Xing Luoluo is like a slimy dumpling, so tightly holding her hands, even Xing Yuan i wants to take her girl back.

Xing Yuan gave up completely.

I had to accept the fact that my daughter was abducted by the boy An Sheng at any time.

Boss Hao stood up and said roundly: "Okay, don't laugh at Ansheng, people are still shy!"

Chi Siwei seriously considered it, and said, "An Sheng is also at the age to marry a wife."

An Sheng's back was cold, and he immediately said, "I don't have this idea for the time being, so I don't need to worry too much...\"

Before he finished speaking, the stars in his arms cried out directly, with a miserable appearance, immediately making everyone rushed.


Suddenly, Xingyuan's face turned green. Is this what a girl should say!

It's just that everyone laughed and treated all this as a joke, but no one saw it. The trace that flashed in Xing Luo Luo's eyes that didn't match her age was bound to win, but this was another matter. A story.

After the joke, it was naturally serious, and after all, it was almost time.

Everyone slowly calmed their minds, raised their heads, and looked at the idol in front of them.

This ritual was supposed to last for a long time, but slowly, it became the present, just looking at the idol quietly, no one spoke.

An Sheng and Xiaoxiao also looked at the statue of God. They both knew that their parents were placed on top of the statue.

After eight years, they have grown up, but the impression of their parents has not diminished over time, but has become more profound.

Everyone's face is serious. At this moment, what is in everyone's mind is their own memory.

The first person who spoke was Boss Hao.

"Han Fei, think about it for eight years, how do I feel like yesterday."

Boss Hao's eye circles are a little red.

Ashamed Nan stepped forward, hugged her, and said, "Don't cry."

Boss Hao wiped away his tears and said, "Okay, I don't want to cry. It's rare for everyone to gather together. This is something to be happy about."

Chi Siwei took a step forward, took Xing Luoluo out of An Sheng’s arms, and stood in front of the idol, saying: "Your Majesty, I brought Luoluo to see you. I should have taken it with him a long time ago. In the past few years, Luoluo was in poor health, suffered a serious illness, and almost lost his life, but fortunately, she had to reschedule. Luoluo, remember, you must treat this place as your place of faith in the future. "

Xing Luoluo raised his head and looked at the idol seriously, with serious eyes in his eyes. Then, under the surprised gaze of everyone, Xing Luoluo knelt down and knelt his head firmly.

Chi Siwei's eyes were red in an instant, and he hugged his daughter and said, "Good."

Xing Yuan also came forward, comforting softly: "It's alright, don't cry."

The side wing has also lost the usual jokes, and after so many years, his temperament has also changed, and now he is also a father, and his previous inferiorities have been reduced.

At this moment, Bianyi looked at the idol seriously, and suddenly said: "A Ling, you can be considered as your wish. You can finally accompany Han Fei for life and life. This time, no one can stop you."

Xiang Ning looked at the side wing sadly. She knew that maybe everyone would never forget Han Fei, but for the side wing, Qin Che's existence was the most important thing. Once they could entrust their backs to each other. friend. /

Xiang Ning walked forward holding the child and said, "Bianyi, are you okay?"

Bian Yi smiled and said, "How could it be bad? I'm fine. I have a wife and a son. How could it be bad? It's the guy who left everything behind and stayed with his lover. Flew."

It was obviously a complaint, but everyone could hear that it was sad.

In the temple, many people suddenly walked in.

The members of the Ninth Army, Fatty, Mu Miaomiao, Changde, Dusai, Du Yinshen, and many, many people. These people are all people who have been intertwined with Han Fei’s life. They flood in one by one. Come, the expression on his face is with a smile and a trace of admiration.

The rest of the people slowly calmed down, watching those who walked into the temple, they were all familiar faces, and those who had fought together.

Suddenly, there were a lot of people in the originally empty temple. They weren't confused at all. They all stood neatly. Everyone took their place in order, raised their heads, and looked at the gods.

If you look closely, you will find that their formation is the formation that Han Fei personally arranged back then, neatly and very solemnly.

Even the bone racks crawled out one by one, rushing over in a hurry, and from time to time you had to be careful that others smashed them into bones and fell to the ground.

They didn't know how these people came over suddenly, but no one asked, they just immersed in this moment together. It seemed that it was time for few people to be so neat after the war eight years ago.

Chi Siwei spoke suddenly, with a tight voice, and said: "The generals listen to the order! Kneel down!"


A heavy voice sounded in the temple.


All of them knelt on one knee, clenched their right hands against their chests, and lowered their heads.

This is their ritual, their glory, their belonging.

"The Qiu Long Army of the Nine Armies, in place! All members are in place!"

"The army of the Ninth Army is in place! All members are in place!"

"Fu Changjun of the Ninth Army, in place! All members are in place!"

"Xiahou Jun of the Ninth Army, in place! All members are in place!"

"A good army beside the Nine Armies, in place! All members are in place!"

"The Mang State Army of the Ninth Army, in place! All members are in place!"

"The foolish army of the Ninth Army, in place! All members are in place!"

"The Shuiyun Army of the Ninth Army, in place! All members are in place!"

Chi Siwei suddenly stood up straight and shouted: "The final four gods will be uniform, in place!"

Pa, Chi Siwei knelt down on one knee.

Xing Yuan looked at the idol, and said solemnly: "The green cause of the four final guards is in place!"

His straight figure knelt directly.

At this moment, a voice came from the door of the temple.

"At the end, the cloud candle of the four gods will be in place."

Everyone looked over, and saw a figure standing there against the light, very familiar.

Wearing a white shirt, Baili Wenxiu walked in step by step, and his appearance gradually became clear, except that he was thinner, but still missed, exactly as he remembered.

The expressions of Chi Siwei and Xing Yuan were slightly moved.

Everyone's eyes followed him. Finally, Baili Wenxiu stood still, kneeling down on one knee, clenching his fist against his chest.

At this moment, it seems that after a thousand years, the memories of the past overlap with this moment.

Chi Si said dumbly: "Yun Zhu, you are here too..."

Baili Wenxiu didn't answer, he just lowered his head, his eyes were already red.

At this moment, everyone was neat and tidy, as if no one was absent.