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In the middle of the mountain, he heard a glimpse of it. He did not expect that he and the name of the Feng Shui Gate were so simple that they were seen.

"Don't you admit it? The way you change your appearance is really amazing. It's not only looks, body, but even Chakra can imitate it. It's a pity that you can't change your blood."

Hearing this mountain Zhongyuan knows that there is no point in disguising it, so he directly transformed his body: "It is not the patriarch of the big tree family."

"Hey! Who are you in the end? Where did Ray go?"

"If you want to know our identity, come out!" After the end of the mountain, the wind and water gates were teleported outside Shihmen, leaving the world of the big tree patriarch.

As soon as they came out, they were discovered by two elders of the big tree family who were not far away.

"The elders of the water, should have been the elders of Lei and his heirs now? Why did the elders of Elder Lai change when they came out, and it seems to have escaped from the patriarchs with space power." .

"Really, it seems that there is a problem, let's look at it." After finishing the big-tube water station, he got up and rushed to the center of the mountain and the wind and water gate.

On the other side, the patriarch of the big-bar family also came out of the space, and the three-person finished glyphs surrounded the Feng Shui Gate and the mountains.

"The patriarch, how is this going?" asked the big-tube water.

"These two people are not the people of our big-bar family. The person is now a disguise. He is not an elder."

The big-tube rock style heard a big change: "What? Are they foreigners? Is anyone dare to invade our big-bar family?"

"Don't talk nonsense, grab them with me first!"

Yamanaka smiled and said: "Catch us? I am afraid that you are not enough!"

"Hey!" The patriarch of the big-barrel family snorted and extended a hand from the dense fog. A powerful gravitational force erupted in an instant, and the mountain was far removed from the original place.

"Gravitation? Not enough!" Saying that the mountain is far from the power of the reincarnation and Xiaolin, it instantly freezes the space. The space was frozen, and the gravitational force also lost its effect. The arms of the patriarchs of the big cypresses also frozen.

The patriarch of the big-barrel family shattered the ice on his arm with a fist, then sucked up a small piece of ice with gravity and felt the power inside the ice.

"Sure enough, this special power, like the two people of that year, it seems that you are also the people of the world of the night?"

In the middle of the mountain, nodded: "Yes, we are the people who endure the world."

"I didn't expect that after a thousand years, the world can still produce a strong person like you. With that special power and reincarnation, your strength is stronger than those two brothers."

So what is your purpose? Is it just like them to eliminate potential threats for your world? The patriarch of the big tree family asked.

In the middle of the mountain, the mouth is far away: "Don't say that we are aggressors. You have never closed the channel in the matter. That is to say, you have been licking our world. We are only starting to be strong."

“Be the first to be strong? This sentence is very interesting and very reasonable. But do you think that you can do it with both of you?”

"The two of us may not be enough, but who told you that we only have two people!" After the completion of the mountain to open the world of ice, all the people except the big wooden willows were released.

"Now, it should be enough! We have seven people here!"

The patriarch of the big-barrel family was silent. He did not expect that the mountain also had his own world, and there were so many powerful people hidden in the world.

He can feel that the one-on-one who came out later is definitely not the opponent of the two elders, but the two-to-one elders will definitely not win.

"Watergate brother, these two elders will be handed over to you, and the patriarch will be solved by me!"

The wave of water and water nodded, with Naruto, they surrounded the two elders, and the patriarch of the big tree family wanted to help, but was stopped by an ice wall.

"All said, your opponent is me!"

"Looking for death!" The patriarch of the big-bar family controlled the dense fog to wrap the mountains in the middle, and then a sudden spark appeared in the dense fog, which sparked the dense fog.

The brow in the middle of the mountain is wrinkled. According to his perception, this is an ordinary fog. There is no flammable component in it. I don’t know why, it actually burns directly.

But now is not the time to distract, because the patriarchs of the big tree family have already rushed to the side of the wave of water.

In the middle of the mountain, he hit a ring and frozen the flame, and then Ray jumped to the patriarch of the big-bar family.

The patriarch of the big-bar family only felt a chill, and then he lost consciousness. When he woke up, he found himself in a snow and ice.

"Oh, it’s not the patriarch of the big-bar family. My ice doesn’t work for you for 1 second."

The patriarch of the big-barrel family did not say anything. He closed his eyes and thought about the feeling just now. Then he determined that he had really had no feelings in the last second. The five senses, consciousness, and space were not noticed.

‘Is it possible to say that his attack was frozen? Still, he freezes all my senses and creates an illusion that time is frozen. ’

Just as the patriarch of the big-barrel family thought about it, the mountains and the distant machine controlled the world of ice to blow up the wind, and injected his courage in the wind, blowing away the dense fog of the big clan chief.

The true face of the big clan chief is finally exposed in the eyes of the mountains.

The patriarch of the big-bar family looks very young, about 20 years old, looks very handsome, at least far more handsome than the mountains, and the eyebrows have the same eye as the Huiji Jiji. The eyes are blue, some are like reincarnation. But it is a bit different.

There are nine red spheres rotating behind him. At first glance, it gives people a feeling of being out of reach, just like watching a god.

The patriarch of the big-barrel family noticed that the thick fog on his body was blown up and the brow wrinkled. A red sphere behind him floated in front of him, and then exploded in an instant, and the dense fog once again enveloped him.

In the middle of the mountain, the vision of the vision was bright. From the action of the head of the large-scale tree, the mountain Zhongyuan judged that the dense fog around his body was the red sphere.

This red sphere is somewhat similar to Qiuyu in the sense of the mountain, but it is different.

In the red sphere, the five Chakra properties are particularly strong, and the yin and yang scent is rather weak, which means that the attack power may not be as strong as the jade, but there should be some special purposes.

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