Xiao Qi has been very talented since she was born, and can be described as a genius among many brothers and sisters.

Although only 179,600 years old, Xiao Qi's talent for devouring has reached the pinnacle. Whether it is the emperor or the big men of their clan, they have praised its strength.

Think it has a chance to aspire to the pinnacle of the race and become the most powerful beast king!

Xiaoqi thinks so too.

until one day……

It has come to the world of stars!

On the final battlefield, Feng Zichen, who has achieved the realm of the Lord God, is accepting the excited and fanatical cheers from all the surviving practitioners in the Star World.

As a result, the crowd was half cheering and saw a huge black beast rushing from the sky.

This strange beast is completely dark, its appearance is not upright, and it has a huge mouth that occupies almost half the size of its body.

In contrast, its eyes look small and exquisite, and its stunned look at this time is even more cute.

"Meow meow?"

what's the situation?

How long have I been away, how do I feel that the whole world has changed?

Xiao Qi was stunned, her mouth wide open, her eyes skittered a few times, but she didn't find her brothers and sisters, not even a realm demon.

Only humans were present!

It was stunned and didn't know what was going on.

"A world beast?"

"The fish that slipped through the net?"

Feng Zichen frowned, looking at this huge black beast at a loss, remembering who it was.

Isn't this the world beast that was sent away by Bo Feng Shui Gate with the technique of the Thunder God?

Actually ran back from the other side of the world?

Everyone looked at this silly world beast that came to die with a weird expression.

Why do you want to come back?

Times have changed, brother!

Xiao Qiyi looked dazed, looking up at the humans around him, a little at a loss.

How long have I been away, and how do I feel that an era has passed?

Feng Zichen came back to his senses, her jet-black eyes looked at this silly world beast, but did not immediately kill him.

After all, the world demon clan has been wiped out, and only this world beast is alive. There is no need to kill them all.

Moreover, the world beasts are different from the world demons. They are pure beasts, no different from the beasts of the Star World, probably because of their different talents.

Feng Zichen is also very interested in the devouring talent of the world beast clan...

Thinking of this, Feng Zichen made up his mind, and with one move, the huge and incomparable world beast seemed to float out of control.


Xiao Qi continued to be stunned, it felt an absolute strong force, restraining itself, even if it was bursting out, it couldn't shake it.

As if facing the whole world!

"Little guy, just follow me..."

Feng Zichen said with a smile, but as soon as he finished speaking, he felt a little wrong.

This guy is huge, hundreds of meters long, where is he smaller?

Feng Zichen frowned, and then casually tapped the eyebrows of this world beast, and a little regular power instantly poured into the world beast's body.

This huge and incomparable world beast suddenly began a huge change, its body shrank a little, from the height of a few hundred meters at the beginning to tens of meters, several meters...

In the end it became the size of an ordinary kitten, and even its appearance has undergone tremendous changes. It has hair, claws and fangs, and a beard on its face.

It turned from a ferocious and huge world beast to a black kitten!

"Meow meow?"

From the beginning to the end, the world beast Xiao Qi, whose strength was comparable to that of the most powerful of the Divine King Realm, had a dumbfounded expression.

Rewriting reality is just one of the basic abilities of the main **** power that Feng Zichen has!

Of course, Feng Zichen only modified its appearance, and its talent and strength remained unchanged.

So this harmless looking black kitten may open its huge mouth at any time and swallow the whole world!

Feng Zichen smiled, and once again clearly felt his incredible power now.

After solving the problem of this lucky beast that had survived, Feng Zichen looked at the final battlefield.

Because of the tragic final jihad before, this continent has been broken into disarray, and the structure of the whole world seems to be loose, and it may break apart at any time.

The hidden danger is great!

Feng Zichen sighed, his eyes calm.

He slowly ascended to the sky, overlooking the entire world, pressing out with one hand, as if the heavenly gods intervened in the real world, and the entire world was rippling.

A boundless force descended from the sky and enveloped the entire world of stars.


The earth trembled and the world roared.

"this is……"

Feng Jiu Xuanfei was high in the sky, looking at the huge changes taking place on the earth at this time, he couldn't believe his eyes.

I saw that the messed up Star Continent was being repaired little by little under an incredible force.

The mountains and rivers returned to their place, and the earth healed. Even the forests, rivers, flowers, trees, and rocks that were destroyed in the war, and some ordinary beasts that suffered heavy losses before being evacuated from the battlefield.

Everything is returning to the way it was at the beginning.

All the pain, all the traces, disappeared without a trace, as if this war had never happened.

Rolling good luck, upside down the universe!

This is also the supreme power possessed by the Creator God Realm.

In just a few minutes, the entire continent returned to its former appearance, and Feng Jiuxuan keenly realized that the original structure of the Star World seemed to have been re-refined, becoming more stable and powerful.

"Is this the mighty power of the legendary Creator God Realm? It really lives up to the name of creation!"

Everyone was amazed, with a smile of joy on their faces, especially the strong men in the secular world such as Xingyu the Great.

After all, the land under your feet was under the rule of the Xingyu Empire, and the previous battle almost completely destroyed the Xingyu Empire.

Now, Feng Zichen used supreme methods to directly recover all, but they were not surprised.

At the same time, he was even more in awe of Feng Zichen's strength at this time.

However, Feng Zichen himself didn't feel that this was so great, after all, the Creator Divine Realm was already equivalent to a true god.

You can open up a whole new world at any time, and it is even easier to reshape the world of stars.

Moreover, what he can do now is much more than that...


Time flies, time flies.

In a blink of an eye, a year has passed, and the Star World has gradually recovered from the nightmare of that final holy war.

The hundreds of millions of ordinary people who had been protected have also returned to the Star Continent and Dark Night Continent, and started a new life.

And all this beauty is due to one person!

It was him who stepped forward when the world was in distress, turned the tide on his own, and saved everyone.

It was him, with the supreme supernatural powers, that turned the universe upside down, reshaped the world, and restored the peace of the stars in the world.

Feng Zichen!

A name that is thoroughly mythical!

All people on the two continents sincerely awe and believe in this name, and even respect it as the most lofty and greatest "Lord of Stars" and "Dark Night Goddess" since the birth of the Star World...


Holy Lord ~www.mtlnovel.com~The Lord of Salvation!

In this way, praise and praise his great achievements and reputation.

Everyone who knows Feng Zichen feels a sincere honour to be able to witness the birth of a great existence of the Creator God Realm. This is a blessing for many people!

However, people were surprised to find that after saving and reshaping the world of stars a year ago, the Lord Lord seems to have ceased to appear in front of others.

Some people say that the Lord Master lived in seclusion somewhere in the mainland for a new practice, and never asked the world.

There are also legends that the Lord Master has the ability to open up the heavens and the earth, and all the heavens and all realms can be visited, and they have already left the world of stars and traveled into the stars.

In short, no one knows where the Lord Lord has gone.

And the name Feng Zichen represents a legend, and it will be passed down forever in the world of stars, and will be immortal...