After the meeting, Zhuke left everyone alone and had a conversation with Starship Technology CEO Janus Fries.

"Boss, through today's meeting and the reactions of Sergey Brin and others, I can already foresee the fiery performance of skype software after it is officially launched."

Janus Fries said excitedly.

Zhu Ke nodded and smiled: "Calm down. At the same time that Skype software is about to enter the market, we can't ignore the communication giants. After all, we have moved their cake."

For the United States:

AT&T, Verizon Telecom, Comcast Telecom, Chartered Communications Company, etc., there are more than 10 giant communications companies alone.

There are also Tianchao Telecom and Tianchao Mobile in Asia;

Germany's first telecommunications company in Europe, cntt telecommunications company in the UK, and walt telecommunications company in France;

Wait, everyone is rich and powerful, with a market value of less than 100 billion US dollars.

"To count it down, after our skype software is listed, all these communication companies will stand on our opposite side. I am not afraid of being a single company, but their combined energy, even if ten me... Retreat!"

Zhu Ke's tone was extremely solemn.

In the original time and space, the development path of skype software is a road full of thorns. It has been repeatedly suppressed by major telecommunications companies. Why did it accept the sale in 2005 and why it was sold to Microsoft in 2011? Isn’t it forced? Well!

However, Zhu Ke is not an easy compromise.

Janus Fries: "..."

His heart was cold.

Zhuke looked at Janus Fries with a solemn face and couldn't help but patted him on the shoulder with a smile: "An Xin, I have everything. They are great, and Zhuke Wald is not an easy one."

Hearing this, Janus breathed a sigh of relief.

Zhu Ke's journey along the way is by no means smooth, and the four words "brilliant record" are enough to explain Zhu Ke's greatness!


at the same time.

Rah Payton, the director of Amazon Mall’s advertising operations department, who had just returned to the hotel, was shocked and immediately opened an online video call to contact his boss, the future richest man in the United States, Jeff Bezos.

"Skype software?"

"Voice chat function?"

"Skip the Internet, skip the communication company, directly dial fixed telephones and mobile phones, and also make international long distance calls. It only costs 1 cent per minute. This, this, is it true?!"

"I'm a little gaffe, but it's really unbelievable!"

Bei's bald head at the end of the video call was also taken aback.

Rah Payton repressed his excitement and said: "Boss, Starship Technology is by no means a loser in the mouth of those experts. Once the skype software is launched, the future of Starship Technology is definitely bright. I suggest that you start early."

Start early and speak lightly.

Hearing this, Bezos couldn't help touching his big bald head repeatedly, and said with a wry smile: "Man, I know Zhuke too much. This guy is a master who doesn't see rabbits or scatter eagles. , I must be slaughtered by him."

As one of Zhuke's best friends, Bezos really knows Zhuke quite well.

"But you are right!"

Bezos said firmly: "Since the skype software has a bright future, I must not miss it. The price paid will make me feel bad."

He was never an indecisive person, otherwise he would not surpass Bill Gates to become the richest man in the United States in the future.

Rah Payton took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, "So...boss, you have to be prepared to face communications giants such as AT&T and Verizon Telecom."

Immediately, Bezos laughed loudly.


"Do you think Zhu Ke invited a few of you to Starship Technology, and before the launch of the Skype software, he told the software's cross-age functions, is it really just to promote the software?"

"I tell you...No!"

"If you think so, you are underestimating Zhuke. Don't forget, he is a young fox in the mouth of Wall Street people!"


Another room in the hotel.

Sergey Brin, Google's vice president and chief technology officer, also opened a remote video call and contacted his good friend Larry Page.

After some talk...

"Give us Google advertising fees and let us promote skype software. This is definitely not the main purpose of Mr. Zucker Wald. I guess he deliberately attracted us, thus pulling our entire Google company onto the ship of Starship Technology. ."

"Pull allies, divide the cake, fight the enemy... Isn't it a familiar routine?"

"This is why Mr. Zucker Wald can quickly become the fifth richest person in the United States and the fifth richest person in the world in such a short period of time. He is very smart!"

Larry Page said slowly.

The voice fell.

Sergey Brin immediately realized that, "There are too many guts in it. From now on, I will focus on technology research and development. You are good at these intrigues."

Larry Page suddenly got a black line and was speechless.

"Then shall we start?" Sergey Brin asked again.

"Of course! Not only need to start, but also fast! We can swallow as many shares as we can win for Starship Technology. After all, he is an existence that Zhuke Wald values, and he definitely makes a profit!" Larry Page Very shrewd.


at night.

Zhuke individually invited LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner to have a meal with him.

"Don't believe me, I'm a generous person. Sharing benefits is my usual principle of being a man." Zhuke raised his whiskey glass and toasted a glass of wine.

Jeff Weiner immediately smiled and said: "I agree with this. After all, the cake of skype software is divided out without blinking your eyes. However... the shares of LinkedIn, you It's not as generous."

As long as I am not embarrassed, then I am definitely not embarrassed.

Zhu Ke chuckled: "Don't worry, I won't give less of your shares. You must know that you are the most suitable leader for the LinkedIn ship that I believe!"


Touted him fiercely!

It doesn’t cost money anyway, isn’t it?

Compliments are compliments ~www.mtlnovel.com~ but this is also Zhu Ke's true voice. In the original time and space, although the LinkedIn company was not founded by Jeff Weiner, he joined it only a few years after the founding of LinkedIn, but it is really because of his leadership that the LinkedIn company has always been on the right path. It grows stronger and stronger, and grows into a towering tree.

As for the future of LinkedIn...will it be acquired by Microsoft for US$28.1 billion like the original trajectory?

Zhuke can tell you for sure, no!

Absolutely not!

Similarly, Zhuke will not give up on the present and future of Skype software.

Microsoft spent 8.5 billion US dollars to acquire skype, it was crazy, really when Zhu Ke had never seen the money!

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