late at night

Li Mu looked at the classic but luxurious room, and then looked at his cold iron bed, which made him feel awkward.

Li Mu sighed helplessly for two years!

That ’s right, Li Mu passed through. He is now called Franz Josef, the old emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in history, the hero of Princess Sissi ’s love story.

The grandson of the Holy Roman Emperor Franz II, the eldest son of Archduke Franz Carr, and his mother was the daughter of Bavarian King Maximilian I-Princess Sophie Friedrich.

(Frantz-Joseph I, the founder of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the last emperor of the Hapsburg Dynasty, was born on August 18, 1830, ascended the throne on December 2, 1848, and died on November 21, 1916. )

God seemed to have a joke with Franz. In his early years, he lived a fairy-tale life. He had an unusually beautiful queen and lovely children, and he controlled a powerful empire.

In his early years, Franz deserved the title of emperor, and he made his people, his country, his nation, and his beloved women safe and proud because of him.

It's a pity that if Nan Ke had a dream, in his old age, he would go down sharply.

His brother was executed in Mexico, his wife was stabbed to death by an Italian anarchist in Geneva, and his son committed suicide at a young age.

The chosen heir was again stabbed to death by the Serbian mafia, and his retaliatory war to this end left tens of millions of people in the blood, and the empire for which he had fought for a lifetime collapsed in the war.

Franz's uncle, Ferdinand I, currently emperor of Austria, could not have children due to birth defects, and Franz had been cultivated as an heir to the empire.

As the heir of the empire, his childhood's happy life was farewell to him. The aristocratic happy life, let alone let alone, has nothing to do with Franz.

Study, study, or study. From the moment he was born, Franz received the most rigorous training.

I fell asleep on the icy camp bed and woke up at four o'clock every morning. After washing with cold water, I started an early prayer of a devout Catholic before a prayer table near the bed, and then started studying for up to twelve hours.

Neither the winter nor the summer months have changed.

Immediately after crossing, ice and snow covered Vienna. For the first time taking a cold shower in the cold winter, Li Mu thought that he was about to die. He did not expect his body to be surprisingly good, but he did not even have a cold.

More than 700 days and nights are enough to change a lot of things. Now Li Mu is Franz. He doesn't know that his willpower is so strong that everyone is forced out.

In the past two years, Li Mu, no, it's Franz now. He retained most of the habits of the original owner.

Many times he was wondering if the memories of previous lives were dreaming.

Taking a closer look at historical developments, Franz reluctantly found that this world is exactly the same as the world experienced by previous lives, and even the owed potatoes in the German region have not changed.

As a history enthusiast, he did not study Austrian history in the past. He clearly knew that the blossoming Austrian empire was actually a strong foreigner, and only a small push would cause it to collapse.

On the surface, the current Austrian empire is still in the midst of the day. As the leader of the Vienna Conference and the maker of the European order after the Anti-French War, this time is playing the role of a European gendarmerie.

No one knows that the boss's empire will collapse in the Great Revolution two years later. If the powers did not need him, the Austrian Empire would become history in 1849.

Even if it barely survived, the Austrian Empire turned from prosperity to decline.

Because of the diplomatic failure, it led to a series of military failures. First, the Austrian-French war failed, and then the Puo-Austrian war failed. Even the Italians bit a piece of meat from Austria.

A series of failures defeated the authority of the central government and were finally forced to make a compromise, changing from the Austrian Empire to the dual Austrian-Hungarian Empire.

The establishment of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in history was full of accidents, and Franz did not dare to bet he could do better than the original owner. Saving the Austrian Empire now is his medium-term goal.

Of course, he can also choose to escape, give up the right to inherit the throne, become an ordinary person, and find a safe place to be a happy capitalist.

It is a pity that Franz's ambitions have bred for two years of aristocratic career.

Life is short and hurried for decades. Since crossing once, you can stand at the pinnacle of the world and be a tide of the times, why should you shrink back?

It was late, and Franz continued to improve his own national salvation plan. It is not known how many times it has been modified.


"Master, it's time to go to class!" The maid reminded softly.

The maid's voice woke Franz out of her sleep.

"I see!" Franz said helplessly

Now he is a good student, politics, history, philosophy, language, religion ... dozens of homework, that is all pass ~ average pass.

That's right, just add the scores of all subjects together, and he just barely passes the average. If they fail, they will be rounded up.

This is definitely a good student. Compared to two younger brothers studying together, Franz is also a top student.

Of course, this is the result of different standards. His mother, Mrs. Sophie, required him to be the best, but the standards of the two younger brothers were just a matter of making up.

According to Franz, this education is essentially a failure. Too much course content requires rote learning, leaving no time for thinking at all.

There was no way. At this time, the Habsburg family had a misfortune. Both father and uncle were the masters who were in arrears in innate IQ. The inheritance education of the family appeared to be interrupted.

These classes were arranged by mother Sophie. She is a faithful Catholic. She believes that as the heir of the emperor must be strong, any emotional expression is catastrophic, and Franz's requirements are extremely strict.

In addition to learning his mother tongue, Franz can write in French at the age of 8, and learn Magyar, Czech, and Italian at the age of 11, and began to learn Latin and Greek at the age of 13 ...

It is a pity that he failed to inherit the genes of the original master Xueba. After finishing the old book left by the original owner, Franz's schoolwork deteriorated.

In history, Franz, who is proficient in eight languages ​​and can speak almost all the national languages ​​of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, has gone, and now there is only one academic **** that works hard for passing the exam-Franz.


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