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Hollywood Starts with Animation

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Zhuke traveled to 1995, and the release of “Toy Story” was imminent, and the Internet era was about to begin.

“Harry Potter”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Fast and Furious”, “Avengers” and so on, there is always one you are familiar with.

Rebirth Hollywood, to be a dashing traverser.

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Short Title:HSA
Alternate Title:好莱坞从动画开始
Author:Chief Minister
Weekly Rank:#53
Monthly Rank:#11
All Time Rank:#770
Tags:Absent Parents, Arrogant Characters, Business, Business Management, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Mob Protagonist, Modern Day, Modern Knowledge, Modern World, Movies, Playful Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Showbiz, System, Transmigration,
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  1. There in October 2002 and he’s just released Skype and they’ve released Kungfu panda so 3-400 chapters later and apparently he finally got that done….

  2. ***They’re*** Also this is ongoing, at least that’s what the tags say, I haven’t looked at the raws to see when the latest update was by the author

  3. Its a slow and steady corporate empire building novel with fun new teists and actual informative plots, like it’s well researched, they picked their niche and the author is sticking to it keeping it reasonable that he doesn’t know every time dock or stanley off the street, it’s generally well written with some good funny content from time to time and the creative license taken with the characters is I think for the better, or at least not that contrary to the public perception. Overall It’s pretty good but after a couple hundred chapters it’s starts to get… repetitive or tedious reading in one or back to back sittings, when they take their time explaining things the process of reading this and that persons thought and calculations although different and progressing can feel a chore when you’re seeking more fast paced thrills like a new aquisition or system prompted venture, sometimes these sort of filler arcs without the MC or minimal action or development outside of characters thoughts feelings etc. which you might not have interest in but, its what gives it longevity while delivering comfort to a daily reader, for better or worse all the business dealings and every subsidiary or new film get their own several chapters on its inception, casting, production release, the whole nine yards and when something happens everyone’s got something to say, it’s all very involved and detailed for the better just not when your binging…. It’s good for a recurring pay to read daily subscription, like procedural’s you know the general plot but you keep watching them even though you’ve mastered the formula… well it’s good it’s just between the bits that excite and titillate it can become draining but I think after a break it’ll be a good read again if I haven’t worn myself out with how hard I’ve been going at it despite being occasionally bored

  4. You know this isn’t really harem or harem seeking, at least not 300+ chapters into it it’s not, not unless directors and other future talents count, he’s still going strong with the one woman policy look but don’t touch, and I know he can probably afford it but he’s totally using these women to mooch a free dinner off them at a fancy restaurant !! 😂

  5. I just feel bad for Laura Sánchez, like the author practically made her out to be some kind of sexless Spanish mammy character… like they really did her dirty ! 🙉😂😭

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