Hokage: Ryo’s Path

Surgeon Guan Ryo Is reborn in Naruto’s world! Enjoy his trip as he uses his knowledge of the story to find his path in this troubled world and eventually stand at the top of Konoha!.... Read more

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Chapter List

~ End this testimonial Chapter 560 season finale Chapter 559 Terrorist war

Chapter 558 Final battle Chapter 557 Patriarch of the big tree family Chapter 556 Start of action Chapter 555 Mixed into school Chapter 554 Stealing the column Chapter 553 set off Chapter 552 Individual cultivation Chapter 551 Preparation for the big tree family Chapter 550 A sensational wedding (below)

Chapter 549 Sensational wedding (on) Chapter 548 Preparation Chapter 547 carnival

Chapter 546 Yamamoto's decision Chapter 545 Large block family Chapter 544 negotiation Chapter 543 The confusion of the feather brothers Chapter 542 The road to the big tree family Chapter 541 Escape Chapter 540 Heavenly King Chapter 539 Hui Ye Ji’s heart knot Chapter 538 Naruto Sasuke wake up

Chapter 537 Hui Ye Ji Ji Lin Chapter 536 Seal black Chapter 535 Unlimited monthly reading Chapter 534 Black and white Chapter 533 Ten-tailed force Chapter 532 Big tube wood willow secret Chapter 531 God tree fruit Chapter 530 Mountain in the distance vs large tube wood willow Chapter 529 Coalition forces Chapter 528 Ten-tailed split body Chapter 537 Heaven and earth Chapter 536 Silent ten tail

Chapter 535 Ten tail resurrection Chapter 534 Compromise of the six immortals Chapter 533 Six immortals are coming Chapter 532 Thousands of columns and Uchiha spots Chapter 531 Final war Chapter 530 Fengyun mutation Chapter 529 Pharmacist's life Chapter 528 Uchiha spot resurrection Chapter 527 Take away the pharmacist pocket Chapter 526 Two pairs of reincarnation Chapter 525 Collision Chapter 524 Bauxite reincarnation

Chapter 523 Naruto Sasuke vs Pharmacist Pocket Chapter 522 Goodbye Uchiha Chapter 521 Hibiscus vs hibiscus Chapter 520 People who endure the culmination of the world Chapter 519 Naruto Sasuke's mission Chapter 518 Action by all parties Chapter 517 Outer Road Golem and Suzuki Chapter 516 Backhand Chapter 515 The reunion of the people Chapter 514 Future hope Chapter 513 The fourth end of the world war broke out Chapter 512 Ninja Coalition

Chapter 511 Watergate vs black man Chapter 510 Invasive wood leaf Chapter 509 Black robes Chapter 508 Naruto and Sasuke’s growth Chapter 507 Assembly of wood leaves Chapter 506 Ninja coalition was established Chapter 505 Mountain in the distance vs black robes Chapter 504 uninvited guest Chapter 503 Five shadows gather together Chapter 502 Opening of the Five Shadows Conference Chapter 501 Enemy in the dark Chapter 500 Four generations of Raytheon letters

Chapter 499 Come and also Chapter 498 End Chapter 497 The heart of the young field Chapter 496 Naruto vs Payne Chapter 495 Hero debut Chapter 494 Returning from the wind Chapter 493 Three generations of Huo Ying vs Tiandao Chapter 492 Wood leaf response Chapter 491 Xiao’s action Chapter 490 Sasuke and Indra Chapter 489 Preparation for raiding wood leaves Chapter 488 Come and wake up

Chapter 487 Can't think of a problem Chapter 486 Adding earth Chapter 485 Chirabi Chapter 484 And Sasuke's deal Chapter 483 The powerful wind wave gate Chapter 482 Wave Feng Shui Gate vs Payne Six Road Chapter 481 Death news Chapter 480 Payne Six Chapter 479 Also vs. Payne three Chapter 478 The immortal pattern Chapter 477 Teacher and disciples Chapter 476 Self action

Chapter 475 The last must Chapter 474 Kirin reproduction Chapter 473 Two pairs of kaleidoscope Chapter 472 Brother confrontation Chapter 471 Yamamoto's plan ~ Say something you want to say Chapter 470 The space left by Hui Ye Ji Chapter 469 The peeping of the feather brothers Chapter 468 Art is an explosion (below) Chapter 467 Art is an explosion (on) Chapter 466 Dida's raid Chapter 465 Dynamics of all parties

