"I look forward to seeing you the day when you come to the Supreme God Realm..."

In the dimness, Feng Zichen "saw" a magnificent picture, a grotesque and grand world, and the great goddess whose whole body was exuding divine light.

In an instant, he understood.

I have clearly failed to prove Dao, whether it is Daohua or the half-step transcendence physique, it has entered an irreversible death.

But why was he able to have a second chance, until then, he finally succeeded in proving the Dao formally, condensing the origin of the rules, and achieving the true Creator God Realm.

Everything is because of the goddess of the night!

What Mu Weier left to herself before was the dark night rune passed down forever in the dark night continent, and it was the only token left by the dark night goddess who opened up the dark night world.

After the bearer reaches a certain state, he can arouse this rune to attract the attention of the goddess of the night.

The goddess of the dark night, as a great existence in the ancient creator **** realm who had attained the Dao not knowing how long ago, its realm is unpredictable, it has long been beyond ordinary people's imagination.

The strength is many times stronger than that of Feng Zichen, who just broke through the main **** realm. The means to reach the sky, the trace of power transmitted across the vast universe and starry sky is also enough to give Feng Zichen a new life!

Feng Zichen had already completed the final breakthrough at this time, and his soul had grown thousands of times, emitting an immortal brilliance.

His body has also evolved from an immortal body at the beginning to a half-step transcendence, and now it has completely achieved a true transcendence physique.

The heaven and the earth are destroyed but I am immortal, the heavens and the cause and effect will not be added, time and space can not leave a trace on him.

He has gained immortality and achieved immortality!

"This is……"

"The main god?"

Feng Zichen raised his hands and looked at his body at this time, with a heartfelt surprise in his eyes.

At this time, Feng Zichen has reached an incredible realm. No words can describe it. It seems that he can do everything and omnipotent.


The breath of the main **** realm diverged from the world, and the golden cage that originally trapped him became fragile. There was almost no possibility of blocking it, and it was directly annihilated.

Feng Zichen stepped out, standing in the sky, overlooking the star world.

To achieve the Creator God Realm, the world in Feng Zichen's eyes is completely different.

Perhaps it was because the path that Feng Zichen chose when he broke through the main **** realm was to control all the laws of the star world, so now Feng Zichen feels that there is an inexplicable connection with the star world.

It seems that you can easily control the power of the origin of the entire world of stars, and the world, life and death are all within one thought!

The Creator God Realm is called the Creator God Realm because they have transcended the world and are no longer confined to the ordinary world.

Their gazes have already begun to explore a deeper level, a big world can be created with a single thought, and the same can be destroyed by turning your hands!

At this time, Feng Zichen received the help of the goddess of the dark night and succeeded in proving the Dao again, stepping into the realm of the legendary Lord God. This wave of fluctuations spread directly across the heavens and the vast universe.

All the powerful who can reach this level know that another great existence has been born!

Countless powerful people are envious, and being able to transcend and gain eternal life is the ultimate goal pursued by all cultivators in the universe.

It is a pity that this step is too difficult and too difficult. There are countless half-steps of the main **** realm, all stuck on the last nine-layer ladder, and it is difficult to advance.

Feng Zichen did it, although he relied on many predecessors, it was ultimately his fate.

This detachment completely separated from the mortal.

That's right, the half-step main divine realm, in front of the real main divine realm, is still just a mortal!

"Do not……"


"How come there is such a thing..."

The movement of Feng Zichen's breakthrough was too great, spreading across the heavens and all realms, and in the great world of stars, it was as bright as the sun rising, as if an unspeakable great master descended on the world.

The whole world was trembling and cheering, celebrating the birth of another great existence of Creator God Realm.

Of course it is impossible for the Devil Emperor to feel it, at this moment he is going crazy.

The widened eyes were covered with bloodshot eyes, and a thick projection of disbelief and horror almost made him crazy.


Feng Zichen broke through the creator **** realm?

This is so hell!

Obviously he failed to prove the Dao a few minutes ago, and he was about to die. Now he actually...

Seeing that Feng Zichen easily broke through his golden cage, standing above the void, the breath permeated with the magical aura that transcended everything, as if he did not belong to this world.

The ghost emperor trembled all over, and heartfelt shock and anger emerged in his heart.

It's weird!

He has seen many witnesses for hundreds of thousands of years in ancient times, but none of them can break through the main divine realm.

He has never heard of the failure of preaching, but can it be restored?

"No, it's impossible, this is definitely a blindfold!"

The ghost emperor had been almost maddened by Feng Zichen, and he didn't dare to admit that Feng Zichen had already set foot in that legendary realm before him.

He was anxious, angered into anger, and suddenly roared, and the devilish and ghostly spirits roared into the sky, and the power of terror shocked for nine days.

That is the power that is close to the half-step of the Nineth Layer Great Perfection of the main **** realm, which is the strongest in the main **** realm!

His eyes were torn apart, like a madman, he burst out his strongest power, and rushed towards Feng Zichen.

