"Dear viewers in front of the TV, good evening everyone, and welcome to today's "The Big Event" program. I am your most familiar friend and the host of the program, Effie!"

——Effie Lias!

Female, 37 years old, with more than 15 years of experience in the host industry, currently working on the WB TV network under the Golden Shuguang Entertainment Group, acting as the host of the "Big Event" program.

She is the head host of the WB TV network, one of the five major public television channels in the United States. Since the launch of "The Big Event", a program chasing news hotspots, she has quickly become one of the most well-known hosts in the United States. Known for excellence and calm thinking.

"The show, has it started live?"

At this time, Ms. Donna Langlei, the CEO of the TV Group, personally came to the live broadcast center of the "big event" program.

"Yes, Ms. Donna!"

The chief director of the show, White, solemnly said: "For the instructions given by the superiors, we will complete them without compromise. The live broadcast content of this issue will focus on the Starship Technology Company and focus on the introduction of Skype software."

Hearing this, Donna Langlei nodded and said: "That’s good. Whether it’s Starship Technology or Skype software, that’s something that bosses are extremely concerned about. At the time of the nation’s attention, we both promoted the software and were able to Attracting a large number of viewers is a win-win situation."


The chief director and other staff members nodded together, and their hearts increased their attention even more.

"We have already prepared a lot. I believe my friends, and I believe the host Effie, we will definitely complete the live broadcast of this issue well."

The chief director clenched his fist tightly.


That's right!

One of the means for the "big event" program to become the ace program of the WB TV network on the news side is live broadcast, which is bound to be extremely demanding for all staff!

"Dear viewers..."

"Today we will talk about Starship Technology, the European company currently at the center of the storm."

"When it comes to Starship Technology, then we have to mention the three giant companies that have just joined the Starship Technology family. They are LinkedIn, Google, and Amazon.com."

LinkedIn website:

Currently, the U.S. is the dominant online recruitment and online job agency, occupying more than 60% of the market. At the same time, it is also among the top five in the U.S. in the field of online news clients;


Although it has not been established for a long time, its research and development of Google search engine, relying on the portal giant Yahoo as the default search engine, has become the out-and-out search engine overlord in the market. At the same time, the search bid ranking system launched by Google is even more soft by earning advertising fees;


It is the overlord in the field of e-commerce. With its steady and steady strategy, it became the first Internet company to be profitable after the Internet bubble in 2000. Since then, it has become a highly sought-after existence in the market.

"Any one of the three companies that can be picked up is the absolute hegemon in their respective fields!"

"Moreover, there are more than thousands of companies that have cooperative relationships and affiliations with these three companies!"

"However... now, these three companies have become shareholders of Starship Technology. On the occasion of the listing of Skype software, we can foresee that in the next period of time, the three companies will cooperate with Starship Technology. Furiously start the advertising mode and make every effort to promote the cross-age software of Skype!"

The host of the show, Effie Lias, spoke sharply.


Many viewers in front of the TV who were watching the news program "The Big Event" laughed uncontrollably.

"We are not surprised that the advertising mode is turned on."

"After all, LinkedIn, Google, and Amazon are all big Internet companies and the hegemons in their respective fields, but why doesn't the "Major Events" program mention another major force behind Starship Technology?"

"Zuke Wald!"

"He is the largest controlling shareholder of Starship Technology!"

"That's right, by comparison, Zhuke Wald is really the first propaganda person above, you know that he is a media magnate!"

"Hey, yes."

"The "Big Event" program, including the WB TV network behind it, is the tongue of Zucker Wald."


Many people who failed to watch this program really laughed on the spot.

Cover your ears and steal the bell...sometimes it's fun!


As expected.

When the next day approached, the three giants of Google, LinkedIn, and Amazon, as well as the media forces under the name of Zhu Ke, all started the crazy Kuang Gao model to fully promote the influence of Skype software.

voice chat;

Skip the Internet, skip the communication company, and directly dial fixed phones and mobile phones;

In a very short period of time, these two powerful functions of Skype software have passed through the mouths of four companies and made it known to countless people.

"For domestic calls, 1 cent/minute;"

"For international calls, 10 cents per minute;"

This is the charging standard for Skype software. The low amount exceeds the expectations of many people. It also embarrassed communications giants such as the American Telephone and Telegraph Company and Verizon Telecom.

The charges are too cheap!

Is it true that the old and the United States are very rich?

Do they really care about the one-cent or one-dollar call cost?

Although the people of the United States and the United States have high incomes, they are faced with consumer pressures, mortgages, car loans, and unlimited overdrafts of their spirit. Now that the advent of Skype software, it will undoubtedly save them a lot of money, which has been accumulated over the years, even more so. A big number.

For a time, the expectation of Skype software became more and more high.

Golden Shuguang Entertainment Group.

"Boss, the charging standard of our Skype software is much cheaper, too much, and too much compared to communications giants such as the American Telephone and Telegraph Company and Verizon Telecom."

The chief assistant Villa was surprised.

Hearing this, Zhu Ke spread his hands and smiled: "At least we don't have...free!"

The free policy is indeed a good thing, especially for Internet companies. Relying on the strong network coverage and strong financial advantages, in the early promotion stage, once the free policy is turned on, it will definitely slap the existence of the same industry. Have a huge market share in a very short period of time.

As for the later period...

There is definitely a charge!

After all, if you put your peers on the table, you will naturally have to charge, and you will have to make a profit!

This is the free policy of the Internet!

However...Skype software really can't make it free.

The American Telephone and Telegraph Company, Verizon Telecom and other communication companies, each of which is a giant with a market value of over US$100 billion ~www.mtlnovel.com~, has an annual turnover of US$10 billion and US$100 billion.

They are rich!

Quite rich!

Even the combined financial resources of Zhuke, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos and others can't resist these wealthy communications giants. Furthermore, communications companies in every region and country are all involved in the political field. If Skype is free, shouldn’t it be mixed? !

"At least, we can't offer free at this stage." Zhu Ke laughed.

Villa frowned: "Although we charge cheaply, the word'habit' is also terrible. After all, many people are used to conventional telecommunications methods, which will greatly affect the promotion of Skype software."


Zhu Ke smiled and said: "Free is not possible, but this does not prevent us from sending some coupons, discount coupons, and annual discounts in the early stage."

At this moment, Zhu Ke is extremely cunning!