September 30.

Starship's second product, skype software, will finally be officially launched on the market today after crazy publicity by Zhuke, Google, LinkedIn, and Amazon.

Many people look forward to it and want to see it quickly, but not everyone thinks that way.

American Telephone and Telegraph Company.

It was the first company in the world to start telephone communication business and sell telephones. Founded in 1877, it had a long-term monopoly on the long-distance and local telephone markets in the United States. At the same time, he has undergone many spin-offs and reorganizations. Despite the emergence of many challengers, for now, it is still the largest local and long-distance telephone company in the United States.

The company's predecessor is-Bell Telephone Company.

That's right!

It was the company founded by Bell, the "father of the phone". Bell left not only the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, the communications giant, but also the monopoly giant General Electric Company.

At this moment, in a large conference room in the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, a group of shareholders and executives are either indifferent, angry, disdainful, or hideous...

One person, one picture, different emotions.

"Everyone, don't forget the purpose of our meeting here today. We are dealing with the Skype software that is about to be launched on the market." Hutchins said solemnly.

Hutchins, whose full name is Song Glenn H. Hutchins, serves as the current chairman of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company. At the same time, he is also a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and a vice chairman of the Brookings Institution...

From 1992 to 1993, he concurrently served as a senior consultant for government transformation;

From 1993 to 1994, he was also the special adviser to the White House on economics and health care policy;

Personal resume, extremely brilliant!


Looking at the other executives present at the moment, they are all business executives with brilliant resumes.

Current CEO: Richard Fisher.

From 1997 to 2001, he served as the deputy trade representative and ambassador of the United States. He was responsible for many bilateral trade agreements with Vietnam, during which he also assisted the Great Heaven to join WTO.


Executive President: Debra L. Lee.

She is a female executive. In large companies represented by American patriarchy, he can overwhelm a group of men, which is enough to explain her excellence. Before that, she also served as the CEO of Viacom Group for several years. Position

In 2018, she became the CEO of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company;


Current Chief Financial Officer: Randall L. Stephenson.

He is young, energetic and inconspicuous, but being able to become the chief financial officer of a company with a market value of nearly $200 billion is enough to show his personal ability;

At the same time, in the future, he will become the chairman of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company;

As of 2021, among the tens of thousands of shareholders of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, he will be the person with the highest shareholding ratio and become the veritable largest individual shareholder;

"I'll say it again!"

"We must pay more attention to it. Even if we are the current leader in the communications field, behind the skype software is Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, and even the man Zucker Wald. You say, can we relax? ?!"

Chairman Hutchins said.

As soon as the voice fell, Executive President Debra said immediately: "Mr. Hutchins is right. After all, he is Zucker Wald. Everyone knows that I worked as a Raycomer of Viacom Group before entering the company. Mr. Shi Dong has worked for several years, and I have watched him step by step. From a fledgling movie peripheral product seller to a film company owner, director, and producer, I then acquired TV stations and radio stations, and became the current Entertainment tycoon."

"Facing that man...how we can be careful, no matter how careful we are!"

The voice fell.

All the executives and shareholders present nodded in unison.

The rise of Zucker is undoubtedly a myth, which one of them is not familiar with?

Because of this, they will be so cautious!

30 minutes!

1 hour!

2 hours!

Four hours passed before the meeting ended.

In the end, Chairman Hutchins concluded: "No matter what method is used, whether it is to dump money or use political power, in short, we have only one purpose. We absolutely cannot, cannot, and cannot let skype software rise!"


at the same time.

Verizon Telecom, Comcast Telecom, Chartered Communications and many other giants in the telecommunications industry have adopted varying degrees of response to the listing of Skype software.

Including Zucker’s old friend, Carlos Slim, a rich man in Mexico and Mexican telecommunications tycoon, also launched an attack on skype software.

In a recent interview with Time magazine, Carlos Slim made it clear that he hates Skype software.

The reporter asked: "As far as I know, since 1998, the Carlos Foundation under your name has cooperated with Wald Pictures under the name of Zucker Wald. Film projects such as "Bada's 300 Warriors", "Spiderman", "Harry Potter" and so on, also all have investment from the Carlos Foundation."

"To sum up, the total investment amount of the Wald Pictures film project by your foundation in the past few years has reached 400 million U.S. dollars."

"It can be said that you and Zucker Wald are also friends."

"Then I ask you, why do you still make so many offensive remarks on skype software, and why are you so disgusted?"


Carlos Slim gave the reporter a look on the spot, as if he was looking at a fool!

He is the richest man in Mexico, and he is also a telecommunications tycoon in Mexico. Now Zucker has developed skype software, which undoubtedly hurt his interests greatly.

As the saying goes: cutting off a person's money is like killing a parent.

You said, can Carlos still give Zhuke a good face?

What about offensive and slander? !

It is not only the United States, but not only Carlos Slim, the richest man in Mexico. It can be said that since the birth of skype software, communications companies anywhere in the world are Zucker’s enemies!


At noon that day~www.mtlnovel.com~ the software was launched on time!

Thanks to recent efforts and frantic advertising bombing, the skype software was launched in just one minute and gained more than 20,000 users in North America.

The data continues to skyrocket!

Jeff Bezos: "Not bad."

Larry Page: "Man, 20,000 users a minute, you call this ‘good’? Oh, are you crazy, or I’m crazy, this result is so good that it explodes, ok?!"

Jeff Weiner: "It's too early to say this. After all, once we went online, we achieved this result because of our previous publicity, rather than the users who like to use the skype software. How many users can be obtained in the future? It's still unknown."

Zhuke smiled and waved his hands: "Don't look at me. Again...you can always trust Zhuke Wald!"

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