129590 year of star calendar, the fallen forest.

  The Fallen Forest, which stretches over tens of thousands of miles, has a unique position on the Star Continent. It occupies an extremely large area. The dense jungle of tens of thousands of miles and the unique climate have nurtured many evil beasts. High-level monsters that are rare in the outside world can be seen everywhere in the Fallen Forest, and even in the core area of ​​the Fallen Forest, there are terrible Tier 10 Sanctuary monsters, whose fierce reputation is enough to make countless people afraid.

   But as the so-called wealth and wealth are in danger, the Fallen Forest is extremely dangerous, but it also has many resources and countless treasures. Among other things, the magic core of countless high-level monsters is an unimaginable wealth, so many magicians and warriors on the mainland are also very keen to explore here. After all, wealth is moving. Moreover, the Fallen Forest is not dangerous everywhere. The marginal zone and the outer zone are not too dangerous. Only the inner zone and the core zone are the most dangerous places.

   And just in front of a waterfall in the Fallen Forest Outland, a young man was sitting on a rock beside him, not knowing what he was thinking.

   The young man looked only fourteen or five years old, with a thin body, beautiful brows, and a trace of dazedness in his clear eyes, as if he was a little at a loss.

   The young man stayed for a long time, raised his head, looked at the three suns hanging high in the sky at the same time, couldn't help but smiled bitterly: Did he... really crossed it?

  The boy is actually called Feng Zichen. He was originally an ordinary high school student in China on the earth. He lives a three-point-one-line life from home to school every day, no different from hundreds of thousands of high school students on the land of China. On weekdays, I don’t have any hobbies. I just like to watch some hot-blooded cartoons and novels. From time to time, I like to write a few paragraphs by myself for comfort.

It can be said that this is an ordinary boy, his life can be foreseen like most people: study hard at the university in the past, and enter the society after four years of study. After a few years of fighting, I saved a little savings and found an equally ordinary girlfriend to marry and have children; the two struggled together to feed the family. After that, they were mediocre for decades, watching their sons grow up, marry wives and have children, full of children and grandchildren. , And finally live a plain life until the old age. Life is calm like a pool of stagnant water, without any waves.

   This was Feng Zichen's original life path, but not long ago, his life was completely changed.

   Crossing, such a magical and mysterious thing actually happened to him, which really made Feng Zichen quite at a loss. panic? Anyone who suddenly comes to a completely strange world will be afraid from the heart; excited? There is a little bit, but more still at a loss, I don't know how I should go on in the future.

   Another world, judging from the descriptions in the novels that Feng Zichen saw on the earth in his previous life, it is certain that the strong are like clouds. Everyone follows the cruel law of the jungle. The weak eats the strong, and without strength, there is no right to survive. Can a "mortal" like himself survive? Feng Zichen did not dare to expect that he would have any protagonist aura. When the tiger's body was shaken, the world's number one master would come to worship the land. Since then, no one dares to commit crimes in other worlds, and he will spend his life happily... that is a novel, not reality ; And Feng Zichen is in this cruel reality now.

   sighed, Feng Zichen said dissatisfiedly: "I am also a generation of travellers anyway, why don't I have any gold fingers for me? Is the novel really a lie..."

   was talking, Feng Zichen suddenly felt a sharp pain in his mind, as if something was raging in his mind. Feng Zichen, who was so painful that he hadn't prepared anything, screamed and fell to the ground. Shaking all over, the pain is really terrifying!

   But the pain came and went quickly, and it gradually subsided after a few seconds. Feng Zichen, who had a pale face, hadn't slowed down yet, a series of mysterious reminders suddenly sounded in his mind——

   "Successfully traversed to another world-Star Continent, the system is restarting..."

   "The system restart is complete, matching the host-Feng Zichen... the system is being bound..."

   "The system is successfully bound, start to load the Naruto World data...load is complete, start the system initialization..."

   "Initialization is complete, and the Hokage exchange system officially starts to operate... Didi ~ The system runs for the first time, and a gift package for beginners is issued. It has been automatically put into the backpack, please collect it as soon as possible..."

   A series of tones made the Feng Zichen, who had just been relieved, stunned. What did I hear? system? Spree? Could this be... the exclusive golden finger of the traverser finally awakened?

   Strongly resisting the excitement in his heart, Feng Zichen closed his eyes tremblingly, and kept meditating on the Naruto Exchange System—as described in the novel, I can see the system as long as I meditate in my heart.

Under his extremely anticipation, the mysterious golden finger-the Naruto Exchange System really appeared. Looking at the virtual light curtain that suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, Feng Zichen burst into tears. God won't abandon me. Well, every traverser in the novel has golden fingers, or systems, or adventures. No matter how bad it is, there is an old grandfather hiding in something on his body. If there is no reason, he would not have it...

