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His Wife Calls The Shots

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Novel Summary

Her mother died, her father married another, and Tang Qianfan was arranged to live in a “stranger man” house.

Since then, she has been favored by this family.

Enthusiastic aunt: “Don’t be out of sight, I will be your mother from now on, and this is your home!”

Uncle Gentle: “Miscellaneous, put it down, what a girl does, let your brother Xian do it.”

Heart-warming brother: “Sister, I will write the paper for you, so you can play games with ease.”

Feng Xian sneered at the family’s face and warned the little girl: “Stay away from me.”

Soon after, the style of painting changed suddenly——

When Qian Miao returned late at night, he was blocked by a man in the stairwell and questioned: “Who was the man who sent you back just now? Huh?”

She smiled: “Are you jealous?”

The man’s mind was shaken by her smile, and his heart beat faster.

Since then, Mr. Feng, who has always been calm and self-sufficient, has been lost in the smile of a little girl.

The little girl does not invite her father’s pain. She has been raised in the countryside since she was young. She has no power and power and easily feels low self-esteem.

What’s strange is that every time she doesn’t wait for him to make a move, this little Nizi can solve it freely.

One day, the subordinates tremblingly report to him——

“Master, on the wealth list, Miss Qianmiao ranks above you…!”

Mr. Feng lowered his head and scanned the information, his eyes darkened gradually.

It turns out that besides being a student, Xiao Nizi still has so many identities!

Any one of those identities caught out is enough to make people stunned!

Everyone knew that Tang Qianxiang was not worthy of Mr. Feng, but they didn’t know that Mr. Feng worked hard to improve himself every day, trying to catch up with his little Nizi.

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Short Title:HWCTS
Alternate Title:他太太才是真大佬
Author:Eternally Smiling
Weekly Rank:#16
Monthly Rank:#13
All Time Rank:#380
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Calm Protagonist, Cold Love Interests, Familial Love, Female Protagonist, Hackers, Handsome Male Lead, Hiding True Identity, Low-key Protagonist, Medical Knowledge, Multiple Identities, Mysterious Illness, Older Love Interests, Special Abilitie, Strong to Stronger,
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