a problem not to be hated by others.

Foreign Secretary Adam said indifferently: "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has begun to coordinate the issue of joint operations, but it will take some time.

There are two troubles now, one is the issue of command power, and the other is the distribution of benefits after the war.

Our allies have great appetites, and what they want seriously does not match their own strength, and they need to be made aware of reality. "

Since discovering that the enemy had changed from Shinra to the European continent, Britain’s allies have become less willing. It’s just that it’s easy to get on the boat and difficult to get off the boat.

At this point, even if someone wants to quit, the Vienna government must first consider the feelings of its allies. It is impossible to accept it.

Neutrality is even more nonsense. The team has stood still and wants to return, which is equivalent to offending the two families together, and they will definitely be liquidated after the war.

If it weren't for the allies who still needed the efforts of various countries, the British government would have been rude to this group of allies.


Just when the British were busy forming a team, after a week, the report of the investigation team finally appeared on Franz's desk.

No surprises, all the evidence presented in this 30-page investigative report pointed to the British.

After flipping it casually, Franz had no interest in continuing to read. Too many words are a waste of life.

After a glance at the people, Franz shook his head: "The content is too much, and it must be condensed. The evidence is too detailed, just like personal experience, and it can't stand scrutiny at all.

Delete, delete, and subtract, and add some ambiguities. It would be perfect to add the English confession after the war.

Once it is handled, it will be announced to the public, asking the British government to surrender the murderer, compensate for the loss, and give them an ultimatum by the way.

Forget it, wait a minute! Christmas will be next week. For the sake of God, let the British have the last Christmas. "

It also takes time to trace the evidence. In just one week, more than half of the time is spent on the road.

Regardless of whether there is an in-depth investigation, it is terrifying to think about it to be able to produce such a thick report in such a short period of time.

But this report was drafted by professionals. Participants in the investigation team are all criminal investigation experts in various fields, and a group of people who are most seeking to perfect the evidence.

Theoretically speaking, the personal evidence listed above is complete, and even the photos of the joints are all impeccable, and they cannot be denied by the British.

But it fell into Franz's eyes, but he was awkward. This year, everyone is still not feeling deeply. Anyone who has experienced the impact of the Internet knows that the more detailed the details of the fraud, the easier it is to be overthrown.

On the contrary, they are ambiguous things, the hardest to be overthrown. Anyway, the history book was written by the victor, and the ambiguous content can be proved after the war.

Time can affect a person the most. After several decades in this world, Franz has completely integrated into the times, including: giving face to God.

There is no way, the face of God's family is too great. Generally speaking, if you don't give face to God at the festival like Christmas, it is to work against all the people.

If you don't believe it, just look at the performance of everyone present. No one raised any objections. At first glance, everyone is a "loyal" believer of God.

Prime Minister Chandler: "Okay, Your Majesty. We will implement the investigation report later.

However, since the declaration of war is going to be postponed until after the festival, do you want to find the pope to choose a lucky day? "

It's not ironic. Europeans have to choose dates when they encounter major events, and some superstitious masters also find witches for divination.

The anti-British alliance includes the Papal State, and there is the most professional team of magic sticks, so it will naturally be used.

It seems to be feudal superstition, but it is not. Before and after the war broke out, people were most easily confused and needed to seek spiritual sustenance.

If there is a great **** like the Pope, if you don't use it, it would be a crime. If the British were not labelled heretics, it was because the Vienna government had morals.

Of course, it is impossible to deduct without morals. The struggle between monarchy and theocracy has always existed, that is, the monarchy overwhelmed the religious power in the past two hundred years.

Prior to this, European monarchs were also very hard pressed. Although he considers himself the most devout believer of God, Franz is still not prepared to give the Holy See a chance after involving his core interests.

"Then inform the Holy See that the day of the declaration of war is set on December 27, so that the Pope will be ready."


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