Chapter 464 The reincarnation of the mountain Chapter 463 Chiyoda Chapter 462 Strong water stop Chapter 461 Sand-bearing crisis Chapter 460 Hui Ye Ji’s Chakra Chapter 459 Sasuke Manjutsu Chapter 458 End of travel Chapter 457 Iron Country Chapter 456 The difference between ten tail and Xiaolin strength Chapter 455 On **** people who have an undead body Chapter 454 Naruto in the eyes Chapter 453 paving

Chapter 452 The origin of the reincarnation Chapter 451 The power of reincarnation Chapter 450 Aunt of the Japanese brothers Chapter 449 Abacus of the Japanese family Chapter 448 Huayang and water stop Chapter 447 Big tree and family Chapter 446 Watergate and water stop crisis Chapter 445 Name for medical ninja Chapter 444 Director Chapter 443 Wandering home Chapter 442 Post-war dynamics Chapter 441 The most gorgeous spike

Chapter 440 Ripper Chapter 439 And the beauty of the transaction Chapter 438 Re-family Chapter 437 Fog tolerate lost things Chapter 436 Let go Chapter 435 Sand bears worry Chapter 434 End Chapter 433 Shenwei is now Chapter 432 Rolling fog Chapter 431 The dumbest decision Chapter 430 Resolve the corner Chapter 429 Ring tone vs corner

Chapter 428 Shocked woody big bang Chapter 427 Domineering nine tails Chapter 426 Rock tough Chapter 425 Naruto vs Ning Chapter 424 Secret action Chapter 423 Ideal for self Chapter 422 Ghosts Chapter 421 Chakra Chapter 420 Causes of white-eye decline Chapter 419 Bizarre illusion Chapter 418 Individual preparation Chapter 417 The new contractor of Miaomushan

Chapter 416 Naruto and the first encounter Chapter 415 Blooming Lilianhua Chapter 414 Sister control and pig Chapter 413 The game is in progress Chapter 412 Long knife Chapter 411 Smooth through Chapter 410 Deer's wisdom Chapter 409 Life-saving snake uncle Chapter 408 The seventh class vs black soil Chapter 407 Killing machine in the dead forest Chapter 406 The second exam begins Chapter 405 Zhongren test begins

Chapter 404 White eye decline Chapter 403 On the eve of the test Chapter 402 teamwork Chapter 401 Task of the seventh class Chapter 400 layout Chapter 399 Behind the test Chapter 398 Returning from home Chapter 397 Inside the evil spirits Chapter 396 Evil god Chapter 395 Occasional encounter Chapter 394 White is male or female Chapter 393 Goodbye

Chapter 392 Sister Chapter 391 Shouhe and I love Luo Chapter 390 Goodbye long door Chapter 389 With soil and Lin Chapter 388 Unblock Chapter 384 The will of the six immortals Chapter 383 Black and white Chapter 382 Six Payne Chapter 381 Mountain far away vs angel Chapter 380 Bell robbing Chapter 379 Kakashi and the seventh class Chapter 378 Placement

Chapter 377 Naruto broke out Chapter 376 Naruto's first battle Chapter 375 The plot begins Chapter 374 Two years Chapter 373 Forbearance Chapter 372 Yin and Yangwei changes Chapter 371 Problem students Chapter 370 The compromise of the Japanese sect Chapter 369 Fudge Chapter 368 Lifting the cage bird (below) Chapter 367 Lifting the cage bird (on) Chapter 366 a good show of the Japanese family

Chapter 365 Start of action Chapter 364 Discussion on the three tribes of pigs and deer Chapter 363 meet Chapter 362 Return of the hand Chapter 361 action plan Chapter 360 Japanese separatist system Chapter 359 Return to tolerance Chapter 358 How to get six powers Chapter 357 Eternal Kaleidoscope in the middle of the mountain Chapter 356 Solve the family Chapter 355 The power of reincarnation Chapter 354 The secret of reincarnation

Chapter 353 Dive into the interior of the moon Chapter 352 First arrival moon Chapter 351 The road to the moon Chapter 350 trust each other Chapter 349 Large barrel on the moon Chapter 348 Find clues Chapter 347 Xiao's assembly Chapter 346 Water gate return Chapter 345 Hibiscus awakening Chapter 344 Individual cultivation Chapter 343 Situation of the hand Chapter 342 Person selection

