Two days later.

Google Chairman Larry Page and CEO Eric Schmidt arrived in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg by flight.

Sergey Brin, Google's vice chairman and chief technology officer, who was stranded in Luxembourg for several days, came to the airport to pick him up in person.

"In other words, were we the first to arrive?" The young Larry Page was still so energetic.

"of course!"

Sergey Brin proudly said: "Man, we are golden partners, you believe me, you are right!"

The ceo Eric Schmidt on the side seemed calmer. He smiled and said: "We arrived in the first batch. This was something I didn't expect before coming."

"Eric, why do you have such an idea?" Sergey Brin asked.

Upon hearing this, Eric Schmidt said: “Before taking the flight, I was thinking that Mr. Jeff Bezos of Amazon mall should be the first to arrive. He should be one of the most familiar with his understanding. However, it seems that when it comes to decisiveness, Larry is better."

"That is!"

Larry Page lifted his chin proudly.

The joy and anger are all on the outside, is this very immature?

Not really!

It's because Larry Page is such a straightforward person. He is a successful boss, but he is more inclined to be a good network engineer. He is also well aware of his shortcomings, knowing that he is not qualified as the boss at present, so he strongly urged him to hire Eric Schmidt as the ceo.


The three of them left the airport, and after a journey of more than an hour, they arrived at the headquarters of Starship Technology Company, and Zhu Ke had already waited here.

"Mr. Wald, do you know I must come?"

As soon as we met, Larry Page was sure that Zhuke was here, and Zhuke was also certain that he would fly to Luxembourg.

Zhu Ke shook hands with him, and couldn't help laughing: "As far as your cleverness is concerned, I think it's hard to hide it from you. Then let's not digress, Starship Technology's A round of financing is about to open."

At this moment, Larry Page also got more serious.

Talk to people when you see people, talk nonsense to people. In the face of an engineer like Larry Page, Zhuke's straightforward way of talking is more efficient than any means.

Zhu Ke said again: "Starship Technology's A round of financing was completed within a few days, and it must be completed before the official launch of the Skype software on the market."

"Understood. You are also trying to increase the influence of skype software."

Larry Page responded.

Zhu Ke nodded: "Talking to you is easy. The first batch of shares released by Starship Technology is as high as 20%."

Larry Page: "Can Google monopolize this 20% share?"

Zhu Ke smiled: "Obviously, this is...not possible!"

Larry Page: "Mr. Wald, you are as always...cunning."

Zhu Ke laughed and said, "Thanks for the praise, it is a great honor."

After the conversation, Larry Page led the team and left, and he was about to start bidding for shares in Starship Technology.

At this moment, the chief assistant Villa on the side suddenly said: "Boss, I heard Senior Alexander said about Larry Page and Sergey Brin. When they saw you in 1998, their attitude was One respectful, no! To be precise, their attitude towards you is awe, or even worship."

"However, looking again today, I found that the rumors are not true."

How should Zhuke answer these words?

Zhuke: "..."

In fact, Villa is absolutely correct!

In 1998, Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google. Google was located in a garage at the time. The start-up funds for their entrepreneurship came from the sponsorship of university professors, not to mention the overall situation. It's difficult.

Under this circumstance, Zhu Ke, who holds the title of "angel investor" and "Internet tycoon", sent a letter to them in his own name, inviting them to come to Los Angeles.



Excitedly hard to attach!

Wait, this is all about the psychological feedback of the two of them at the time. When they came to Los Angeles and saw Zhuke for the first time, it was even more like seeing God.

Zhu Ke invested heavily in Google and became an angel investor.

So, how much did Zucker pay?


Moreover, it directly won 30% of Google's equity!

"Mr. Wald thank you very much. You are an angel. You are so generous."

This is what Larry Page said at the time.

But what about now?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, think about what they said then, now they have the desire to die.

How generous is Zhu Ke, he is robbing!

You must know that up to now, even if Google is not listed, the overall valuation given to Google by investment banks such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley is as high as 3.5 billion US dollars!

Even now, after Google has gone through several rounds of equity expansion and financing, Zhu Ke chooses to invest in additional and follow-up investments every time. In order to defend against other shareholders, Zhu Ke is well aware that he has also loaned a large amount of money to Google free of charge. Now, Zhu Ke still owns Google. 29% of the shares.

How could it be "cruel"!

Zhu Ke is the current largest shareholder of the proper Google company, no one!

"Villa, people's ambitions will continue to expand as their status improves. Larry and Sergey are no longer the fledgling young people at the beginning. In other words...it's not good to be fooled!" Zhu Keda Laughing more than ever.

Villa: "..."

That's right!

Zhuke really pitted Larry and Sergey quite miserably, but this is a mall like a battlefield, and there is no room for indecision!


The next day.

Jeff Bezos, the president of Amazon, arrived in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg belatedly.

"Man, the flowers I waited for you are all thankful." Zhu Ke joked.

Hearing this, Bei Bald head said grimly: "You still say that you and me are best friends? My God, you have a cross-age software like skype, and you can keep confidential to this level. Nothing!"

He is a bit resentful!

Starship Technology's A round of financing and share expansion does not accept individual investors. The target must be the large company itself.

Jeff Bezos, of course, had to spend a little effort in order to convince the board of directors, which was only a few days late.

"Zuke, really must be Amazon itself, and can't accept my personal name?" Bei Bald asked.

Zhuke looked solemnly ~www.mtlnovel.com~ said in a deep voice: "Man, you know, skype software will share the cakes of major communication companies. I need strong allies to resist, defend, and counter these evil wolves. Otherwise, Do you think I will start financing so early?"

Bezos curled his lips and didn't say much.

Zhu Ke wants to contend with these communication giants. Of course, he is very clear, and he knows that Starship Technology currently does not accept individual investors, but only accepts investment from large companies themselves. He said this is just an attitude of trying. , In case, Zhu Ke is muddled.

The result is obvious, Zhu Ke's perception of the future is quite calm!

"Boss, it seems that you did not succeed in fooling."

Rah Payton, the director of Amazon's advertising department on the side, laughed.

Hearing this, Bezos shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly: "I just give it a try. Hey~ This guy is shrewd and annoying sometimes, and he won't eat a loss at all!"

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