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“Film onir? Yes! Those extreme fans say that my work is always full of crime, violence and death, masochistic large-scale shots, both good and evil protagonists, key emotions of anxiety and unease, always with greed Desire and deception are the themes, and the ending is drawn with death or destruction. But these do not exist alone in my films, they are revealing the dark side of human nature!” —

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Short Title:HD
Alternate Title:好莱坞绘制
Author:can i keep it
Weekly Rank:#687
Monthly Rank:#1201
All Time Rank:#1501
Tags:Artists, Entertainment, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Modern World, Movies, Perverted Protagonist, Poor to Rich, R-18, Racism, Rebirth, Sudden Wealth, Threesome, Wealthy Characters,
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  1. It is really shitty when other people in the story kept saying that the protagonist is such a madlad or poisonous behind the scene when he is in reality just a child when dealing with people who schemes at him. When harvey weinstein strikes at him, he really does nothing but waits and it just so happens that will smith and tom cruise speaks for him. When it gets to the next level, he just insults harvey weinstein on the phone like a kid and just let warner bros deal with him. And still insiders thinks he is some kind of schemer.

  2. Why the fuxk is Jaden Lieberher here when he was born in 2003? Also Drew Barrymore playing an 11 yo? The author can't write a decent dialogue, it's either about sex or the movie. The movie part is easy, just copy it from other novels and you're done. The sex part? I'm not even convinced if the author had sex yet. There are no other dialogue outside this scenario. MC has no friends or any relationship outside work, this novel has no soul. Shame, I was quite enjoying it until so many details that could easily be fact checked.

  3. Leaving aside the racism part common to novels made by Chinese, this was one of the best Hollywood novels I've read so far. I liked the progression of the story, the MC isn't spitting out movies he remembers from the future. Each film that the MC releases is very well thought out for him to create his own style and enter the market. His progression as a director is not easy, the novel shows how difficult it is to succeed in Hollywood. I particularly liked the romance of the book, I liked the main romance of the book and I liked the more “dark” style of the novel, I think it was out of the ordinary. I would give this book a score of 8.7/10, remembering that some of the final chapters of the book are corrupted on this site and I had to read it on other sites like https://www.69shu.com/txt/39296.htm

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