Chapter 341 Dumb loss Chapter 340 quarrel Chapter 339 Hook up Chapter 338 Bait Chapter 337 solve Chapter 336 Confrontation ~ Talk about the author's views on the strength of Naruto Chapter 335 Eternal kaleidoscope of water stop Chapter 334 ready Chapter 333 Eradicate the group Chapter 332 The truth of the disappearance of the thousand hands and one family Chapter 331 Mountain in the distance vs thousand hands

Chapter 330 Thousands of hands Chapter 329 Cutting off the roots Chapter 328 Elimination of contradiction Chapter 327 Wind direction change ~ Action 326 Chapter 325 Game Chapter 324 End and leave Chapter 323 Sacrifice and future Chapter 322 Kaleidoscope collision Chapter 321 Extinction night Chapter 320 Choice Chapter 319 eve

Chapter 318 Conflict of conflict Chapter 317 explosion Chapter 316 Confused Chapter 315 Tense atmosphere Chapter 314 Will count Chapter 313 Ambush Chapter 312 Fu Yue's choice Chapter 311 Fu Yue's response Chapter 310 Kaleidoscope vs raft (below) Chapter 309 Kaleidoscope vs hibiscus (on) Chapter 308 Uchiha is full of difficulties Chapter 307 Stop water and sputum

Chapter 306 The psychic contract of the wet bones Chapter 305 Ring tone growth Chapter 304 Mouth with soil ~ Chapter 303 Bomb buried in the wood leaves Chapter 302 Black action Chapter 301 Exchange of information Chapter 300 Re-entry Shinobu Village Chapter 299 Odd Daddara Chapter 298 Fog endurance Chapter 297 Dynamics of all parties Chapter 296 Don’t god Chapter 295 The purpose of the mountain

Chapter 294 Reconciliation Chapter 293 Patch seal Chapter 292 Must be awakened Chapter 291 Simulation seeks jade Chapter 290 The origin of Hui Ye Ji Chapter 289 Reunion with Lin Chapter 288 Event calms down Chapter 287 Goodbye with soil Chapter 286 Tracking Chapter 285 Yangmou Chapter 284 Uchiha Chapter 283 The origin of Hui Ye Ji

Chapter 282 Mt. Mt. Mushan Chapter 281 Watergate resurrection Chapter 280 A new generation of pig deer butterfly Chapter 279 Water stop kaleidoscope Chapter 278 Teach Naruto Chapter 277 Resurrection Yahiko Chapter 276 Frozen five tails Chapter 275 Support for sand tolerance Chapter 274 The big move of the mountain Chapter 273 The outbreak of war Chapter 272 Strong wood leaf Chapter 271 Kidnapping

Chapter 270 Killing chickens and monkeys Chapter 269 Hero saves beauty Chapter 268 Naruto and his friends Chapter 267 Curse of ring tones Chapter 266 Curse Chapter 265 Bell tone graduation Chapter 264 Unsettled Chapter 263 Yan Mao’s self-sufficient truth Chapter 262 The departure of the big snake pill Chapter 261 Xiao's prototype Chapter 260 Bewildered Chapter 259 Tiandao Payne

Chapter 258 solve Chapter 257 Uchiha family relocation Chapter 256 Yamamoto's method Chapter 255 New ideal Chapter 254 Uchiha's situation Chapter 253 Mountain confession Chapter 252 Cloud tolerance Chapter 251 Watergate Resurrection Plan Chapter 250 Agent Huo Ying Chapter 249 Yin-nine choice Chapter 248 Capture the soul of Watergate ~ The 247th night (5)

Chapter 246 Nine nights (four) Chapter 245 Nine nights (three) Chapter 244 Nine nights (2) Chapter 243 Nine nights (1) Chapter 242 Dark action Chapter 241 Sasuke birth Chapter 240 Xiaolin's evolution Chapter 239 Blocked by wooden man Chapter 238 Naruto Chapter 237 玖辛奈孕 Chapter 236 Ye Cang's mind Chapter 235 Perfect one

