At the end of the European War, the British government seized the opportunity of the Holy Roman Empire to seize the French Indochina Peninsula.

Cam Ranh Bay, the base camp of the French Far East Fleet, also changed its owner and became the base camp of the Royal British Navy.

With this Asia’s No. 1 military port, the Royal Navy naturally looks down on Singapore, another important military town.

Of course, this is just talking about it. The real reason is that the British government reacted a step slower that year, Sumatra was occupied by the Netherlands, and the Malay Peninsula fell into the hands of the German Federation controlled by Hanover.

At that time, Britain was having fun with Fahor, and Hanover and the Netherlands were their **** brothers. The British government acquiesced in this fact.

No one thought that the international situation changed so quickly. Following a European War, France fell to earth, and the Holy Roman Empire was reborn from the ashes to complete its unification once again.

There is no doubt that the Malay Peninsula, as a colony of the German Federation, has naturally joined the family of the Holy Roman Empire.

The European hegemony was born, and under the influence of geopolitics, the Dutch government, which was aware of the current affairs, also naturally fell to the Holy Roman Empire.

In an instant, Singapore, as Britain's important military port in the Far East, became unsavory.

Although the Strait of Malacca is still in the hands of the Royal Navy, both sides have become enemy spheres of influence.

There is no younger brother to honor, just a corner of Singapore, obviously unable to support Britain's hegemony in the South Seas, and the rule of the Malacca Strait suddenly became precarious.

By this time, it was too late for the British to regret. The meat that fell into the belly of the Holy Roman Empire is naturally impossible to spit out.

Sumatra, which seeks Dutch rule, is equally undesirable. With Shinra on their side, it is impossible for them to let go.

"Bad and blessed", although Britain's rule over the Malacca Strait has been challenged, they also won the French Indochina Peninsula.

Not only has it lifted the threat to the southeast of India, it has also expanded the colonial empire and increased its voice in Southeast Asia.

It is difficult to say whether it is a loss or a gain. But for the colonial government, it definitely made a profit.

The rule of Malacca has been challenged, but after all, it is still in their hands, and the more prosperous Indochina Peninsula can be exploited, and everyone’s small days must be more comfortable.

Seeing everyone has a share, the colonial bureaucrats can make money, and naturally a share of the Far East Fleet is indispensable.

As the commander of the fleet, Admiral Michel, it was a refreshing little life. I sighed more than once, choosing to come to Far East is the most correct choice in life.

Unfortunately, good days are always short. Along with the tense situation in Europe, the situation in the Southeast Asia has also become turbulent.

Originally, this was nothing. The Far East Fleet was stronger than the Nanyang Fleet. If a war really breaks out, Michel will have enough confidence to win.

Only with the changes in the situation in Europe, the three countries of Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands fell to the Holy Roman Empire, and the situation changed.

The original advantage of the Far East Fleet was suddenly reversed. One pick four, even if the Royal Navy can play again, it is hard to beat four hands with one punch.

The only thing that made Michele gratified was that Britain still had allies. If the power of the Japanese navy was added, he still had the confidence of winning.

It was only accompanied by a telegram from London that broke the fantasy of General Michelle. The London government asked him to wait for an opportunity to attack the Nanyang Fleet and annihilate its main force.

Starting from the overall situation, there is nothing wrong with this order. Although it is against the spirit of chivalry to fight undeclared, Michelle is not a knight and has no ethics.

Now that the situation is so tense, it is impossible for the Nanyang Fleet to be completely unprepared. Even a sneak attack is very difficult, let alone annihilated.

In the depths of my heart, General Michelle complained more than once. He said that if he wanted to attack him, he had to wait until the situation got out of control before giving an order. He was a fool!

Fortunately, Michel didn't know that the original plan of the London government was: the Far East Fleet and the Pacific Fleet together, and at the same time destroy the South Sea Fleet of Shinra and the Central American Fleet.

Otherwise, it would not be a complaint, but it would simply be impossible to implement. Sneak attacks also need to consider the right time and place, and it is not possible to act in any time or anywhere.

In case of bad luck, when the appointed time for action arrives, Tiangong does not pretend to be a heavy fog, or it sets off a violent wind and waves, or the enemy is not on the preset battlefield, it can cause the mission to fail.

Fortunately, not all civil servants in the Admiralty Department, as well as professionals, stopped this farce in time.

In the end, the orders received by the Far East Fleet and the Pacific Fleet became the main force waiting for an opportunity to launch a sneak attack and annihilate the enemy.

Although the difficulty is still great, it is possible to complete it after all. As long as one side succeeds or fails, an all-out war will break out, and the other side can only fight hard.