The purple-black light tore through the space, with a terrifying force of destruction, eroding the world, even if it was Feng Jiuxuan who was thousands of miles apart, his face changed drastically, and he backed away.

"Go to hell, kid!"

The Devil Emperor roared loudly, no longer the grace and calmness before, and some were just panic and confusion that could not be concealed.

It must be fake!

Must be fake!



A terrifying blow containing the belief that the Demon Emperor must kill, the mighty power is enough to tear the galaxy and destroy tens of thousands of planets, such a terrifying attack hit Feng Zichen's thin body.

"Not hiding?"

The Devil Emperor's eyes widened, full of surprise.

With his own attack intensity, even he himself didn't dare to insist on it, so Feng Zichen was so big?

But the next moment, the Devil Emperor collapsed——

"What a weak attack..."

Feng Zichen watched the Demon Emperor crazily attacked, and took the blow abruptly, but the terrifying attack that was enough to destroy the galaxy did not even shake his body.

Not to mention defeated!

Feng Zichen lowered his head slightly and looked at the Demon Emperor who was slapped on his body. He only felt as if the breeze was blowing on his face, and couldn't affect him at all.

Sure enough, the Creator Divine Realm and the Half-Step Divine Realm are two completely different levels. Before the breakthrough, even if I had an immortal body, this blow would have to be severely damaged.

But now...

No more damage than an ant to oneself!

The gap is really too big, the Creator God Realm transcends everything and is eternal and immortal.


The ghost emperor trembles, looking at Feng Zichen, who doesn't move, as if he has seen a monster.

This is real!

He really has...

The ghost emperor collapsed, and the whole person was muddled. The higher you stand, the more you can know your own insignificance.

It is precisely because he has lived for a long time and has seen too many, so he is also very aware of the huge gap between himself and the Creator God Realm.

That is an absolutely invincible "God"!

It is the end of evolution that they have pursued since the birth of their entire world demons!

Even in the heavens and the universe, in the vast universe and starry sky, the Creator God Realm is also a great existence above and beyond, extremely rare.

"The Devil Emperor, the sins you committed must be paid for in your life!"

Feng Zichen sighed, and then reduced his expression, glanced lightly at the devilish ghost emperor, a cold light suddenly appeared in his eyes.

Even after stepping into the realm of the Lord God, Feng Zichen could not forget the pain of the past!

He knew very well that he was able to break through because of how much he lost!

The devil's sin is unforgivable and must die!

"Ha ha ha ha ha……"

The ghost emperor was like dementia, chuckling in a low voice, then turned around fiercely, raised the black light, and killed Feng Jiuxuan and other cultivators in the great world of stars.

"it's not finished yet!"

"As long as I can swallow them, my realm will inevitably skyrocket again, and even reach the true Dzogchen in one fell swoop, when I can break through and start the tenth ultimate evolution!"

The Devil Emperor's eyes were red, and he fell into a madness, and his violent murderous aura was overwhelming, shocking everyone present.

He desperately put all his hopes on this last fight!


His speed was extremely fast, even if it was Feng Jiuxuan who was in the fifth-layer heaven realm and half-step the main **** realm, he did not react.

"It's over!"

Feng Jiuxuan was in a cold sweat, and the powerful and terrifying devilish energy of the Demon Emperor made him terrified, and his body seemed to be fixed, unable to move.

Seeing that they were getting closer and closer to Feng Jiuxuan, the Devil Emperor could even feel the fatal sweetness emanating from them, and he couldn't help but split his mouth.



A loud noise echoed the sky.

The Ghost Demon Emperor who was laughing wildly only felt that he was hit by a powerful force, and he had no resistance at all. He flew out in an instant, and the speed was countless times faster than when he first came.


The demon emperor who was knocked out turned into a black light, smashed through several thousand-meter high mountains, and then crashed onto the ground.

The terrifying force instantly crushed the surrounding ground, and a huge spiral hole appeared!

Looking at the sky again, Feng Zichen's figure slowly emerged in front of Feng Jiuxuan and the others, tilting his head slightly, his eyes cold, his right hand was raised, and it was still waving.

As if it was just a fly.


All this happened so suddenly that Feng Jiuxuan didn't react, staring blankly at the comrade-in-arms who seemed to be completely different before him, muttering in his mouth.

Feng Zichen glanced at him, nodded slightly, and then lowered his head to look at the Demon Emperor, his figure disappeared suddenly, and appeared in front of the Demon Emperor without a trace.


A hand stretched out and grabbed the Demon Emperor from the pit, as easily as lifting a kitten or puppy.


At this time, the ghost emperor was in a panic, his whole body seemed to be crushed, his body showed a weird twist, as if he had been hit by a world.

Only one breath left!

Even if it was just a casual blow from Feng Zichen, it was also the power of the Creator God Realm, and the ghost emperor couldn't bear it at all.

"How could this be……"

The world demons in the distance are desperate. Whether it is the bottom world demons or the blood demon king who is the leader of the world demons, their faces are pale, and they can clearly feel the gap between them and Feng Zichen.

