"I didn't expect you to be an Animagus..." Rolf said in surprise.

"It's not a big deal, aren't you the same?" Ivan waved his wings and landed on the leopard's head, and replied.

How can it be the same? Rolf rolled his eyes. He had suffered a lot in order to become Animagus... and Ivan’s transformation was a flying creature, and his concealment and detection ability were better than his transformed leopard. Many, the only drawback is that the combat effectiveness is a bit low.

But while feeling sigh, Rolf did not forget the business. Since Ivan is an Animagus, it becomes much easier to hide his figure, so there is no need to worry about bad things because of exposure.

"By the way, Hals, when Thunderbird appears, remember to listen to my orders. Don’t act privately. If you are unlucky and run into those poachers, don’t force it. I will judge the other person. The number and combat power decide whether to abandon this operation." Rolf reminded very solemnly.

Ivan gave him a weird look, but finally nodded. "Well, you are a professional, then do as you say..."

After reaching a consensus, an eagle and a leopard rushed into the dense forest together.

After the delay, the half-sized goat had already run away. Even if Ivan had the advantage of high-altitude vision, he couldn't find the other side's footprint in this complicated jungle.

Fortunately, Rolf, who has experienced many battles, is like a real leopard, leaning on his body while sniffing the breath of the prey while advancing fast, successfully positioning himself in just a few minutes. Got the goat’s position.

Rolf did not continue forward, but deliberately kept a short distance, using the low roar to drive the opponent to the top of the mountain, so that Thunderbird could find the trail of the goat more easily.

Ivan followed slowly, not daring to fly too high, so as not to become the first target of Thunderbird's attack.

This chase and escape continued for more than half an hour. Rolf undoubtedly calculated the goat's physical strength very accurately. When he reached the top of the mountain, the other party was already tired and paralyzed in a clearing.

"What shall we do next?" Ivan slid down in midair, looking at the poor and helpless goat, who could only bleat and barked, and asked.

"Wait!" Rolf Barra said with his paws, covering his body in the dense bushes, lowering his voice. "We need to be patient with Thunderbird. As long as we can calm down, this plan will be half successful."

"Half? What is the other half?" Ivan was very curious.

"Luck! We'd better pray that the thunderbird could not successfully capture the prey during this period, otherwise it might choose to stay in the lair, so we will be busy today." Rolf explained, his face turned. Very calm.

In these years of research and exploration of magical animals, there are many examples of making sufficient preparations in advance, but ultimately failing and returning without success, so he has been watching it very openly.

Ivan nodded, knowing the same truth, and landed directly on the low branch next to him.

Taking advantage of the free time to rest, Rolf was rarely interested, and shared his thrilling adventures with Ivan in a low voice over the years, and by the way popularized all kinds of knowledge about survival in the wild.

The waiting time was longer than Ivan expected. They hid from morning until midnight without seeing the shadow of Thunderbird.

The half-sized goat regained its vitality, and was leaping about on the grass leisurely, lowering its head from time to time to gnaw a few bites of grass, looking very leisurely.

Ivan turned his head and looked at Rolf, and saw that he was lying in the bushes, squinting in a false sleep, very composure.

Upon seeing this, Ivan turned his body upside down, hung upside down on the branch, and began to close his eyes to cultivate...


In the early hours of the morning, the bewildered Ivan was awakened by a harsh thunder. Just when he opened his eyes, he saw several lightning flashes in the dense dark clouds, and the golden light spots could still be vaguely seen in the clouds.


Ivan suddenly shook his head, and came out of the confusion, and immediately cast his gaze to the grass in front of him. The half-sized goat was obviously aware of the danger, and wailed in horror, and rushed into the woods like crazy.

Ivan subconsciously flew out to chase, but Rolf's voice rang from the previous step.

"Don't move, the sheep can't run, it's not the time to shoot!"

Rolf woke up long before the Thunderbirds arrived, and was staring at the goats and the movements of the Thunderbirds just like Ivan, but he didn't take any action, because he was very aware of the Thunderbird's hunting habits.

Sure enough, shortly after he spoke, a lightning flashed out of the clouds and struck the goat’s path. The dazed lamb was so frightened that he staggered and fell directly to the ground, and then just lay down. The ground was trembling and the body was motionless.

Ivan held his breath and turned his gaze to the sky. Now that the prey has lost his fighting spirit, the hunter should also be on the stage!

A golden bird flew out of the dark clouds. It was like a beam of light. It swooped down from the clouds with a few swoops. With its sharp front paws, it tightened the half-large goat with one swoop. Caught.

Ivan finally got a glimpse of this Thunderbird. It looked the size of a Muggle car, covered with pure golden feathers. The most peculiar thing was that it had three pairs of wings, the largest one. Extending more than five meters, azure lightning can still be seen on the tail feathers.

After the successful hunting, Thunderbird seemed to have no intention of enjoying food on the spot, and once again fluttered its wings and flew away.

"Chasing! But remember not to get too close, UU reading www.uukanshu.com, our goal is to find its lair, don't act without authorization!" Rolf said loudly, and ran out of the bushes the next moment Get out.

The leopard's speed is already extremely fast, coupled with the magical blessing, enough to allow Rolf to keep up with Thunderbird's movements.

Ivan's actions were not slow, and he followed Rolf closely.

After flying for about ten minutes, a towering cliff in the distance appeared in front of the two of them. Thunderbird did not continue forward, but kept hovering over the cliff.

A cheerful smile suddenly appeared on Rolf's face. It seems that Thunderbird's lair is here!

However, before he was happy for long, Rolf noticed that something was wrong, because Thunderbird had not returned to his lair for a long time and looked very anxious.

Just when both of them felt a little strange, several brilliant spell beams suddenly lased from the cliff, and the target was the thunderbird in the sky...

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