With emotion, Ivan didn't get too busy to tell the truth to these Muggles.

Sometimes knowing too much can only increase worries...

After a riot, the next meeting was much smoother than Ivan had imagined. Just after one point, the people he was waiting for appeared at the entrance of the hotel on time.

Rolf entered the door and looked around. After seeing the napkin Ivan had placed on the corner of the table, he walked over here.

"Hello, Mr. Scamander... I'm Ivan Hals." Ivan stood up and stretched out his right hand, actively greeted him, while looking curiously at the 19-year-old wizard. , No matter the dress or the temperament of the other party, he was different from any wizard he had ever seen before.

Probably because of the fact that he has been in the mountains and the wilderness all the year round, Rolf's physique looks very strong, his brown hair is unkept and messy, his skin is dark brown, and his trousers and clothes are still covered. Contaminated with a little clay, the scavengers who don’t know where they are...

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Hals..." Rolf stretched out his hand and shook Ivan's hand, and sat down comfortably on the opposite position. "I have seen your deeds in the European Times. It says that you are the most talented wizard in England, and you have defeated several Aurors in the exam..."

"That's ridiculous, I can't say that the most talented is the most talented. At best, I just spend the time of other students playing around on learning." Ivan said very low-key.

Rolf had an inexplicable desire to complain, but in the end he held it back, cleared his throat and asked. "Also let me ask, why did you suddenly think of coming over to be my assistant?"

Rolf is very puzzled about this. A talented wizard like Ivan should apply for the Auror after graduation or find a clerical job in the Ministry of Magic for promotion. How could he go to France in a whimsical way? Come to be his apprentice.

Most importantly, he didn't apply for support from England or the International Wizards' Federation at all, but Pierce suddenly forced someone over, who was a minor wizard who had just graduated, which made Rolf somewhat dissatisfied.

The target Thunderbird this time is a particularly sensitive and magical creature. You must be very cautious in tracking and catching the opponent. Bringing a layman may actually do bad things.

Ivan naturally recognized Rolf's concerns and immediately explained. "Mr. Scamander, I have always been interested in all kinds of magical creatures, and I have learned a lot of related knowledge. This time I heard that a thunderbird appeared in France, so I took the initiative to apply to join the capture operation. Please forgive me if I can ask for your consent in advance..."

As he was talking, Ivan suddenly paused, and his left hand jerked into the sleeve on the right, grabbing something with a duckbill like a black guinea pig from it.

After this round and round magical creature was caught by Ivan, he was not afraid of life at all. Instead, he blinked his **** eyes and looked at him very innocently.

"Is this the test you plan to give me? Mr. Scamander?" Ivan asked jokingly, grabbing the "Black Guinea Pig" by the tail.

Rolf looked at the sniff in Ivan's hand, his complexion suddenly became very embarrassed, he took sniff over in annoyed manner, flicked the other's head with his index finger in annoyance, and then looked at Ivan quite a bit. Said with a guilty conscience.

"Ah... yes, I want to test your vigilance and see if you are suitable for this industry, Hals..."

"So it seems that I should have passed." Ivan did not reveal Rolf's meaning, but instead pointed to the "large black guinea pig with a duckbill" through this, and said.

"Sniffing, the scientific name is mud and thunder, it is a kind of magical creature that can dig the ground and like to collect treasures. The magical part is of level 3X. It usually inhabits the territory of Great Britain. It has a gentle personality and can detect gold coins or treasures from far away. There is a space pocket on the chest, and black fur is an excellent material for making extended backpacks..."

Ivan gushed about the habits, habitat, and ability of sniffing, including the value of fur and blood. When talking about these magical materials, Ivan also took a look at the sniffing habit. .

Under Ivan's "kind" gaze, the sniff that tried to get rid of his crimes shivered, and the four paws held Rolf's thumb tightly.

Rolf was very speechless and stuffed the sniff into his chest pocket. Now that he knew he was afraid, why did he go early...

However, Ivan’s ability to narrate the various characteristics of sniffing in such detail made Rolf a little different from him. This at least proves that the other party is not a simple layman, at least an amateur who has done related homework... if If you can follow the instructions, multiple assistants are not bad...

It’s just that Rolf doesn’t understand why his pet suddenly ran to Ivan. Although Sniff has the habit of collecting treasures, after all these years of training, it has been able to restrain his own. By nature, similar things have never happened in the past two years.

Or does it mean that the other party has unimaginable treasures? Will Sniff ignore his commands?

A few thoughts flashed in Rolf's mind. Although he was very curious, he didn't mean to ask more, but seriously told Ivan about the details of the mission.

He arrived in this town three days ago. After several days of exploration, he has initially grasped the approximate scope of Thunderbird's activities and formulated a decoy plan based on this.

"I bought a live lamb in a nearby village, and tomorrow morning I will apply a special spice to its fur~www.mtlnovel.com~ and put it on the nearby mountain. This spice can To attract Thunderbird's attention, all we have to do is to wait for the Thunderbird to finish hunting and follow it to find the location of the nest..." Rolf said concisely.

"Then why not just add some powerful anesthetic potion and pour it directly? Should this save a lot of things?" Ivan asked in a puzzled way.

"How easy is it, it must be thunderbirds, a lively prey, to be fooled..." Rolf shook his head, then turned to look at the dark clouds outside the window, and said solemnly. "And I suspect that this Thunderbird is probably in an injured state, with intense mood swings. Only in this way can we explain the weird weather this week."

Ivan nodded. Before he came, he had this doubt. Normally Thunderbirds are not so irritable. The bad weather in the haunt area usually lasts for a day or two and then disappears. This time it did not stop for a whole week. It was indeed very Strange...

(End of this chapter)

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