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In the Magic City People's Hospital, a doctor is busy in front of the operating table. His name is Guo Yuan, the doctor of the hospital. A 27-year-old master's degree has a solid medical foundation. He has been in the hospital for 5 years before his 32-year-old birthday, and it is a good mix.

When Guo Yuan was 6 years old, his parents divorced their respective families. He had been living with his grandfather. When he was 18 years old, his grandfather died of a heart attack. Guo Yuan decided to become a doctor to save the wounded. For this goal Guo Yuan has been working hard, the only fun is to look at the animation in his spare time. Guo Yuan’s favorite anime is Naruto.

It’s hard to steal a half-day leisure. Guo Yuangang finished an operation and was ready to watch the "Naruto" and received a call from the director. He said that a group of rich families had a car and several cars collided. The director asked him to hurry to the operating room to rescue him.

At the official level, the people were crushed, and the doctors were willing to die. They couldn’t help but die. So Guo Yuan quickly rushed to the operating room and worked for 7 hours until the next morning at 5 am.

"Hey! So tired! I really don't want to do it!" After quietly complaining a few words, Guo Yuan returned to his office and fell down on the table and fell asleep. In the meantime, Guo Yuan feels that everything around him has changed. Guo Yuan’s eyes showed a huge ball of light, and a row of fonts appeared on the ball:

Crossing: Guo Yuan.

Through the world: "Naruto"

Risk factor: ★★★★☆

If the risk factor reaches Samsung or above, the rider has a chance to draw a lottery. Please use it.

Guo Yuan looked at everything in front of him, and he had no sleep, and his brain was blank. "Is this a dream?" Guo Yuan slammed his thigh, and the sting on his thigh told him that everything was true.

"If the risk factor reaches Samsung or above, there is a chance to draw a lottery. Please use the sound of the ball to interrupt Guo Yuan's thoughts.

"What is that you? Is it a system? Why do I cross it? What can I draw from the lottery?" Guo Yuan asked in front of the light ball in front of him.

"I am the "Banjie Portal" is the gateway to connect 129000 parallel worlds. It is not the system you said, because your brainwave frequency has resonated with me, and you are not satisfied with your life. In line with the conditions of the crossing! The sweepstakes are all-inclusive, everything in the world of 129000 parallels is possible, so please start the draw!"

After listening to the explanation of the light ball, Guo Yuan can't smile. Is this a big prize? Fortunately, he is alone, the father does not hurt the mother does not love, the girlfriend does not know which mother-in-law is in the belly. I think that Guo Yuan thinks that going to the world of fire and shadow is also good. "How should I draw a lottery?"

The light ball flashed into a large turntable, and each of the three areas on the turntable accounted for one-third, namely: technology, element, life skills. "Please turn the turntable!" Guo Yuan gently dials the turntable as instructed. The turntable eventually stops in the area of ​​the element class.

Then there was a golden light. The turntable was divided into dozens of areas. Guo Yuan took a closer look. The original element is the affinity of various natural elements, or the magical item that allows people to directly control this element. Guo Yuan vigorously turned the turntable, then closed his eyes and waited for the stop of the turntable. After about 2 minutes, the turntable stopped. “The passer-by gets the ice element affinity. After the draw is over, the crossing begins.”

The voice of the light ball just fell, Guo Yuan's eyes were black, and then lost consciousness.

I don't know how long it took, Guo Yuan's consciousness slowly recovered, slowly opened his eyes, the surrounding area was dark, and there was a light in the distance. Guo Yuan instinctively moved closer to the light. After a struggle, Guo Yuan was born.

With the cooperation of Guo Yuan, the woman soon gave birth to him. The woman's gaze gazed at Guo Yuan. This kind of caring eyes warmed Guo Yuan's lonely heart. It turned out to be maternal love.

Not to mention the interaction between the mother and the child, Guo Yuanyi was born without crying but frightened the nurse who delivered the baby. This child is very healthy and why not cry? Is it dumb? The doctor next to the nurse nodded, the nurse slammed into Guo Yuan's ass, Guo Yuan was ready to swear, but the sound of his mouth was really loud, and the surrounding medical staff was loose. Tolerance, the woman heard the cries of her child's cries and smiled a little, and fell asleep with satisfaction. .

The Naruto World does not know whether Chakra is the reason that the newborn child is much stronger than the Earth. Only two days after birth, Guo Yuan’s mother took him home.

The language of the Naruto world is basically Japanese in the past. Guo Yuan is very fortunate that he has learned Japanese in the past. Without language barriers, Guo Yuan can understand the world of Naruto more easily. A few days later, Guo Yuan learned that his mother was a mountain son, and he was the cousin of the patriarch of the mountain. The man who often held him was the patriarch of the mountain family, that is, his cockroach, called the Mid-Autumn Festival. At this time, Shanzhonghai is still a small child. And his name was also confirmed by him, called Shan Zhongyuan. (It’s called Yamamoto in the future.)

Unexpectedly, Yamanaka was born a month ago. In a month, through the conversations of people around the mountain, I know that it is now thirty-three years of Muye, and that the three generations of Huo Yingfei are flying upright and growing up. Under the leadership of the three generations of Huo Ying, the second time to endure the war, the wood leaves to an enemy four, did not fall into the wind.

At this time, there are self-supplied wood leaves outside, wood hand, big snake pill three three generations of fire shadow disciples, but also wood leaves white teeth flag Mu Mao, Uchiha mirror, pig deer butterfly headed family ninja, there are three generations of Naruto, the sun A family of stable wood leaves. So unlike other villages, the interior of the leaves is still peaceful and peaceful.

His Mid-Autumn Festival in the Lushan Mountain is the 14th-generation pig deer butterfly. Since the establishment of the wood leaf, the pig deer butterfly has been a staunch supporter of the Huo Ying series. Since the Warring States period, the three tribes have been cooperating with each other to advance and retreat. In order to maintain the special blasphemy of the three tribes, the ancestors of the three tribes jointly set the rules, and the tribes witnessed the squad of the squad, the previous generation of stag deer butterflies handed the earrings to the next generation of the tribe. The next generation of pig deer butterfly swears to the earrings, and they are like brothers. This is the rule passed down from generation to generation.

The mode of action of the three groups of pig deer butterfly greatly improved the combat effectiveness and survival rate. After the graduation of the second generation of Naruto established Ninja School, a three-person group was required. A large part of the reason was to draw on the pig deer butterfly.

In this way, the three tribes who are each other are not the Uchiha or the opponents of the sun, but the three tribes are advancing and retreating. No family of Konoha dare to despise, and the pig deer butterfly family has special secret techniques, which cooperate with each other. Fighting power should not be underestimated.

Because of the birth of Shan Zhongyuan, the task of the Mid-Autumn Festival to put down the front line specifically returned to the home, showing how much he likes this nephew. However, what makes the mountain far away is that when the Mid-Autumn Festival pays attention to him at the full moon, it only celebrates inside the pig deer butterfly family. Although the village knows the existence of the mountain, but no one has come to congratulate it, and since the birth began in the mountains. I have never seen his father. Thinking of these mountains and the distance to understand, his life should not be simple, the people in the mountains should do this to cover up.

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