Rather than fighting directly with the enemy, Admiral Michel is still more willing to try. If the attack is successful, he will be Britain's greatest hero.

There is no way, unless the two major overseas fleets of Shinra are resolved, the Royal Navy will not be able to concentrate its forces and invest in the war to contain the main force of the Shinra Navy.

There are two exits in that big bathtub in the Mediterranean. If you want to contain and force the Shenluo navy to come out for a decisive battle, you must go on both sides at the same time.

The Royal Navy is really good, but after the soldiers are divided into two groups, it is not so easy to suppress the Shenluo Navy, and maybe they will get in.

The only way is to cut out the wings of the Shinra Navy, kill their overseas fleets, and then concentrate their forces to suppress their local fleets.

Of course, this is Admiral Michel's own judgment. In fact, there are more ways, such as blocking the Suez Canal to prevent the Shinra Navy from entering the Indian Ocean eastward.

Looking at the map on the wall, Michelle was lost in thought, and from time to time she pointed with her finger, as if looking for the "place" where the game was broken.


Since its opening, the Suez Canal has carried the economic destiny of Asia, Europe and Africa.

There are as many as tens of thousands of ships entering and leaving each year, and the revenue from toll fees alone is tens of millions. It is a well-deserved golden waterway.

No matter how tense the situation in Europe is, the number of ships entering and leaving the Suez Canal every day has not decreased, and it feels a bit detached from the world.

Unfortunately, this "detachment" is just an illusion. If you observe carefully, you will find that both the merchants along the coast and the merchants coming and going are very solemn.

Everyone knows that the war is coming. Once the war breaks out, the lively Suez Canal will soon be silent.

At the canal security checkpoint, there has been a long queue at this moment. With the tension in the situation, the security check of the Suez Canal has also taken a step forward.

As a business customer, Owen naturally hated the cumbersome inspections. However, his arms cannot be stretched out of his thighs, and he must undergo an examination if he wants to pass through the Suez Canal.

Seeing the staff constantly tumbling over the containers, they almost unloaded the cargo and reloaded the ship. Irving could no longer stand it: "These are ballast stones. There is no need to bring them out for inspection one by one?"

This time, we transported porcelain and silk from the East, which are relatively lightweight products. To ensure the stability of the hull, ballast stones are naturally indispensable.

Now even the stones have to be inspected, this cautiousness is really jaw-dropping.

The staff turned around and replied very solemnly: "Sorry, Mr. Owen. Now is a special period, please cooperate with our work.

Not only for the safety of the canal, but also for the safety of your personal life and property. You must know that spies are all-pervasive, and they may take advantage of loopholes. "

Hearing the word "spy", Owen decisively chose to shut his mouth, waiting quietly for the result.

As a businessman, what Owen fears most is getting involved with spies. Once involved, even if there are a thousand mouths, it is not clear.

How can you let the spy help prove that he is innocent?

Even if a spy is willing to help testify, it is useless, and no one will believe it.

Even if there is insufficient evidence to convict the crime, the personal connections accumulated over the course of a lifetime will collapse instantly.

After more than two hours, the suspiciousness on the ship was finally checked. Without waiting for Owen to breathe a sigh of relief, someone was yelling: "Catch the spy, don't let them run!"

The originally orderly scene suddenly became chaotic. When the canal police acted, the two oil tankers suddenly started and rushed towards the river entrance at full speed.

It happened so suddenly that even the canal defenders reacted quickly and immediately started the shore artillery interception, but only one ship was stopped, and the other ship directly hit the lock.

After a loud noise, the warship began to sink slowly. At this moment, the surface of the river was covered by the leaked crude oil, and the pungent smell came on.

Looking at the scene before him, Owen's mouth was wide open, just not knowing what to say. Involuntarily came up in my mind: "I've got the trick", "The dead man", "It's going to be a miserable loss"...

Irving was not the only one who was stimulated. Whether it was the crew member or the captain, they were all faceless now.

Although I have seen it with my own eyes, everyone still knows nothing about the specific damage to the canal.

Even if it only scratches the skin, it will take time to clear the river. At least the wreckage of the two oil tankers must be salvaged before navigation can be restored.

If you are unwilling to wait, detour the Cape of Good Hope. Those who run the boat these days are all smart people who naturally know how to choose.

Seeing that the war of hegemony is on the verge of breaking out, and the South African region has even been fought, there will never be any good fruit if you join in at this time.

The merchants were worried, and the staff at the Canal Management Office had even more exaggerated expressions.

In such a tightly guarded situation, letting the enemy steal the chicken is definitely responsible...

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