Even their strongest emperor is far from an opponent, let alone them?

It's all over!

Feng Zichen held the Demon Emperor, who had no power to fight back at this time, and suddenly felt dull.

I haven't tried hard yet, but you have fallen...

Those who are detached and those who are not detached are really two levels. At this moment, Feng Zichen clearly realized this.

At the beginning, the thought of activating with the Devil Emperor gradually dissipated.

no need!

Feng Zichen's eyes were calm, as if returning to nature, there was no aura around him, like a mortal.

But he just stood here, as if he was more stalwart than heaven and earth, and the world must surrender under his feet!


The ghost emperor trembled all over, his eyes were about to split, and he was almost burst by Feng Zichen's hand.

Just about to explode the original ghost energy to repair the devil's body, he suddenly realized that an unstoppable powerful force surged from Feng Zichen's hand, and instantly destroyed all his original ghost energy.

The immortal body is a joke in front of the Creator God Realm!

Feng Zichen's gaze was faint, his eyes had changed to the pitch black color at the beginning, and the reincarnation writing wheel eyes on his forehead disappeared.

Forging a detached physique, all abilities have been returned to the basics, attributed to Feng Zichen's own mighty power.

His own original eye is far more powerful than the reincarnation eye.

Feng Zichen's hand slightly used force, and the body of the Demon Emperor burst into pieces in an instant, annihilated every inch, and no longer existed!

With another casual move, a transparent soul was caught by Feng Zichen.

The horror and countenance exuding above the soul are no different from the ghost emperor.

Feng Zichen stared coldly at the culprit of all this, and didn't mean to let him go.

As soon as the mind moved, the divine mighty space in the body evolved into a new world, which was expanded countless times, almost equivalent to the big world of stars.


Countless blazing fires ignited, exuding a mysterious blue flame.

This is the flame **** he constructed. The dark blue flame is the most essential soul fire, which can cause irreversible damage and extreme pain to the soul.

"You are here, spend the rest of your life..."

Feng Zichen spoke indifferently, and immediately threw the ghost of the Demon Emperor into the flame hell, and the faint blue soul fire kept leaping, licking the new sinful soul frantically.


The extreme pain caused the Devil Emperor to scream sternly, but Feng Zichen was no longer interested in watching him, and directly closed the flame hell.

One thought of life, one thought of life, all in his heart!


The outside world

After Feng Zichen had dealt with the Devil Emperor, he turned his attention to the surviving world demons on the vast land.

At this time, the world demon clan still has hundreds of millions of people, led by hundreds of world demon kings, exuding monstrous demon energy.

Feng Zichen didn't have a good impression of them, so he was too lazy to say a word, and looked at it coldly--


A vast force descended on all the world demons in an instant, and their hard demons began to crack and turn into dust and disappear in smoke.


"What's going on? My body..."

The sudden change caused the world demons to lose their color in shock, yelling, their faces full of fear of unknown power.

Even the world demon kings couldn't prevent their bodies from turning into dust, and they were terrified.

"This is……"

"Is it comparable to the great power of the Demon God?"

The Blood Demon and other leaders of the Realm Demon were no exception. Seeing that their bodies began to crack without warning, they sighed, with a look of despair on their faces.

Different from the ignorant ordinary world demons, they know very well what realm Feng Zichen has reached now.

That was the end of the evolution of their world demons, comparable to the power of the main **** of the demons realm!

Countless world demons wailed, but they quickly disappeared completely, leaving only a thick dust spread on the ground.

At a glance, destroy hundreds of millions of world demons!

This is just the most basic ability for Feng Zichen.

With the complete destruction of the world demon clan, this final holy war, which concerns the life and death of all living beings, finally came to an end.

Everyone stared blankly at Feng Zichen above the sky, as if seeing a god!

They crushed the Demon Emperor at will, and wiped out hundreds of millions of world demons at a glance. Feng Zichen's current realm was completely unimaginable for them.

"Main God Realm..."

Feng Jiuxuan muttered in loss of consciousness.

He never expected that Feng Zichen would be able to get to this point, and that the Great World of Stars could actually give birth to a great existence in the Divine Realm of the Creator!

The world is silent.

With the passage of time, everyone slowed down, slowly understood everything, and stared at the figure in the sky with zeal.

He ~www.mtlnovel.com~ saved the Star World!

Saved them all!

"Lord God! Lord God!"

I don't know who is leading it, the heavens and the earth suddenly screamed loudly, and countless people were full of excitement and excitement.

In their hearts, they may not know what a great existence the Lord God Realm is, but they know that Feng Zichen saved the world and saved them all.

Should inherit this supreme glory!

Apart from him, no one can bear the faith of all beings!

The shouts full of gratitude and enthusiasm are like waves, one wave after another, gathering the voices of all the cultivators in the entire star world, shaking Jiu Xiao.

Feng Zichen watched all this silently, the depression in his heart finally dissipated slightly, the corners of his mouth lifted slightly, revealing a smile.

All this is finally over!


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