Chapter 234 Sand forbearance Chapter 233 Red sand Chapter 232 New task Chapter 231 Reproduction of hibiscus Chapter 230 End of experiment Chapter 229 Retreat Chapter 228 High-level meeting Chapter 227 Payne’s vision Chapter 226 Mountain Zhongyuan vs Semi-Tibetan Chapter 225 God of the new world Chapter 224 Resolve the group Chapter 223 Encounter black

Chapter 222 Changes in the group Chapter 221 Yamamoto and ring tones Chapter 220 Second person Chapter 219 Plan to start Chapter 218 Four generations of fire shadow Chapter 217 Employer Chapter 216 Big fat sheep in the short book street Chapter 215 The response of the three tribes Chapter 214 One wave Chapter 213 Seal seven tails Chapter 212 Moths Chapter 211 First narrative

Chapter 210 Capture the seven-tailed mission Chapter 209 Nanao Chapter 208 White Chapter 207 Grand wedding Chapter 206 Take over the dark part Chapter 205 Borrowing Chapter 204 Control mask Chapter 203 Decision with soil Chapter 202 the truth Chapter 201 Shenwei Chapter 200 Plan to start Chapter 199 Illusion teacher

Chapter 198 Mudu Ninja Reproduction Plan Chapter 197 The bottom of the water gate Chapter 196 The commotion caused by Xiaolin Chapter 195 Xiaolin's qualitative change Chapter 194 Eight-tailed horn Chapter 193 The biggest secret of the world Chapter 192 Goodbye Ye Cang Chapter 191 Reincarnation and hail Chapter 190 Facing Shinobu Village Chapter 189 Stealing the day Chapter 188 Plan to start Chapter 187 Mountain Zhongyuan vs Yuzhi wave spot

Chapter 186 Lynn’s crisis Chapter 185 Blood red pepper and golden glitter Chapter 184 The beginning of blood fog Chapter 183 Four generations of fire shadow wave door Chapter 182 The dream of the mountain Chapter 181 End of the World War Chapter 180 Nine-tail reproduction Chapter 179 Incineration of the elders Chapter 178 support Chapter 177 Xiaolin's growth direction Chapter 176 Xiaolin vs Six-tailed Chapter 175 Ice world

Chapter 174 Back pot man six tail Chapter 173 Nine-tailed reaction Chapter 172 New life Chapter 171 Building a small ten tail Chapter 170 Niujie Xiu Luo Yuzhi wave spot Chapter 169 Fu Yue's plan Chapter 168 Flash and white teeth Chapter 167 Kakashi's writing eye Chapter 166 Never blinded kaleidoscope Chapter 165 Kaleidoscope writing wheel eye Chapter 164 God without the bridge Chapter 163 Watergate squad

Chapter 162 Fu Yue's Kaleidoscope ~ 161th Mountain Zhongyuan vs Uchiha Chapter 160 Solution Chapter 159 Support from everyone Chapter 158 Goat arm Chapter 157 transaction Chapter 156 Uchiha Chapter 155 Retreat Chapter 154 The giant statue of ice is now Chapter 153 Facing Shinobu Village Chapter 152 Three tails! Chapter 151 Re-entry Shinobu Village

Chapter 150 Eyes in the dark Chapter 149 Sneak Shinobu Village Chapter 148 Important task Chapter 147 Water stop growth Chapter 146 Battle of Campanulaceae (final) Chapter 145 Battle of Campanulaceae (7) Chapter 144 Battle of Campanulaceae (6) Chapter 143 Battle of Campanulaceae (5) Chapter 142 Battle of the Bellflower Mountain (4) Chapter 141 Battle of Campanulaceae (3) Chapter 140 Battle of the Bellflower Mountain (2) Chapter 139 Battle of Campanulaceae (1)

Chapter 138 Arriving at the battlefield Chapter 137 New war Chapter 136 Necessary growth Chapter 135 Mirror write wheel eye Chapter 134 Water-stopping talent Chapter 133 Stop the water Chapter 132 Improved hail teleportation Chapter 131 New idea Chapter 130 Dead threesome Chapter 129 Return to Muye Village Chapter 128 The magical use of the thunder god Chapter 127 Cloud forbearance

