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The head of the big tree family changed his face. He didn't understand why his soul would be damaged.

In his view, the nourishment of the soul by himself for thousands of years, let alone these blizzards, even if it is hit by some attacks, it should not be right.

Yamanaka saw his thoughts and smiled and said: "The world was originally created by my spiritual power, a space between illusion and reality.

Although this space has evolved into a complete world, the characteristics of the ice world have not changed.

Except for me and those who have been sheltered by me, any soul in this world will be eroded by endless snow.

Didn't think of it! Mr. Chief, your last card will become your own reminder. ”

After talking about the soul of the mountain, he made a snap, and the world of ice blew up a blizzard.

The snow, which contains the power and the spirit, began to erode the soul of the big cypress.

The soul of the mountain is also attacked by the blizzard.

The two souls are fighting together. There is no skill in the battle of the soul. The skill is just a mere combat.

The soul of the big platoon patriarch is much stronger than the soul of the mountain. After all, the patriarch of the big cypress has existed for thousands of years, and the quality and tenacity of the soul are not comparable to those in the mountains.

However, in the world of ice, the mountains and the mountains occupy the advantage of the home. Under the erosion of the blizzard, the soul of the big cypress patriarch gradually fell into the wind.

At this time, the big cypress patriarch was a little panicked. He knew that in this way, his soul would be completely destroyed by the snow and mountains of the world.

Therefore, the big tree patriarch began to try his best to let his soul return to his body, and the mountains will naturally not let him do.

In the world of the ice world, he can control everything in this world. After discovering that the big platoon patriarch wants to return the soul to the body, the mountain is far from controlling the ice and transporting the body of the big platoon to other parts of the ice world.

Seeing the return to the body is hopeless, the big cypress patriarch decided to fight a desperate fight, desperate to rush to the mountains.

There is no panic in the mountains, while the snow that controls the world of ice weakens the soul of the big platoon patriarch, while evading the attack of the big platoon leader.

A few hours later, the soul of the big cypress patriarch has been reduced by more than half, unable to support it.

After more than half an hour, the soul of the big cypress patriarch was frozen like an ice sculpture.

The vision in the mountains showed a smile. He made a snap, and the world of ice and ice gathered together to become a hammer. He manipulated the ice hammer and directly broke the soul of the big cypress.

At the moment when the soul of the big platoon leader broke, the reincarnation of the eye was also lifted, and the mountain returned to his body.

The return of the soul, the mountain is far away from the plate, and the battle with the big tree patriarch has spent too much mental energy. Now it is necessary to hurry and recover.

The soul of the big cypress patriarch, after being knocked into pieces, lost his consciousness and soon became a pure spiritual power.

This mental power is mostly absorbed by the ice world, making up for the part of the spirit that was previously extracted by the mountain.

A small part of it was absorbed by the mountain and helped him recover as soon as possible.

Soon the state of the mountain has been basically restored. He teleported to the body of the big platoon patriarch, and pulled the ice-sword sword from the eyebrows of the big cypress, and then lifted the frozen patriarch.

After the release of the ice, the body of the big cypress patriarch was old-fashioned at a speed visible to the naked eye. In less than a minute, he became a veteran of a ruined wood from a young man in his 20s.

Simple perception, Yamamoto said that the body of the big cypress patriarch has been safely decayed, and the power of the reincarnation has begun to dissipate and be absorbed by the world of ice. The only thing that has power is the reincarnation of the eyebrows.

In the middle of the mountain, I thought about it and took out the nine-tailed jade of the big-cylinder family's long-browed eye. The reincarnation of the eye was taken down, and the body of the big-tube patriarch was instantly turned into a residue.

The mountains sighed and buried the ice with a simple grave to bury the debris and leave the world of ice.

At this time, the battle of the Feng Shui Gate was over, and the two elders of the big tree family were killed and injured.

After the mountain came out of the ice world, everyone immediately surrounded it.

"Teacher, did you win?" asked the water carefully.

The mountain nodded far away: "He was left in the world of ice forever, and the biggest threat of forbearance has disappeared."

Everyone heard a smile, and Naruto jumped up with excitement.

"Far, how do you plan to deal with the big-bar family?" asked the Feng Shuimen.

"All killed, how?" Sasuke suggested.

"I don't agree!" Huayang heard immediately said: "In addition to the big-bar family, there are so many ordinary people in the world, they are innocent.

After killing the people of the big wooden family, those ordinary people will be killed by other people in the world because they have not resisted the power of foreign enemies. ”

"What does this ordinary life in the world have to do with us?"

"It doesn't matter, we don't kill them, they die because of us, so it's too cruel."

