"So, you are leaving?"

Star Continent, Star Academy

Xue Jianchen, who was dressed like snow in white, sat on the hall, in front of him was a chess game, a pot of tea, and a boy in black.

The young man seemed to be only seventeen or eighteen years old, but he was just an adult, but at this moment he was sitting here, his face was calm, his eyes were aloof, and the whole person exuded an illusory temperament.

Like a mortal, but detached from a mortal!

"Yes, at the moment I broke through, I already felt that there would be such a day."

Feng Zichen's complexion was indifferent, his black pupils looked directly at the chessboard in front of him, calm as water, and he slapped his hand and said in his mouth.

The Creator God Realm is a great powerhouse who transcends the big world, and its existence is sufficient to cause harm to one world.

The ordinary big world simply cannot tolerate the gods of the main **** realm, forcibly staying will only burst the stars big world and destroy everything.

Only in the original world created by oneself, or to a higher level world, can he not be affected.

This is also the reason why the general big world in the heavens and the world does not have the creator **** realm.

Although Feng Zichen can also descend into the Star World as a clone, it is not necessary.

He was not a member of the Great World of Stars. Although he had experienced many things and left many fetters here, everyone had his own way of fate, and Feng Zichen could not forcefully change it.

There is no need to change.

After he had no worries, he naturally thought of leaving.

The world is so big, I want to see it.

The heavens and myriad worlds are vast and boundless, and the world of stars is just one of the sands of the Ganges. There are more beautiful scenery and more wonderful journeys outside!

Not to mention anything else, Feng Zichen was very interested in the so-called Supreme God Realm in the mouth of the goddess of the dark night.

"It's okay. After all, your current state is no longer what we can imagine. Only you know the best way to go in the future..."

Xue Jianchen sighed and looked up at the black-clothed boy in front of him, with a touch of relief in his eyes.

Feng Zichen at this time has not changed much from when he first came to Tianxing Academy a few years ago, and he is still young.

But who could have thought at the time that he would be able to get to where he is today?

Creator God Realm, this is the supreme realm he can't even think of...

He understands that the reason why Feng Zichen respects himself so much may be because he helped him many times when he was weak.

But in fact, for Xue Jianchen, these are just what he should do, and he doesn't think Feng Zichen needs to be grateful to himself.

But Feng Zichen has always kept it in his heart, even if his strength has far surpassed himself by too much now, he still has respect.

He is a man of love and righteousness, he has always been like this!

"when are we leaving?"

Xue Jianchen sighed with emotion, and looked at Xiang Feng Zichen's eyes with more satisfaction.

Feng Zichen sat in a precarious manner, picked up a cup of tea and took a sip, then said calmly.

"In three days..."

"A person?"

"No, with them..."


After a few words, Feng Zichen stood up, looked at Xue Jianchen, pondered for a moment, then raised his hand to condense the engraving of a bright sword.

With a flick of his finger, the engraving of this dazzling sword merged into Xue Jianchen's body, bursting into the sea of ​​his spiritual knowledge.

"this is……"

Xue Jianchen's body stiffened, his eyes lost, and his mind was filled with the mystery of the rules of the sword, as if there were countless figures, singing with swords, demonstrating the mystery of the rules of kendo in detail.

Feng Zichen quietly watched Xue Jianchen immersed in the mystery of the kendo rules, smiled and faded away, leaving silently.

"With the dean's kendo talent, plus the engraving of the sword I left behind, at least half a step towards the main divine realm can be expected..."


After leaving Xue Jianchen, Feng Zichen was alone and went to several places.

He went to meet Ling Jian, who was also in the closed-door retreat in the sword tower of the Gods Domain Training Camp of the Star Academy.

I went to the Lei Family of the Xingyu Empire again and met with Lei Xuan. After all, Ling Jian Lei Xuan was the first batch of best friends he came to this world.

Lei Xuan is different from Ling Jian. He practices the law of thunder, specializes in thunder method, and has touched the threshold of the strongest.

Feng Zichen naturally helped him. Although he is not good at thunder method, how high is his realm?

It has already contained thousands of laws, even surpassed the laws, and mastered the origin of the rules.

Even a little bit leaking from the nails is a great opportunity for Lei Xuan!

After leaving the Lei Dao engraving for Lei Xuan, Feng Zichen visited the Lin Family and the Ice God Palace one after another, leaving some opportunities before leaving.

Then he went to the Dark Night Continent, first came to the Dark Night Temple, and solved the problem of Suppressing Demon Prison.

Afterwards, he had a long talk with Su Mobai, preaching and discussing swords for him intentionally or unintentionally, and helping him improve his kendo state as much as possible.

Today's Dark Night Temple has lost the saint, without the backbone, it was Su Mobai who stood up and stabilized the hearts of the people with the supreme strength of the Peak Divine King Realm.

His talent is extremely high, even comparable to Xue Jianchen, and he has the potential to aspire to a half-step Lord God Realm.

Feng Zichen also left a kendo engraving for him to help him escort.

after all……

He is Su Jiumei's younger brother, and Feng Zichen's brother-in-law. He must be taken care of.

Moreover, the seven members of the Xiao organization have now joined the Dark Night Temple, working under Su Mobai, which is considered to be specially instructed by Feng Zichen.

After all, it is impossible for me to take them away, it is necessary to find a destination.

Then Feng Zichen came to an inconspicuous middle-level dynasty in Dark Night Continent, Tianyu Dynasty, silently looked at the princess who had given him a lot of help, left a chance for her, and left.

