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The rebellious, rich second-generation Chi Xueyan was forced to go on a blind date for the 11th time. He cut straight to the chase: I have a hot temper, I snore when I sleep, and I haven’t deleted my countless exes. If you can accept it, we will get the marriage certificate on the spot.

The handsome man named He Qiao sat opposite him and was silent for a moment with a strange expression. Then he nodded and said he was a book transmigrator. He knew that Chi Xueyan was the supporting male villain in this novel role and would become the future marriage partner of the protagonist Lu Siyi. He gradually lost himself in an increasingly paranoid unrequited love, did all sorts of bad things and eventually died.

He Qiao couldn’t bear to see Chi Xueyan, who was still active and healthy, end up like that. Therefore, he proposed to marry Chi Xueyan to avoid the plot. In any case, he was a workaholic straight man who only wanted to use the information from the novel to develop his career for the benefit of the public.

Chi Xueyan heard this and suddenly realized: Use advance as a retreat and use the typical schizophrenic symptoms to scare off blind dates. This person was an expert.

He decisively remembered this trick and waved his hand to pay the bill as his token of appreciation.

Soon, Chi Xueyan ran into a handsome man who completely matched his aesthetics. Moreover, he didn’t hesitate to take the initiative to ask for the other person’s name and contact information.

As a result, the handsome man replied with an indifferent expression, “I am Lu Siyi.”

Chi Xueyan: “……!!!”

This name was too familiar.

Two weeks later, under the gazes of his relatives and friends, Chi Xueyan affectionately exchanged rings and kisses with his 11th blind date and the mysterious book transmigrator, He Qiao.

Initially, He Qiao was very wary of Chi Xueyan, the scheming and vicious villain of the novel. After the two of them cooperated to pretend to love each other and tricked their families into allowing them to get married smoothly, he planned to focus on his career and not interfere with the other person.

However, Chi Xueyan finally settled down from the chaos and started seriously studying the novel’s plot. He would occasionally come to the company to find He Qiao.

Unlike the arrogant and willful boss’ wife that the employees imagined, Chi Xueyan mostly curled up on the sofa with a small blanket while quietly reflecting on his 2D life.

Occasionally, he would raise his head and ask, “Did Lu Siyi never like me at all?”


“He has no vision.” Chi Xueyan sneered and rolled over. “How did he become the male protagonist when you are obviously much better than him!”

He Qiao didn’t know why, but the investment plan in his hand suddenly became unsatisfactory.

What a scheming villain.

On the first anniversary of their agreed-upon wedding, He Qiao arranged the most romantic dinner and the brightest roses. He met Chi Xueyan’s blank eyes and finally asked the question he had been worrying about in his heart for a long time.

“You have a good temper and you sleep very quietly so…” He Qiao seemed casual. “Is it true that you haven’t deleted any of your exes?”

Chi Xueyan: “……”

What a scheming straight man.

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Short Title:HMPIS
Alternate Title:结婚对象他诡计多端
Weekly Rank:#4623
Monthly Rank:#6083
All Time Rank:#8538
Tags:Calm Protagonist, Caring Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Cute Story, Doctors, Doting Parents, Family Business, Handsome Male Lead, Marriage of Convenience, Modern Day, Music, Mysterious Past, Second Chance, Slow Romance, Straight Seme, Transmigration,
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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a BL. I don't remember exactly, but there are some passages. Cannon fodder pursues Gong saying that she loves him and the two get married. Bai Yuegueng returns and lives in their house. There is a section at the beginning where the cannon fodder is inside a large gift box and is delivered to the gong's door, but is thrown into the garbage truck. When Bai Yuegueng lives with them, Cannon Fodder has a mirror made with Bai Yuegueng's name that reflects light into Bai Yuegueng's room to ward off evil. Cannon fodder never liked gong. when Bai Yuegueng is at the police station. cannon fodder says his luck is that I never liked him. Gong heard everything. For some reason, I don't remember, she pretended to be in love. It could be a system or because she has to follow the story to keep her body or be free. She makes several situations, when Bai Yuegueng lives with them, Gong sends the butler to make light food and cannon fodder does not have any favoritism inside the house. Gong never betrayed cannon fodder.

  2. The Seme Protagonist Tag is misleading so please remove it as soon as possible. I checked the raws of this story and it clearly says that the MC, Chi Xueyan, is the shou

  3. It's a good short story without much complicated twists. A sweet doting love story with sitting parents and no villains. It would have been better without the mixing chapters...😢🥹 Please fix it and update this one.

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