One day!

In just less than a day, Starship Technology completed the first round of equity expansion and financing projects.

In other words, from now on, Starship Technology is no longer a wholly-owned company owned by Zhu Ke, and has added as many as 12 shareholders.

Among them, 9 of the 12 new shareholders are the management and scientific research personnel of Starship Technology. This is the share they deserve. Although not many, they only add up to only 3%, but they are definitely not less. .

The three new shareholders are from three different companies.

Google Inc. owns 7% of the shares.

Amazon.com has a 6% share.

LinkedIn website, accounting for 4%.

Starship Technology’s A round of financing is based on the company’s overall valuation of US$200 million, which means that Zhu Ke’s 20% stake is equivalent to US$40 million. This $40 million is enough for the first round of promotion of Skype software after it goes public.

"Zuke, you **** fellow, you are so black-hearted!"

"You should... read more "Luxembourg Technology News" to see its valuation evaluation of Starship Technology."

"Oh my god~ it thinks Starship Technology is worth at most 3 million U.S. dollars, but this time we use 200 million U.S. dollars as the base figure!"

Jeff Bezos grumbled: "The people on the board, after learning of this high price, almost didn't lift the table on the spot."

Zhu Ke waved his hand indifferently and said, "Come on, the people on Amazon's board of directors are all idiots. They care about what they do? Besides, you and I are the best friends, and I won't cheat anyone. you are not?"

Hearing this, Bezos breathed a sigh of relief.


After a few short seconds, Bezos suddenly remembered something and said more bitterly, "Have you forgotten icq?"

In 1997, Zhu Ke fooled Bezos and replaced part of Amazon's shares with some of his shares in icq.

The results of it?

Within two years, both Zhuke and Bezos emptied their icq shares and left the market.

"Man, I replaced the Amazon shares that I gave you at that time. The current value is more than 20 times the value of the icq shares at that time. You still have the face to say that you didn't cheat me?!"

Bezos' eyes looked at Zhuke ticked.


Zhu Ke couldn't help touching his nose, and chuckled: "Aren't we unfamiliar at the time? Besides, I don't know if icq will be like that in the future?"

Bezos said angrily: "You are reasonable, I hope you won't cheat me this time."

"Don't say... pit."

Zhuke laughed and patted Bezos on the shoulder: "Everything is God's arrangement, you are red and white, don't slander good people."

The two have a good friendship, seemingly ridiculed, but in fact neither of them cares too much.

"Ding Ding Ding~"

At this moment, Zhuke's personal phone rang.

Caller-Elon Musk!

He is the founder of Space Exploration Technology Company, Tesla Inc., the super rich in the future, the real Tony Stark.

As soon as the call was connected, Musk hurriedly asked: "Zuke, my best friend, skype software is such a cross-age project, you even forgot me, you really make me sad. My God ~ you don't know how sad I am now. What I am sad is not that you didn't take me to make money, but that you didn't notify me in advance!"

The voice was so loud that Zhuke could only keep the phone away from him.

"Is it Musk?" Bezos looked at the joke from the side.

Zhuke held the phone, rolled his eyes angrily, and said, "You know, this guy is a headache."

"Zuke, my best friend, are you still there?!" Musk's voice came on the phone again.

"Yes, you have something to say, don't think of a grudge, ok?"

"Skype project, why don't you take me!"

"Don't talk about this first, how did you know?"

"Oh~ my god, newspapers such as the Boston Evening News, Washington Post, Time, etc. have reported it. Now the news is going crazy. It is still a round of financing with a total valuation of 200 million US dollars. , This is on the front page, can I not know?"

Did not bring Musk, it is because he is not strong enough now.

Well, the reason is very simple and realistic!


The phone hangs up.

Bezos looked at Zhu Ke teasingly and said with a smile: "You still have an intersection with Musk's crazy ‘dreamer’?"

Zhuke raised his eyebrows: "I have a good relationship with him, um, he is also a pretty good person, except for the characteristics of a playboy."

"Elon Musk, I have heard a lot of rumors. I don’t deny his ability. After all, he is also a billionaire now, but this guy is a bit crazy. He actually has a'space dream', whimsical. He wanted to grow potatoes on Mars. For this reason, he is said to have created a private space exploration company."

"Tsk tut~"

"It is said that when his'space' and'rocket' projects were launched, he was looking for rich people everywhere to get investment, but many people turned him back with a lunatic look. In the end, he didn't know where the big one came from. Fool, invested a lot of money in him, and this is how this private space exploration company was established."

Bezos talked freely, telling his own experience.


Zhuke's face... it's dark!

Where's the big idiot who invested a lot of money for him?

It's not someone else, it's Zhuke!

Stupid Bezos!

How do you wait for mortals to know the greatness of space and aviation? !

At this moment, Zhuke frantically drew circles in his heart to curse Bei's bald head!


Well-known newspapers such as "Boston Evening News", "Washington Post", "Time" and so on, received news one after another when Starship Technology had just completed the A round of financing and quickly wrote a review article.

Among them, the two media "Los Angeles Entertainment News" and "California Entertainment News" will naturally not be lost...

"Los Angeles Entertainment News" published an article: "I believe Mr. Zhuke Wald, he is a great entrepreneur, and he never disappoints!"

"California Entertainment News" published an article: "As we all know, Mr. Zhuke Wald is an entertainment tycoon, financial superman, and talented director. At the same time, he is also an Internet angel investor with extensive experience and multiple successful resumes! icq, LinkedIn, Google, Amazon, Apple, Yahoo, Cisco....... Behind many well-known Internet companies and high-tech companies ~www.mtlnovel.com~ has his presence."

"So we can trust him!"

"Because he never disappoints us, he is a man who can always create miracles!"



Holding Zhuke's stinky feet without a bottom line!

These labels cannot be removed even if the two media want to remove them. Because of this, Los Angeles Entertainment News and California Entertainment News are often despised by their peers, but they can’t hold the two newspapers. They sell well!

"How can this be said to be flattering without a bottom line? It's obviously the truth!"

Zhu Ke looked at the media and newspapers with relish, and laughed: "The listing of skype software will prove to the world again...You can always trust Zhuke Wald!"

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