Did not meet with her.

Feng Zichen just wandered on the mainland like this, or went to meet his acquaintance, like saying goodbye, or remembering the past. No one knew what he was thinking.

Three days passed in a flash, and Feng Zichen had also met all the people he should have met. He had no worries and left without informing anyone.

In this continent, no one has ever seen Feng Zichen's figure again, only the legend of the great saint remains, which is passed down in Henggu...


In the vast starry sky, Feng Zichen stepped on the stars, stood with his hands under his hands, and chuckled as he looked at the vigorous world of stars in front of him.

"Let's do it, come quietly, walk quietly, just like before..."

However, before that, Feng Zichen had one more thing to do.

"Cause and effect cycle, destiny will eventually be fixed, and there is still a knot in my body. If I don't open it, it won't cause much problem for me today, but..."

"It's a trouble after all!"

Feng Zichen's face was calm, his eyes seemed to see through the long river of time, and when he returned to the past, he saw the desperate scene of the year——

Three years ago, Falaise Imperial City, after the Battle of the Peak

Feng Zichen, who was still seventeen years old, suffered the greatest pain and worst defeat of his life and fled in embarrassment.

But he was still blocked by a god-king realm strongest person, life and death were at stake!

"Xuanlong God King..."

Feng Zichen chuckled, remembering the name of the **** king, and shook his head.

He pointed it as a sword, and with one stroke, he broke through the long river of time, and a black sword gas crossed the endless river of time, returning to three years ago.

Easily slay the Profound Dragon God King, saving the past life!

"When it comes to causal destiny, it is really amazing..."

Feng Zichen was thoughtful, and at the same time, his hands kept moving. After a long time, he suppressed the sorrow of heaven and earth, and at the same time opened the space channel, sent the past self to the dark night continent and returned to the right track of history!

After doing all this, Feng Zichen only feels that his thoughts are clear, his heart is clear, and he is very happy.

There is no more entanglement of cause and effect, no threat of death knot, now he is truly beyond the destiny of cause and effect, free and detached, and immortal!

"It's time to go back, otherwise you will be taught by those Nizi..."

Feng Zichen smiled suddenly, with a warm expression on his face that he had never had before.

Turned around and disappeared.

Only this star was left behind, still driven by a mysterious force, turned around and left the star world, and drove out of the vast starry sky...


A simple cabin is the only building on the planet in front of you.

In front of the simple wooden house, there is a garden, which is full of various flowers, which are colorful and exudes a charming fragrance.

"Hehe, Xiao Keer, come quickly and help me deal with this **** fish..."

A sweet laugh came from the house, full of the breath of a girl.

"Sister Meng, you... haven't you cooked?"

Then a soft and waxy voice came, making the girl suddenly unable to hold her face, and she was quite gnashing her teeth.

"I... Of course I did!"

"It's just a little forgotten, but...maybe something went wrong during the resurrection before, otherwise there will be a mere fish, I will prepare it for you in minutes..."

"Is it really?"

Xiao Ke'er seemed to be a little skeptical, but she obediently went over to help.

The two girls were busy in the kitchen, breaking their mouths from time to time, causing the beautiful ladies outside to shake their heads and laugh.

"Speaking of which, Sister Mei seems to be very good at cooking, right?"

Suddenly, a beautiful girl in a white and gold dress turned her head to look at the black woman on the side, and said with a smile.

The black-clothed woman known as Sister Mei has a pair of magnificent crimson eyes. The black short skirt can cover her buttocks, exposing large areas of white skin, forming a very sharp contrast.

She tucked her long hair, and the corners of her mouth twitched slightly, revealing a charming smile that charmed all beings.

"Of course, you forgot who brought you up when you were young?"

She was the perfect female representative who went to the hall and got the kitchen. Cooking a meal is easy for her, and it is definitely a rare delicacy in the world!

"Then... why don't Sister Su go and point them?"

A beautiful girl with purple hair and green clothes looked at the two girls in the kitchen who was in a hurry, and suddenly covered her mouth and smiled, her eyes were bright and colorful, as charming as crystal amber.

"Sister Xin'er is really good at calling sister, I am afraid you can't..."

Su Jiumei raised her eyebrows, glanced at the bad fantasy heart, with an inexplicable smile on her face, said quietly.

Huan Xin'er's eyes were erratic, and he stuck out his tongue, and laughed and said nothing.

She is the princess of the Illusory Feather Empire. She was born noble. She doesn't touch the sun with two fingers. She really doesn't know how to cook...

The beautiful girl in white clothes was sitting on the side, her cool temperament seemed to be born with her, even when she faced the closest person.

She raised her hand lightly and drank tea with Lin Zixuan on her own~www.mtlnovel.com~ The two of them had a cold personality and a gentle personality. They did not join the chat with the sisters, but if there is no smile, it is still It shows the joy of the girls.

Such a life...not bad!

"I am back……"

At this time, a familiar figure returned to the wooden house, smiling and looking at the seven peerless beauties who had their own merits, and said warmly.


"My husband, you are finally back..."

The sudden appearance of Feng Zichen made all the beautiful people in the house happy, and Xing Rumeng jumped up and jumped into his arms.

Lan Ke'er, Su Jiumei, Huan Xin'er, Lin Zixuan, Mu Wei'er, and Leng Ruobing's six daughters also gathered around. The girl's unique body fragrance swept over her face, making Feng Zichen almost intoxicated.

The wooden house is full of laughter, full of warmth, and the taste of home...

(End of the book)


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