This day is very lively.

It was Chi Siwei and Xing Yuan's daughter Xing Luoluo's catching Zhou ceremony.

Since Da Xing Luoluo was born, the young couple Chi Siwei and Xing Yuan have become guardians, and they have almost surrounded the child.

There is no other reason. Since Xingluo made the sound, his body was very poor, and even almost died within a few months, his breathing stopped for a while, and even the imperial doctor came to the conclusion of death. It was too late to ask. Han Fei came over to take a look.

At that time, Chi Siwei almost collapsed. How could a normal mother accept the death of her child, but fortunately, it was only a short time to lose her breath. It didn't take long for the stars to breathe.

The loss and recovery made Chi Siwei especially nervous about the child, so the Zhou Li was held specially.

Not only did everyone attend, they also brought a lot of gifts.

Han Fei's family of four also appeared, and even went to help early.

For Xing Luoluo, Han Fei is also very affectionate, not only personally wrote Luo Luo full of prescriptions, but also prepared the small details.

As for An Sheng when he first saw this little guy, he still felt very strange, and he had never seen such a small child, like a flesh, group, very fragile, and he didn't dare to touch it too hard.

Xiaoxiao loves this meat and dumplings very much, so he often holds it, looks decent, and is teased about being a good mother.

And An Sheng?

When Chi Siwei handed Xing Luoluo to An Sheng, both of his arms were tight and he dared not move. His handsome face became stiff, causing everyone to laugh.

An Sheng looked at the fat baby in his hand so stiffly, for fear that he would crush her with a strong force.

But the little baby in his arms looked at him curiously. He looked like a newborn calf was not afraid of tigers, and his big, dripping eyes were very beautiful.

Even Chi Siwei felt magical. In the past, little babies didn't like other people and would make noise, but there was nothing in An Sheng's arms, and the quiet and well-behaved didn't look like her at all.

Han Fei also glanced twice, squinted, and said, "Luo Luo is not after An Sheng, right? It really is pleasing to the eye."

An Sheng's face turned red in an instant.

An interesting incident happened while catching Zhou Zhou.

There are money, jade seals, books, and many inexplicable things on the ground, all of which are valuables brought by them.

Chi Siwei dropped the star wearing a red padded jacket on the ground. Everyone was making fun of each other, wanting this little ball to come to his own things.

Soon, Xiao Tuanzi twisted his ass, walked forward with his hands and feet together, and under the surprised eyes of everyone, he directly turned a corner and crawled directly toward An Sheng who was standing on the side, shocked.

Even Chi Siwei didn't think about how his daughter would do such an unashamed move!

Han Fei just laughed out loud, smiled and bent over, looking at her son at a loss, and said directly: "An Sheng, why don't you hurry up to pick up my sister? She is looking for you directly!"

An Sheng was really embarrassed, but when he looked down, this little dumpling was blinking and looking at him, his heart suddenly softened, he hugged her up and let her nest in his own arms.

Xiaoxiao came over and said jokingly: "Brother, she is very sticky to you, it seems that you are the most useful one."

An Sheng said helplessly: "Smile. Don't say that."

Everyone came over, and you laughed every word.

In the end, Xing Luoluo, who was a little sleepy, was taken back by Chi Siwei, and handed it to the nurse. The child was always lethargic.

But no one saw it. Xing Luoluo, who was carried away by the nurse, also took a look at Han Fei and An Sheng. The wise and bright eyes were not like a baby would have.

Xing Luoluo has another name, Fan Qing.

She came from another world, a real world. She knew Han Fei and even remembered deeply.

Yes, she and Han Fei once met, and saw Han Fei disappear in front of her. Since then, she has completely believed in the things of the goddess era, and in the following years she really followed her grandfather, Professor Fan. Specially study the story of this era.

Gradually obsessed.

Finally, one night, she was slowly bewitched by a magical voice, and she came to the coffin and lost consciousness in a golden light.

When she woke up again, she found that she had become a baby, with a brand new name called Xing Luoluo. Her mother was Luoyun's clan king Chi Siwei, and her father was Qingyin's clan king Xingyuan.

Yes, at that time she knew that she had come to the age of goddess, the age of her fascination.

The original Starfall died early, so she replaced her.

When she first came to this world, she looked dazed, but she still tried her best to play her role. After all, it was a rebirth.

Until she met Han Fei.

At that moment, Fan Qing, oh no, it was Xingluolu that almost wanted to cry.

The events of the year were all recalled scene by scene in her mind. She originally wanted to recognize Han Fei, but she gave up. If she wants to live this life well, then it is best to pretend to know nothing.

Xing Luoluo made up his mind, gave up the idea of ​​acquaintance, and lived in this role until she met An Sheng.

To be honest... this young man is exactly what she did back then! But she also knows that the age is here. She treats this young man purely with the eyes of an aunt, so she teases An Sheng so much in the Zhou ceremony.

As for later?

Later, she grew up slowly, and her parents were very kind to her. She lost her parents since she was a child, but made up for the lack of parental love and motherly love here, so she cherishes her current life very much, acting like a baby from time to time, and joking from time to time. Boy An Sheng, that's how time passed.

In the blink of an eye, she also reached the age to marry.

And the young man who was molested by her back then has grown into a handsome man alone.

When Xing Luoluo found that An Sheng's vision had deteriorated when she was looking at her, her first feeling was not ashamed, but rather shy, Xing Luoluo knew that her soul aunt had fallen.

Fortunately, An Sheng, who is a mixed race, has not aged at all and has a longer life span, so there is no violation of their standing together. In addition, An Sheng has been used to taking care of this little girl for more than ten years, and the relationship is even deeper.

Han Fei is naturally very happy to have such a likable daughter-in-law.

Their marriage can be said to have attracted worldwide attention.

Before long, Xing Luoluo gave An Sheng a pair of twins, but just when she thought that life would get better and better, Han Fei and Qin Che disappeared.

Xing Luoluo had already guessed that there would be such a day.

When they disappeared, she hesitated to recognize Han Fei?

But I was really embarrassed to face the fact that she became her daughter-in-law, Xing Luoluo chose not to say it, and let this secret be her forever secret.

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