"Okay, okay, don't make a noise." The mountain sighed and sighed to stop the quarrel between the two.

"I think Huayang is right. It is really inappropriate for people who have killed the big-bar family. After all, there are so many people who are sheltered by ordinary people. But the ancestors of the big-wood family have always been jealous of the world, I also I don't want to let them go.

So I decided to foster a person who would not be threatening us and become a new big-bar family leader. ”

"Is not going to threaten the world of tolerance? Far away, are you talking about him?" The wave of the water gate pointed to the big-tube-wood style.

In the middle of the mountain, I nodded. "The big-tube-wood willow has been modified by the gods. It has already been our shackles. In the future, I will replace him with the reincarnation of the big platoon patriarch. With this kind of eyes, the strength of the big-tube-wood willow style. It should be enough to lead the big block family.

As for the two remaining elders, kill them! There are no more accidents in the province. ”

Everyone heard the words and looked at each other. After a brief discussion, they all agreed with Shan Zhongyuan.

After reaching a consensus, Shan Zhongyuan put a reincarnation on the big-tube-wood willow, and the wave-water gate was a teleport that killed a large block of water that had left a breath. Then everyone returned to the Ninja School and killed the big tube. Wood style.

Shan Zhongyuan also solved the big-tube-peach and big-tube-pu-pu styles. These two people are not good things, and they solve the problem of leaving the province together.

After everything was done, Shan Zhongyuan gave orders to the big-tube-wood willows, letting him with the big-tube family and the world disappeared into the stars.

Then everyone returned to the transfer center to use the transmission channel to return to the end of the world.

What they didn't expect was that the transmission channel was actually closed by Hui Ye Ji.

"Brother, what is the situation? This woman will not regret it?" The ringtone asked a little worried.

In the middle of the mountain, I shook my head: "I don't know the specific situation, but we will go back and see it as soon as possible."

"The passage is closed, how do we get back?" Naruto asked.

"Using the big-tube-wood willow method, first go to the moon! Then use the passage on the moon to return to the world of tolerance." Shan Zhongyuan thought about it.

The wave of water gate nodded: "It can only be like this. Ready to start!"

After some preparation, the people returned to the moon together under the cooperation of the mountains and the wind and the water gate.

Did not stay on the moon, everyone directly moved back to the world of tolerance.

After returning to the endurance world, Yamanakayama sensed the situation and found that there was no turmoil before the endurance.

In the middle of the mountain, he said with a sigh of relief: "It seems that Hui Ye Ji only closed the passage because she was afraid of the big tree, and she did not violate the agreement.

OK, let me give you the next thing! Watergate brother, take them back to the village! ”

"Okay, then please." After the wave of water and doors, the people moved back to the leaves.

In the middle of the mountain, it is a direct teleport to the space of Hui Ye Ji.

In this space, in addition to Hui Ye Ji, the feather brothers are there, so when the mountains moved far away, I saw the feather brothers and Hui Ye Ji like the average mother and son, sitting together.

The faces of the three men all had smiles on their faces. It seemed like the contradiction before, and the conflicts no longer existed.

There are some surprises in the mountains. I don’t know what happened to make Huiyin Ji such a big change.

The large tube feather coat on the side saw the doubts in the middle of the mountain. He smiled and said: "The mother has a certain connection with the patriarch of the big tree family. When the big clan leader died, the mother immediately felt it.

The mother’s fear of the big tree patriarch was the biggest reason for her to make so many mistakes. Now the patriarch of the big-bar family has died, and the mother’s knot has been solved. ”

"It turned out to be the case. It happened. I originally intended to use my mouth! It seems that it can be saved now.

Then Hui Ye Ji, is the agreement between us..."

Hui Ye Ji nodded and took the initiative to strip the ten tails of her body. The mountain vision saw a sigh of relief: "Hui Ye Ji, physical things, trouble you wait a moment, may need..."

"No, I don't need my body. I just said it to the feathers. I will watch the changes in the world with them in another world." After the death of Hui Jiji, the soul left the Uchiha spot. The body then disappeared with the feather brothers.

The Uchiha wave spot that was taken back to the body was dull and looked at the mountains. The mountain sighed and sent the last leg of Uchiha.

At this point, all the hidden dangers and problems have been solved, and Yamanaka thinks that the whole person has been relaxed for a moment.

After taking a deep breath, he instantly moved back to the mountains, where he loves people, and those who love him are waiting for him to go back.

The mountain family, the mountain Jingzi, and the leaf warehouse together prepared a big table to eat. The ringing sound that just returned home was eating fast. At this time, the mountain suddenly appeared in the room and looked at his family with a bright smile: Mother, Ye Cang, I am back!"

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