Along with a telegram, news of the attack on the Suez Canal quickly spread throughout the world. The already tense situation in Europe has become more and more out of control at this moment.

On that evening, the Vienna government held a press conference to announce that the people behind the oath and planning of the attack will never die.

Although it is not stated clearly, everyone knows that apart from the British, there is no second master who can afford to be "behind the scenes."

The investigation team has just set off. The Vienna government has not yet reached a conclusion on the attack on the canal, and the people of the two countries have already begun to fight.

The armed conflict is no longer confined to South Africa. Wars of varying scales have broken out in East Africa and the Malay Peninsula. The total strength of the two parties has already exceeded the 100,000 mark.

The exchange of fire on such a scale has not yet declared war. The actions of the two governments have once again refreshed the perception of the European world.

According to a politician who is unwilling to reveal his name: No loss is a hegemonic country, and this "conservation" (skin) is not something ordinary countries can have.


Vienna Palace, at this moment Franz is catching Frederick, this stinky chess basket, and the disturbances from the outside world have not spread here, as if he has been beyond the world.

It is impossible to be detached. At this critical moment, there is no room for relaxation. But it was not affected by the Suez Canal tragedy, but it was true.

The reason is very simple. Whether the Suez Canal is blocked or not has little impact on this war.

To borrow a word from the media: "The Mediterranean is our inner sea, and the great Holy Roman Empire will illuminate the world. This is our time."

Although it is a bit exaggerated, it is basically in line with reality. The current Mediterranean Sea can indeed be regarded as the inner sea of ​​Shinra.

With both the Circum-Europe-African-Middle East Railway and the bath ocean shipping, the core territory of Shinra is still firmly controlled by the Vienna government, which is sufficient to ensure the normal supply of raw materials.

Basically, Franz didn't panic. Do not say that the Suez Canal was blocked for several months, even if it has been blocked, the Holy Roman Empire can withstand it.

As for the strategic impact, you can’t go east, so don’t rush east for the time being. After all the warships in the dock are in service, it is not too late to look for the bad luck of the British.

In contrast, the harm caused by crude oil leakage is more serious. Thousands of tons of crude oil spewed out, not only polluting the river, it is estimated that the entire Red Sea will follow.

If it weren't for Franz's quick response, he would order cleanup and intercept as soon as he received the news, or the Mediterranean would be affected.

Frederick: "Father, since the British planned this attack, they will definitely pick themselves out. The investigation team is afraid it will be difficult for them to gain anything."

Neither Britain nor the Holy Roman Empire is alone, and war is a gang fight.

If you want to start a war, you must not only look at the problem from your own perspective, but you must also be concerned about the reactions of the people in your allies.

Old-fashioned routines like missing soldiers can be distinguished from the real at a glance, and people won't buy it.

Of course, it is possible to force allies to be pulled aboard, but this is not allies but a group of resentful pig teammates.

Originally, the pig teammates from all over Europe were gathered this time. If the relations between the masses were not improved, the Vienna government would not be able to lead them.

Apart from other things, just borrowing other people's airports and ports requires the cooperation of local people.

Otherwise, the Snake can do something casually, or delay the speed of material transportation, it can make the battle plan fail.

In fact, this war has not kicked off for a long time. One of the important reasons is the lack of a reasonable excuse for war.

The Suez Canal attack is undoubtedly a good entry point. Although this economic life is in the hands of the Vienna government, it is most European countries that benefit from it.

As long as it proves that the attack was planned by the British, and launching a war in retaliation, it is logical.

"Don't worry, there will be gains. Even if it is really not related to the British, we can get them involved.

The current investigation is just a cutscene. Inviting all countries to send representatives to participate is nothing more than asking them to endorse together.

Of course, the fake is fake after all, no matter how perfect the arrangement is, there will always be clues.

If possible, it is better to find out the real evidence. Otherwise, it would be a big trouble to wear the help in the future.

In the future, similar incidents will be directly handed over to the cabinet government to operate. As a monarch, we must learn to be confused when appropriate. "

The pros and cons are the essence of human nature, and as an emperor, there is no exception. Especially this kind of invisible operation, that is how far you can hide.

As long as you don't get involved, even if you really wear a gang in the future, you can still deal with it with a sentence of "not knowing".

Although it is a formality, the investigation is still delicate. For example: How long the investigation lasts depends on the anti-British propaganda of various governments.

When the anti-British sentiment of the European people is mobilized, it will be the end. Only when the whole people support a war is the best time to start a war.


