"Susan Pence...Hufflepuff!"

   "Justin Finley...Hufflepuff!"

In the large and beautifully decorated exhibition hall, a wrinkled hat with a big mouth that splits from the edge, twisting restlessly while singing, and occasionally being squeezed by a few undaunted little wizards. The brim of the hat gave out bursts of weird laughter.

   As the names of the students and the colleges assigned to them were spoken from the sorting cap, the little wizards clapped their hands warmly or perfunctorily on the seats below.

   At least in this orientation party, even Gryffindor and Slytherin, who are displeased with each other, will maintain this relatively harmonious scene.

   The little wizards waiting for the distribution academy in the audience were nervous or expectant watching other people put on the sorting hat, and then walked to the corresponding academy seat in the funny tone of the hat.

However, among the new students, there is a thin boy who is out of place. He is looking blankly at the gorgeous and retro decorations and candles suspended in mid-air. The bright lights of the hall are illuminating the auditorium. It was bright, and translucent ghosts could be seen flying through the air all around. Everything made the boy a little bit adaptable for a while, and it took a long time before he muttered to himself.

   "Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?"

   "Strange, am I dying in the hospital bed?" Just as the boy felt familiar and unfamiliar with everything around him, a loud female voice resounded in the large exhibition hall.

   "Ivan Hals!"

  Professor Minerva McGonagall stood at the four-corner table where the sorting cap was placed, looking at the parchment scroll in her hand, but waited for a long time and did not see the new students come up, so she frowned and said loudly again.

   "Ivan Hals!"

   I haven't seen any movement in the freshmen for a long time, and now even Dumbledore cast a suspicious look, and the old students from the major colleges talked in private.

   "Who? Who's Ivan? So courageous?"

   "It's not going the wrong way, you missed the sorting ceremony, right?"

   "This is interesting.."


At this time, the remaining freshmen, under the gaze of many professors and seniors, moved a few steps behind them. Only the boy with blond hair and black pupils who had not figured out his condition remained standing still, looking very conspicuous. .

   "Mr. Ivan Hals, please come to the stage here!" Professor McGonagall repeated it again.

   "Me?" Ivan pointed to himself in a dazed manner, and suddenly felt that this scene was a bit strange but unexpectedly familiar.

"Yes, please come up as soon as possible? Just like others have done...there are other children who need to be sorted out." Perhaps because Ivan is a freshman, although Professor McGonagall spoke for the fourth time When I asked, I didn't mean to be angry at all, but I felt that the new student might be a little nervous.

   Before Ivan could react, he felt that he was nudged slightly, and then the freshmen in the front row also unexpectedly pushed Ivan onto the stage one by one with tacit understanding.

   "Okay, kid, come over here soon..." Professor McGonagall stepped forward, put Ivan's shoulders on the chair, and picked up the sorting hat and pressed it on Ivan's head.

   The Sorting Hat twisted his body restlessly on Ivan's head, and said strangely.

   "Hey, boy, don't be too shy, you are not the first person to feel nervous in such a place... Trust me, it's over with closed eyes... It doesn't hurt at all!"

   Ivan rolled his eyes. After staying in the new place for a while, he also had some guesses about the current situation, but he still felt a little unbelievable.

   But, is this really Hogwarts? That magical place where magic is taught? But that's not...

   Ivan couldn't help thinking about it, but the voice of the sorting hat rang in Ivan's ears.

   "Yes... Of course, this is Hogwarts! You are not dreaming, I am 100% sure!"

"I guess you must come from a Muggle family, right? Every few years, there are always a few new little wizards who don’t believe that magic is real. They say it’s all tricks and they want to get it out of my body. Here comes a rabbit with long ears...I told them there was nothing in the hat, but they didn't believe it..."

   The sorting hat was making a silly joke, and the split mouth almost extended to the brim of the hat.

  The ability of the Sorting Hat to read memories made Ivan not daring to think too much, so he quickly condensed his mind.

But perhaps because of the influence of the Sorting Hat, Ivan's mind was like a slideshow, flashing through sections of strange memories. The scattered Ivan couldn't piece it together. It seemed that a witch was teaching her own magic. ..

   The witch in my memory is about thirty, with beautiful long blond hair, and talking with her mouth open. Then Ivan only felt a panic of fear hit her heart...

   The Sorting Hat is also the first time I have seen such a messy little wizard, but I am also surprised that Ivan is not from a Muggle family. How can children from a wizard family not know Hogwarts?

A cold sweat appeared on Ivan’s forehead. Although the various thoughts and memories read by the Sorting Hat belonged to the original owner, he didn’t know if this hat would read any important secrets. Fan can only try to force himself to think about something insignificant.

   "Ahem..." Seeing that the sorting hat seemed to have an endless posture, Professor McGonagall had to cough slightly to remind the sorting hat on the stage to do business quickly.

   The Sorting Hat stopped talking, and Ivan was finally relieved, but he was also a little curious about which college he would be assigned to.

   "Well... let me see, optimistic... smart and like crazy thinking..." The Sorting Hat dragged a long tone, suddenly lowered his voice and said. "And a little bit of black magic..."

   "I can black magic?" Ivan was confused and remembered the memory just now.

   "Oh, yes, an ancient and rare... black magic." The Sorting Hat whispered and chatted with Ivan, as if whispering something.

"Of course, in my opinion this is also an interesting black magic. UU reading www.uukanshu.com always allows people to see things they don't want to see... Someone has used it to prank, maybe you can do it too. Try..."

   "Although Dumbledore definitely doesn't want anyone to do it again..." The Sorting Hat complained to himself.

   "Where should I go? Slytherin?" Ivan was a little curious about how he could black magic, but the most important thing now was the issue of sorting.

   After dividing the courtyard, he can take off this **** hat that can read memories.

  In the four colleges of Hogwarts, entering Gryffindor requires enough bravery (or reckless?). What Ravenclaw wants is wisdom or a desire for knowledge.

   Slytherin corresponds to a cunning and insidious character and outstanding magic talent.

   As for Hufflepuff...

   Ivan feels that Hufflepuff Academy is usually responsible for accepting the remaining students...

  The sorting hat said that learning dark magic is very much in line with the standards of Slytherin College, of course, it is also possible that he was assigned to Ravenclaw because of his optimism and intelligence.

   Ivan thinks a little narcissistically...

   "No, no, neither." The sorting hat's tone suddenly became humorous. "Although it will make you a little sad to say that, Slytherin usually only chooses some talented little wizards, so..."

   "Gryffindor!" The sorting hat changed the soft whisper when whispering with Ivan, and the loud voice resounded throughout the hall.

   "Gryffindor?" Ivan took the Sorting Hat off the top of his head, a little surprised, and even too late to complain about the Sorting Hat's evaluation of his talent.

   "Yes.. Yes, you should go there!" The Sorting Hat vowedly said. "I have never missed it, you have the corresponding quality!"

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