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"This guy gave it to me, don't shoot." Sasuke pulled out the sickle and walked over to the big wooden thunder.

"No, I haven't been active in the big-tube family for so long. You want to be alone? It's too embarrassing!" The ringtone immediately objected and relied on it.

"The ringtone is right, I have to play together." Huanyang, who has always been quiet, also got up.

"Okay, OK, since the opinions are not uniform, let's go together!" The water stop sound just fell, Naruto's body burned a golden chakra, and the blink of an eye appeared in front of the big wooden thunder. He kicked him out with one foot.

Naruto's attack is like a signal, and the rest of the crowd is close behind, and the big-barreled Lei Lei has been besieged by six masters before he has figured out the situation.

At first, for these "unexplained" people, the big-tube-lei was not in the eyes, but after some fights, the big-tube-lei thunder found that these six people can threaten their own strength.

The big-tube-lei is not stupid, and it will not be stupidly besieged by so many people. His reincarnation ability is space, and the gap between the people attacking, the big-tube-lei-style escapes with space and cracks.

What he could not think of was the fact that his transfer did not leave the world of ice, and he stayed inside the world of ice.

I found that after the transfer, I was still in this strange space. The face of the big-tube-lei was very ugly: "Damn, what is the space? What are these people coming from?"

After Naruto found out that the large-barrel mine disappeared, he quickly asked Xiaolin for help.

The world of ice is a world far away from the mountains and a world of Xiaolin. The natural energy that originally constituted this world was provided by Xiaolin, and she also has control over the world.

With the help of Xiaolin, the people quickly determined the location of the large-barrel mine, and then swarmed.

Big barrel wood mine is really strong, but unfortunately it is difficult to fight with four hands, not to mention that there are twelve hands here. Under the siege of six people, the big barrel wood mine is quickly exhausted, and the side stops. The water tanker had a chance to cut off the throat of the big-barrel mine.

The battle of the ice world, the mountain and the wind and the water gate, do not know, they are facing the "script" at this time, to prevent the occurrence of leaks.

"Watergate brother, basically this is the case, I will see you when I hand in the afternoon with another elder."

The wave of water and water gate nodded: "Do not worry! I am still very confident in the time space ninjutsu, there will be no problem."

Then the two returned to the classroom together, as if nothing had happened.

The time soon arrived in the afternoon, and the elders who were responsible for the handover had come.

The wave-type water gate that became a large-scale wooden mine-style came to the big-tube-style wind-style side with the mountain.

The big wooden wind style glanced at the mountains and asked some strange questions: "Thunder elders, you are this..."

Wave Feng Shui smiled and said: "This kid has a talent in space, but also has a reincarnation, more talented than Pu, I decided to let him be my heir."

"Yes? That's a congratulation to Ray, and I have been looking for it for so long. I remember that he had no talent in space before. Is it suddenly awakened?"

"I don't know about this, but it is normal for this kind of talent to change with age. Well, the wind grows old. I will bring this child to let the patriarch look at it. If the patriarch is satisfied, he is my heir. It is."

The big wooden wind nodded: "The patriarch generally does not have any opinions on the heirs. Well, go ahead! I should also go to the little ones inside."

"Okay, then I will go first!" After the completion of the wave of Feng Shui and the mountains and the distant figure disappeared.

According to the memory of the large-tube-wood mine, the patriarchs and elders of the big-wood family usually practice in the depths of the ethnic group to enhance their own strength.

To go to the depths of the ethnic group, the four elders need to turn their eyes to open the enchantment. For this reason, the mountain also deliberately returned to the world of ice to take down the reincarnation of the big barrel wood.

With this reincarnation, the two men went unimpeded along the way and successfully reached the depths of the big tree family.

As soon as he entered the depths of the tribe, a capable middle-aged woman greeted him: "Here, hello!"

According to the memory of the large-tube-wood mine, this woman is the confidant of the big-wood family patriarch, with general strength, but the mind is particularly flexible, and won the trust of the great patriarch.

"What about the patriarch? I found the right heir and wanted to see the patriarch."

"Is this boy your heir? It's amazing. You are so lucky, you can be seen by the elders of Lei." The middle-aged woman turned around and smiled.

"I... I also feel... I feel very honored."

The middle-aged woman smiled and said nothing. She led the wave of water and the mountains and went to a stone gate.

Then the middle-aged woman stopped and said to the wave of Feng Shui: "Thunder elders, wait a moment, I will report to the patriarch." After she finished her hands, she opened the enchantment on the stone door and entered it.

A few minutes later, the middle-aged woman came out from the inside: "Thunder elders, patriarchs invite you to go in." After the middle-aged woman turned sideways, let the road open.

The wind and water gates and the mountains looked at each other and then crossed the stone gates. Before entering the stone gate, the mountains left a deep eye, leaving a tiny undetectable ice outside the stone gate.

As soon as I entered this space, I found out in the middle of the mountain that it is an independent world like the world of ice, and the world of ice is more complete than He and Hui Ye.

In the middle of the mountain, the brow wrinkles and establishes a spiritual link with the Feng Shui Gate: ‘Shuimen Ge, be careful, this place is the world of the big clan patriarch, and may encounter problems in the depth. ’

‘His own world? I know, I will be careful. ’

After talking about the two people continue to walk inside, and the mountains are far away to feel the ice that has just been left outside, as long as you can feel the ice, even if there is any problem, he can also escape from this with the wind and water gate. world.

After another tens of meters, the wind and water gates and the mountains were far away to see a figure in the distance.

This figure is surrounded by thick fog, can not see the long image, can not see the gender, but the fuzzy can be sure that there is a person in front of you.

The wind and water gate hesitated and then said hello according to the etiquette of the big-tube wooden-style memory and the patriarch of the big-barrel family. The vision in the mountains was similar.

There was a burst of red light in the thick fog, and then the figure in the thick fog suddenly stood up and said directly: "You are not a mine, nor a person of my big wood, who are you!"

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