With a thought, Ivan suddenly remembered the two wizards who had been arrested just now, and couldn't help but ask. "Who do you think will be attacking Thunderbird?"

"I don't know, maybe it is a group of morally corrupted poachers. After all, an adult thunderbird's corpse can sell for thousands of gallons on the black market. It is hard to keep others unmoved!" Rolf sighed quietly, similar things He had seen his father travel the world many times, so that some rare and magical creatures were almost wiped out by these bastards.

However, Ivan did not agree with Rolf's point of view. First, the Thunderbirds were transported to France, and then Grindelwald's minions were haunted nearby. It was hard for him to believe that this would be a coincidence.

But if it has something to do with Grindelwald, it doesn't make sense, what can the other party do with Thunderbird?

You won’t be like yourself, collecting Thunderbird’s blood and fusion bloodline, right?

This idea just emerged from my heart and was eliminated by Ivan. With Grindelwald's magic level, I don’t have to wait until now if I want to rely on the fusion of blood to improve his strength. The other party is not able to rely on the system to solve multiple bloodlines like myself. Conflict issues.

"In short, this mission may be very dangerous. In addition to Thunderbirds, we might also meet with those poachers. So while resting this half day, you'd better think about it carefully. The real battle is not a joke!" Rolf exhorted very solemnly.

Although he has seen reports in the European Times that Ivan defeated three Aurors, he thinks it should be mostly showcasing now.

After all, Ivan Hals looks too young in front of him. Even if the magic level is really high, his experience in combat must be seriously inadequate.

In a formal battle, it is not whoever releases the powerful spell that can win, and the opponent will not be so stupid as to wait for you to prepare for a duel.

"No, Mr. Scamander, I have the ability to protect myself, and I am ready to fight." Ivan said in a flat tone, but there was a sense of irresistibility in the words.

"Well, since you insist on thinking that way..." Rolf nodded and didn't advise him anymore, just thinking in his heart that he would look at Ivan more when the time comes to avoid any danger to the other party.

After initially agreeing on a plan for catching Thunderbirds, Ivan and Rolf went to the hotel owner to book two rooms and begin preliminary preparations.

Rolf is responsible for making the special spices that attract thunderbirds, and Ivan has taken over the task of making potions.

This time they have to spend at least half a day in the wild. If they don't want to be bitten, it is best to need some potions to expel mosquitoes and conceal their bodies.

Considering that there may be some unexpected situations in the mission, Ivan also prepared an improved blood fusion potion in advance, and then only needs to collect some thunderbird blood to perform the blood fusion ritual.

The next morning, Ivan took the potion that had been brewed and opened the door and walked out of the hotel, while Rolf had already been waiting at the door with a half-sized goat.

Probably because of the confusion curse, the goat appeared very well-behaved, without a leash, just following Rolf at the same pace.

"The potion you want!" Ivan took out two bottles of reagents backhand and threw them over.

Rolf stretched out his hand to take it, and then he unplugged the bottle of the reagent and smelled it, confirming the efficacy of the drug before putting it away.

The guinea pig-sized sniffer came out of Rolf’s chest pocket with a yawn, as if he sensed the breath of treasure, looked around in a daze, and screamed when he saw Ivan. , And then hissed back into the bag, leaving only his tail and half of his **** outside.

Ivan touched his nose, is he so scary?

Rolf was dumbfounded and stuffed his sniffing tail into his pocket, then he pulled Ivan and drove a rented Muggle car towards the towering mountain forest to the west of the town.

"I didn't expect you to drive a car?" Ivan said unexpectedly.

"Sometimes using Muggle transportation can save a lot of unnecessary trouble..." Rolf shrugged and explained.

Although the wizard’s apparition is easy to use, if you want to ensure that the destination is accurate, you can usually only send it to the place you have visited before, so sometimes these convenient means of transportation can be of great use.

Just chatting all the way, Rolf drove down the mountain road all the way into the mountainside, found a fairly flat clearing and stopped.

"I imposed a Muggle expulsion curse at the foot of the mountain. During this time, no irrelevant people will bother us..." Rolf opened the door and got out of the car, explaining, pulling the goat from the trunk. Out, and took out the prepared special spices and smeared them on the goat’s fur.

Ivan tried to smell it, but didn't smell anything, probably only Thunderbird could recognize it.

"Do you want to help?" Ivan asked, pulling up his sleeves.

"Of course, two people can save a lot of time!" Rolf did not refuse Ivan's help, and asked him to help hold the goat so that this thing would not move.

It took about five minutes for Rolf to get everything done, and finally he waved his wand to lift the confusion spell he had imposed.

The poor goat just woke up and saw the two wizards staring at him fiercely. They ran away in fright, rushed into the dense forest, and quickly disappeared in front of them.

"The next thing we have to do is to follow it, not too close and not to lose it, and wait patiently until the Thunderbird appears!" Rolf took out the previous two bottles of potions and poured them into his mouth~www .mtlnovel.com~ Then the figure was distorted and deformed.

Yellow fluff quickly emerged from the top and bottom of the body, and the nails of both hands became slender and sharp. After a while, a sturdy leopard appeared on the mountainside.

The sniff that had been in his pocket also fell out, but the little guy quickly crawled along the fur to the top of the leopard's head, stubbornly tugging a few hairs.

"By the way, how is your sneaking ability, Hals?" Rolf adjusted to his deformed body, then turned his head and asked.

However, looking behind him, Rolf unexpectedly found that Ivan's figure had disappeared without a trace. Just as he was surprised, a voice came from mid-air.

"I think it's pretty good!"

Rolf looked up suddenly, and an owl slowly flew down from the sky and hovered in front of him.

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