Chapter 126 The death of three generations of Lei Ying Chapter 125 One husband Chapter 124 Ice Seal Yun Ren Village Chapter 123 Nine tails Chapter 122 玖辛奈 and nine tails Chapter 121 War broke out Chapter 120 Small silver psychic contract Chapter 119 Formal meeting Chapter 118 Playing a half face Chapter 117 Dive into the country of rain Chapter 116 Yamamoto's plan Chapter 115 Cloud fortune

Chapter 114 Emergencies Chapter 113 Small silver surgery Chapter 112 Gray magpies change silver enamel Chapter 111 End Chapter 110 Future events Chapter 109 Naruto Chapter 108 Two nine tails Chapter 107 big trouble Chapter 106 Secret mission Chapter 105 Founder Chapter 104 Liwei Chapter 103 Fog

Chapter 102 Battle situation Chapter 101 Golden flash Chapter 100 Three generations of water shadows Chapter 99 Frozen thousands Chapter 98 Stealing hail Chapter 97 Burning youth Chapter 96 a family of three Chapter 95 New position Chapter 94 Wood leaf new hero Chapter 93 Rock torment Chapter 92 revenge Chapter 91 Seal four tails

Chapter 90 Four tails Chapter 89 Snake fairy mode Chapter 88 Red bean talent Chapter 87 Calculated mountain Zhongyuan Chapter 86 Electromagnetic spiral pill Chapter 85 Goodbye Snake Uncle Chapter 84 Xi Chapter 83 Haiyi’s wedding Chapter 82 Goodbye 玖辛奈 Chapter 81 Warning group Chapter 80 Back wood leaf Chapter 79 One year

Chapter 78 Suggestions for the self Chapter 77 Great victory Chapter 76 Battlefield love Chapter 75 Thunder. Kirin Chapter 74 One enemy two Chapter 73 Yamamoto's plan Chapter 72 Waiting for the rabbit Chapter 71 Sneak into action Chapter 70 situation Chapter 69 When you drink Chapter 68 Hail vs. burning Chapter 67 Intercept

Chapter 66 Burning leaf warehouse Chapter 65 Three hook jade writes round eyes Chapter 64 showdown Chapter 63 Learning ninja Chapter 62 Three generations of rewards Chapter 61 End Chapter 60 Colossus of ice Chapter 59 Sail crane Chapter 58 Fortune Chapter 57 conspiracy Chapter 56 intelligence Chapter 55 Spread of modern medicine

Chapter 54 Withdraw from sand shinobi Chapter 53 The strength of Luosha Chapter 52 The first battle of the country of the wind Chapter 51 first drop of blood Chapter 50 Expedition Chapter 49 Sand to declare war Chapter 48 High-level meeting Chapter 47 Trends of the three tribes Chapter 46 Horn of war Chapter 45 Talking to the uncle Chapter 44 Orochimaru Chapter 43 Graduation

Chapter 42 Healing Chapter 41 Kakashi's progress Chapter 40 Spring in the mountains Chapter 39 Nine tails Chapter 38 One year Chapter 37 Water stasis Chapter 36 prophecy Chapter 35 The fairy mode of the mountain Chapter 34 Perfection of hail Chapter 33 Beginning of cultivation Chapter 32 Swirl family seal Chapter 31 Immortal pattern

Chapter 30 Fukasaku Sennin Chapter 29 Natural energy Chapter 28 Three-person melee ~ I think that I can see if I feel personally. Chapter 27 Sand punished Chapter 26 Subsequent impact Chapter 25 The value of A-class ninjutsu Chapter 24 Windy. Spiral hand sword Chapter 23 The prototype of a spiral shuriken Chapter 22 Spiral circle Chapter 21 Wave feng shui Chapter 20 Goodbye Kakashi

Chapter 19 Restricting the power of the world Chapter 18 Far vs玖 Sinai Chapter 17 instructor Chapter 16 Xiashanshan Zhongyuan Chapter 15 Two years Chapter 14 Thousand birds and tortoise Chapter 13 The vision of the thunder in the mountains Chapter 12 Powerful white teeth Chapter 11 Return to life Chapter 10 White teeth Chapter 9 Medical ninja Chapter 8 Three generations of attention

Chapter 7 Class ranking Chapter 6 Ninja school Chapter 5 Bad news and life experience Chapter 4 Ice element affinity Chapter 3 Chakra and attributes Chapter 2 The genius of the mountain family Chapter 1 Crossing Naruto

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