   Looking at the six bronzing characters of the Hokage Exchange System on the light curtain, Feng Zichen looked forward to it very much. He knew that this was what he depended on to survive in this powerful alien world. I wonder how powerful it would be? Look at the name of this system, it should be related to "Naruto", the manga on earth.

   Fu Zichen is no stranger to "Naruto", and it can even be said to be very familiar. After all, for a senior otaku, passionate daily life is an indispensable course of study. Among them, "Naruto" is one of the most representative works. I think Fu Zichen was crazy about Naruto. The gorgeous ninjutsu, powerful physical skills, and mysterious illusion skills all made him feel fascinated; and the various blood inheritance boundaries made him coveted, too powerful, is there anything?

   Wait... Feng Zichen suddenly thought that this system is called the Naruto Exchange System. Could it be that I can redeem the abilities in the Naruto World? Ninjutsu? Or is it the limit of blood?

Thinking of this, Feng Zichen couldn't help getting excited, looking at the light curtain in front of him, excitedly asked: "That... system is it? I want to know what functions does this Naruto exchange system have? It can be exchanged in Naruto World. Ninjutsu? Or something else? What should I do?"

  Because of being so excited, Feng Zichen asked several questions at once, but fortunately the system still answered patiently——

"The main function of this system is exchange! Exchange everything in Naruto World except for the characters, including ninjutsu, illusion, physique, various ninjutsu, magic weapon, blood inheritance limit, psychic beast... and so on. As long as there are enough redemption points, they can be redeemed. The operation is even simpler. The host can operate it intentionally or manually. It also supports voice operations, and everything is up to the host to choose."

  Surprise, absolute surprise! Feng Zichen originally thought that this Naruto exchange system could only be exchanged for ninjutsu or blood succession limits. He didn't expect the system to be really powerful, and it could exchange all the power items in the world of Naruto. Now Feng Zichen is relieved, even if No matter how many powerhouses in this world, they have some confidence in this system. After all, the strength of the Naruto World is not low. Looking at all the two-dimensional planes, it can also be in the forefront. Like the six spots and Datongmu Huiye that reached their peak strength in the later stage, which one can not destroy the world? With such a heaven-defying system, are you afraid you can't survive in this alien world? Then he can go and kill himself as a traverser.

Feng Zichen, who had gained confidence, tried to tap the light curtain suspended in front of him. After a wave of fluctuations, the light curtain was divided into seven different areas, namely-ninjutsu area, illusion area, physical exercise area, and ninjutsu area. , Blood Succession Zone, Psychic Zone and Miscellaneous Zone.

   "It's really meticulous..." Feng Zichen's excitement calmed a bit, UU reading www.uukanshu.com exclaimed. Then he clicked on the Ninjutsu area again, and the light curtain flashed a dense number of Ninjutsu, and the number of them made him stun his tongue.

   "Clone, D-level ninjutsu, redemption point: 50; avatar, D-level ninjutsu, redemption point: 50; Fire escape: small fireball, D-level ninjutsu, redemption point: 100......"

"Fire Dun: the art of fireball, C-level ninjutsu, exchange point: 500; Wind Dun: Beast Wave Palm, C-level ninjutsu, exchange point: 600; Lei Dun: Earth Walk, C-level ninjutsu, exchange point: 800 ; Wind Dun: Big breakthrough, C-rank ninjutsu, exchange point: 1000..."

"Earth Dun: Earth Dragon Spear Art, B-level Ninjutsu, exchange point: 5000; Shadow Clone Art, B-level Ninjutsu, exchange point: 8000; Water Dun: Water Wall Art, B-level Ninjutsu, exchange Point: 10000......"

   There are countless kinds of ninjutsu, which blinded Feng Zichen. Looking at these familiar ninjutsu in his own memory, Feng Zichen wanted to learn all of them, but looked at the redemption points marked on each ninjutsu post on the light curtain, and then looked at the eye-catching zero with redemption points displayed above... I can’t help but feel like I’m so poor~

  Ninjutsu is good, but it is too expensive. The stronger one requires tens of thousands of exchange points, like Naruto's signature ninjutsu-Helix Wan, the protagonist in Naruto, even requires one hundred thousand exchange points. Not to mention those stronger S-level and super-S-level bans, the exchange points required are simply astronomical.

   Feng Zichen's excitement suddenly calmed down. Yes, there is no free lunch in this world. If you want to get more, you have to pay more. Even with the system, if you don't work hard, you might be ruined in this perilous alien world and capsized in the gutter.

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