Sulawesi, Austria is the governor's mansion of Southeast Asia. A gang of military and political leaders gathered together, and Prince William was enthusiastically discussing the battle plan with everyone at the moment.

The British wanted to attack the South Sea Fleet, and the South Sea Fleet also wanted to attack the Far East Fleet of the Royal Navy. Both sides are calculating each other, and the result is no result.

Arest, commander of the Nanyang Fleet: "Your Highness, we have failed to lure the enemy many times.

Either the British understood our plan and were not fooled at all; or the British had too much appetite to look down on the small profit and wanted to swallow us in one bite.

It is unlikely that the plan will be leaked, and there are not many insiders. If it's the latter, we've gotten the right direction from the beginning.

The biggest problem is that the war did not break out. Otherwise, we can form a coalition with the three countries of West, Holland, and Portugal, and we have a great chance of winning a decisive battle with the British. "

William asked suspiciously: "Although our number of warships is smaller than that of the British, we still have an aircraft carrier formation. Is there no chance of winning a direct confrontation with the Far East fleet?"

I saw Admiral Alester shook his head: "His Royal Highness, although the aircraft carrier has shown good offensive power in the exercise, the actual combat is different, and there are more factors to consider.

We lack the experience of aircraft carriers in actual combat applications, and even the world can't find a reference case. The specific tactics are still being explored.

Out of being responsible for the empire, I dare not overestimate the combat effectiveness of the aircraft carrier formation before actual combat. "

The mainstream naval thinking this year is still the artillery giant ship, and the Shinra Navy is no exception. Even with the support of the emperor, the aircraft carrier faction is still at a disadvantage.

The aircraft carrier faction is at a disadvantage in the battle for ideas. The biggest problem is the lack of actual combat cases to support. Everyone supports the theory of giant ships and artillery, but it is not entirely because of love, but more for insurance.

Making mistakes in the military is not terrible. The terrible thing is that everyone else is on the right track, and you are the only one who ran off.

Since other countries are playing giant cannons, just keep up. If everyone is wrong, it means that no one is wrong.

The biggest problem that new ideas are difficult to promote is uncertainty. Even if it can prove that the concept of the aircraft carrier is correct, it does not mean that the aircraft carrier formation has combat effectiveness.

The idea is correct, but it is equivalent to the correct direction of the road; but there are still many forks in the same direction, and if you are not careful, you will go wrong.

It was mainly limited by aircraft technology. It was only after technological breakthroughs in recent years that the development of aircraft carriers started.

Prior to this, although there was research and development, the investment was far from comparable to battleships.

There is no alternative. There are too many places to invest, and no amount of military spending will be enough. Before it is certain that the aircraft carrier will be effective, more resources must be devoted to battleships.

After a pause, Admiral Arest added: "Actually, the role of the aircraft carrier formation is not necessarily in the decisive battle. I think it is better to use it for sneak attacks.

It is similar to the Air Force’s "Bull Hunting Plan," which concentrates a group of bombers to carry out strategic bombing of enemy ports and shipyards.

In the Far East, the British had limited air defense firepower and basically did not pose much of a threat to the fourth-generation bombers.

If you can figure out the layout of Cam Ranh Bay, the chances of a successful attack should be very high. After the bombing is over, we go up to fight the enemy again, and the odds of winning will be greatly improved.

It's a pity that the timing is wrong. We did this ahead of schedule and the Air Force's plan went bankrupt in advance.

Unlike us, the Air Force has more fighters and rich bombing experience. If the "Bull Hunting Project" succeeds, the benefits it will bring are far beyond those of defeating the Far East Fleet. "

"Overall view" is a compulsory course for every senior general. They were all raids, which severely damaged the British Far East Fleet and the British local fleet, which were not at the same level.

Defeating the British Far East Fleet will at best make the Nanyang Fleet famous; and defeating the British Home Fleet is a hegemony replacement.

National interests are important, and local battlefields must make concessions to the overall situation. No matter how many thoughts were in his mind, Admiral Arest could only hold it in his stomach for the first time.

"Your Excellency Commander, this idea is very good. Now we can make preparations. After the Air Force takes action, we will immediately implement it.

Even if it fails, it doesn't matter. The British can't chase the plane with a warship, right? Think of it as a bombing training to accumulate experience for the next time. "

After discussing for a long time, a reliable plan was finally born, and William naturally would not be stingy in language.

As the future King of Nanyang, William also needs to accumulate prestige and merits. Although the Holy Roman Empire has not developed to the extreme of "getting fame at once", war is still the best way to accumulate fame.


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