As you can see, this is a late testimonial (shame ⊙﹏⊙∥)

The book has officially ended, and the final ending can be regarded as a happy and perfect ending. The author has tried his best, and it should not be considered unfinished...

In fact, the main line of the book has always been very clear, that is, it is very clichéd to travel through other worlds, upgrade all the way to the pinnacle of life, and become the strongest in the world. Of course, the company of confidantes is indispensable on the road...

After all, this book can be regarded as my debut. It is a story written by the author at the end of the college entrance examination in 2016, when he moved his mind and wrote a pen. At that time, he was still too young. The writing style is also limited, I can only write to this level, there is no way.

Four years have passed, and the journey has been bumpy. There have been breaks in the middle, and some have stopped writing for more than half a year, but now it has finally come to a complete ending.

Whether it is for the author, or for the book friends who have been working hard to pursue this, it is a gratifying thing...

I want to thank everyone for being able to accompany the starry sky to the end. I am very ashamed that I cannot present you the most perfect story.

Xingkong thank you all!


Due to various factors, in fact, there are still some places in this book that have not been written, and some of the original ideas of the author have not been presented.

For example, in the last time, in order to fight against the world demons, Feng Zichen determined to use the forbidden technique to reincarnate in the dirty soil and summon the dead.

In fact, here, Xingkong originally wanted to write something else, such as the Netherworld!

In addition to the human world, there is actually the Nether World in the Star Great World. I have written the foreshadowing of the Nether World before!

In the early days, when Feng Zichen chose the spiritual power cultivation method in the Tianxing Academy, he had seen a volume of ancient Tianhe Ming thoughts, which is recorded as follows——

Rumor has it that there was Tianhe in ancient times, connected with the starry sky, and connected with the netherworld...

The Nether here refers to the Nether Realm, and the souls of the stars in the Great World have returned to the Nether Realm, just like the pure land in Hokage.

It is not easy to summon the undead from the Nether Realm and use the dirty soil to reincarnate and resurrect. It will encounter resistance from the Nether Realm, and even anger the Nether Realm, causing great terror.

Originally here, it was supposed to set the story of Feng Zichen's departure to the Netherworld for the reincarnation technique of the filthy soil.


In the end, I cut it off and didn't write it out.

Because it was too much trouble, and there was not much time for me to design the Netherworld well, so I had to skip it...

Fortunately, the overall situation is fairly smooth at present, there are no big bugs, and the previous regrets are slowly relieved.

Some people will ask if there is a second book in this book? For example, the story of Feng Zichen taking the sisters to the Supreme God Realm, once again reaching the top of the strongest...

I just want to say that there is no need!

Feng Zichen is already in the God Realm of the Creator, transcending the fate of cause and effect, surpassing the long river of time, eternally at ease and eternally happy, why should he lower his compelling status and do something meaningless?

After all, in my setting, although the Supreme God Realm is the world of the highest level in the heavens and all realms, it is impossible to exist beyond the main God Realm.

Even the goddess of the dark night and other masters of the Supreme God Realm, it is just that the time to prove Dao is longer than Feng Zichen, and the strength is stronger, but in the final analysis, it is still the Lord God Realm.

The difference is only the level of the realm of the Lord God. Feng Zichen has already achieved eternity. After spending some time, he will naturally be able to catch up to the top of the Lord.

There is no need to write too much, keep a little sense of mystery and let him play freely...

OK, this is the end of this book. It ends perfectly. Someone still asks questions about Xingkong’s new book, uh...

This question is also very troublesome, because I know very well that my writing needs to be refined, especially the plot outline and the lack of experience in handling emotional lines. Sometimes it looks awkward (yes, I sometimes have this feel!)

Originally, I set up this book to open the fire shadow essay after writing the next one. It is not this kind of alien Naruto, but the real Naruto fan art, to write a story about the Naruto world, but...

I always feel that I can’t control it. Forcibly writing may be nondescript and full of errors and omissions, so this plan can only be temporarily shelved ( ̄^ ̄゜汗)

In the following words, I might open a vest and go to other platforms to practice writing and find out the feeling.

When I feel that my writing is mature ~ ~ experienced and experienced, I will return to the starting point and start preaching again!

After all... this is my natal family, and I have feelings after staying for so long, and I will definitely come back!

If you want to know the specific situation, you can also add the book’s book friend group——1035998942, the group name is the second group of book friends of the otherworldly Naruto Wars, there are some old book friends and Hokage fans, welcome to join the group chat .

PS: One group has been blocked, only two groups remain, do it and cherish it!

PPS: Although the second group is about to become a game group now, but those who don’t like game robots can block group messages, don’t rush to leave the group, after all, keeping it can be considered as multiple channels to contact the author...

Okay, that's about it. This is the end of this testimonial. (The first time I finished the testimonial in my life, I was a little excited. It was 1,500 words, I'm really good () la la la)

No kidding, thank you again for your support all the way, there is a long way to go, I hope...

There will be a period later (hold fists)!


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