Bailiwen repaired really well, at least, when he closed his eyes, he felt that way.

Xiaobai did not live long. After leaving the temple, his body went from bad to worse. The escape still emptied his foundation. He had to be with medicine all the year round, but fortunately, this was not for Concubine Hua. Not difficult, she took care of him very intimately.

She took pains to feed him medicine and nurse him.

They chose to perch on a mountain.

Year by year.

Xiaobai still failed to survive the winter of that year.

Concubine Hua held him, but couldn't take the last sip of medicine. The hands holding the bowl were trembling, and there seemed to be a little hunch.

At that time, Baili Wenxiu's eyes were no longer angry, and his body gradually began to get cold.

Concubine Hua cried all of a sudden, and the warm liquid fell on his face drop by drop.

While dying, Baili Wenxiu said: "I'm sorry."



Concubine Hua held her tighter. Over the years, she had been with him, but she had never walked into his heart. They were more like a mutual warming relationship, but she didn't mind anymore, as long as she could be with him.

She knew that to dig out Han Fei from him would ruin him, so she never dared to ask for it, just to be by his side, even if she died.

"No need to say sorry, everything is my willingness."

Baili Wenxiu gently curled the corners of her lips, looked at her seriously, and said: "I owe you, I will pay it back in my next life..."

She is the person who owes him the most in his life.

But in this life, all of his has been given to a woman named Han Fei, and he can no longer give others half a sympathy.

So I'm just sorry, I can only apologize.

There is no return in this life. If there is an afterlife, you can repay well.

Concubine Hua closed her eyes and replied: "Okay. Remember what you promised me, you must find me, you must..."

"it is good……"

Then, his eyes closed little by little.

Concubine Hua held his body for a long time, until it became cold, she slowly put it down, then took another cup of medicine on the table, took a sip, looked at his lifeless face, and said softly : "Remember, in the next life, you must pay me back."

She lay beside him and held his hand, a puff of blood pouring from the corner of her mouth, she let out a pain, and finally closed her eyes.

It's just that the hands that were held together never let go.

The snow outside the window is even bigger.

After a long time, their bodies were found, but they were not decayed. Someone buried them on the snow-capped mountain and erected an unknown monument.

She can be regarded as achieving her goal, and she is dependent on him for life and death.

This peaceful and prosperous era lasted for hundreds of years, and it was also recorded in countless history books of later generations when they were blessed by God and the people were happiest.

There is no dispute, no war, but peace and faith.

The great battle that year was like a dream, but those who were constantly praised by people slowly left and disappeared into the world.

The tombstones on the hillside are neat and tidy. They fought side by side when they were alive and became the best partners after death.

When the last person was sent away, Han Fei and Qin Che called all the children to the front.

At this time, An Sheng has become the father of two children and a person with responsibility and responsibility.

After Xing Luoluo married An Sheng, she became a good wife and mother, and even An Sheng's right-hand man.

Xiaoxiao also grew up, found Ruyi Langjun, and became a mother.

Bian Shen has also become the most powerful Demon King of the Demon Race, taking charge of the entire Demon Race instead of his father.

These children have grown up and have their own children and their own families.

Han Fei seemed very relieved. Her appearance has never changed since she woke up eight years ago. Time seems to have forgotten them all.

Han Fei slowly said, "Now, we should also go."

Everyone held back their tears, yes, they grew up and they should have faced this result long ago.

"From now on, you take care of yourself."

Han Fei said this with a smile.

Tears, still can't resist, smiling like a little girl back then, pulling her mother's sleeves, shouting: "Mother, don't go, please, don't go, don't leave us."

Han Fei touched her face and said, "Hey, smile without crying. Now that you have someone to accompany you, don't cry."

Xiaoxiao cried so that her voice was dumb, but she slowly let go of her hand, knowing she could not stop it.

Han Fei heard an old voice whispering in her ear.

【Time is up. 】

Yes, the time has come, and the time stolen over the years is finally over.

Han Fei took one last look at them, then walked to Qin Che, nestled in his arms, her eyes flushed.

Qin Che said lowly, "Are you sad?"

Han Fei nodded and said, "Sad."

"Hey, they will be fine."


"I will accompany you."

"it is good."

"Do not be afraid."

"I have never been afraid."


"Ache, have I said that I love you."

Qin Che was stunned for a moment.

Han Fei grinned and said, "I don’t regret knowing you, and holding hands with you, I don’t regret, loving you, I don’t regret."

He stretched out his hand and hugged Han Fei abruptly, very tightly.

He closed his eyes and said in a dumb voice: "I, love you as ever, and will never die in this life."

Sansheng Sanshi, entanglement between him and her.

Becoming a god, becoming a demon, and being an adult are all just a moment of flicking, and they pass through those hardships in memory.

If the other person is by his side, death is not terrible.

They faced it calmly.

Xiaoxiao cried and fell into his brother's arms, watching his parents leave.

Finally, their figures disappeared little by little under the watch of the children.

In the sky, the sunlight penetrated the clouds and shone down, and their disappearing figures seemed to be smudged by the sunlight.

A long sigh bloomed between heaven and earth.

"The **** body is shattered and transformed into wind, cloud, rain and snow, and guard this land."

It turns out that they were not resurrected eight years ago.

These years are nothing but the figure that they have exhausted their last bit of power as a god.

The real is like being alive.

Why live so persistently?

Probably because...

They were reluctant to bear those companions, their children, and their sadness, so they made a deal with Heaven and used all their power to create an illusion of resurrection, until they sent away those comrades one by one with peace of mind. Their children can be alone.

So these years...

They will not grow old.

When the energy is exhausted, they will completely disappear from the world.

Now, the time has come.

At the moment when it completely disappeared, Han Fei's tear slowly slipped.

Coming here for a lifetime, she does not regret it.

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