Three years passed in a flash.

The annual party is here again.

And this time, it was the eighth year, the eighth year since the war.

All the people gathered in the temple.

Bian Yi and Xiang Ning came from a long way from the Demon Realm, holding a pure blood demon baby in their arms, lying in their mother's arms and sleeping.

Xingyuan and Chi Siwei also set off early. Chi Siwei was still holding a girl with two pigtails in her hands. This was the first time the girl was taken to the temple, and she was blinking. Looking at the strange environment in front of him.

Boss Hao and Gu Nan arrived early and arranged everything, and Boss Hao smiled beside him.

The smile at this time has opened up, and she has become a slim little girl. She has inherited her mother's beautiful face perfectly. She is almost carved out of a mold. Before she is ready, she has already spread her reputation, but she is stunned. No one dares to be a matchmaker.


This Nizi's elder brother is the young and promising Hanling domain king, and her foster father and mother are all major domain kings. Almost every domain king treats her as a treasure in his palm and pampers and cares.

Have power, money?

Boss Hao and Gu Nan will not have children of their own in this life, so Boss Hao clearly arranged all the business and property under his name early. Not surprisingly, Xiaoxiao is the biggest heir. .

With money and power and appearance, the most rare thing is that under the arrogance of so many people, this Nizi hasn't grown bad and almost became a treasure. Needless to say, Qinqi, calligraphy and calligraphy, she is proficient in everything. Especially for paintings, her works have already been auctioned to a very high price. Who doesn't like such a gentle and considerate, charming and pleasing person?

But it was too perfect, too high, and as a result, no young talent dared to come to propose a marriage, especially the few people represented by the boss of Hao Chi Siwei, who are strictly guarded, not even a single flaw.

Xiaoxiao is the treasure of all of them, especially her face that resembles Han Fei, and it makes everyone want to treat her heartily.

Over the years, the once wayward little girl has gradually grown up to become a lady, and her lively and lively temperament has gradually become calm. Now she is more dazzling standing next to Boss Hao wearing a light-colored shirt.

Eight years have taken away a lot of emotions from everyone, from the past collapse, to sadness, to acceptance, to the calm face of the present.

These eight years have taken away everyone's past. Those memories of those years have become a hurdle in everyone's hearts, but now, no matter how sad, they gradually return to their original life.

In eight years, the faces of everyone no longer seemed to be as vigorous as that year. There were still turbulent disputes under the peaceful and prosperous age, but they were all within a controllable range. This peace was paid too much.

However, the passage of time did not take away their annual gathering.

No matter what is in your hands, you will let it go and come to participate. This is the tacit understanding of everyone.

An Sheng, who had finished solving the things in his hands, hurried over. He was anxious and didn't even have time to change the court clothes on his body. The handsome face that had been opened instantly robbed everyone of their attention.

When I saw my brother, Xiaoxiao ran over with joy, and the appearance of all the ladies who had just been maintained was gone. She ran directly in front of my brother and said in a coquettish tone: "Brother, why are you here? ?"

An Sheng smiled softly and said, "Sorry, I'm late, and something unexpected happened suddenly."

Smiling and pouting, said: "Brother, you haven't been free for a long time."

An Sheng feels even more guilty. He is a full-fledged pet sister crazy demon. Perhaps because his father and mother are gone since he was a child, he feels more distressed about his sister than anyone else, so he consciously takes all the responsibilities on him and can't wait I sent all the good things in the world to my sister.

"Next time I will stay with you, forgive me."

Xiaoxiao was happier, and when his goal was achieved, he became more obedient, and said, "Brother, you promised me this! Don't regret it!"

"it is good."

"Come here, they are all waiting for you!"

Xiaoxiao unceremoniously grabbed An Sheng's sleeve and dragged him over. The only person in the world who dared to do this was this baby sister.

The star falling in Chi Siwei's hand, the young star falling when he saw An Sheng, his big eyes were bright, and then he let go of his mother's hand, stumbled and ran over. He threw himself on An Sheng's lap and shouted: "Brother Ang, Brother Ang!"

Don't mention how happy the singing voice is.

The corner of Xing Yuan's mouth twitched. As Xing Luoluo's father, he had never seen his daughters so excited when they saw him!

What kind of magic did this Ansheng use!

Xing Yuan said that he had a taste of it. Since Xing Luoluo was born, he can't wait to treat this daughter with all his pets. Of course, the one who pets the most is Chisi Wei's wife, but the daughter has not fallen at all. What is the result? This Nizi immediately rebelled when she saw An Sheng!

Chi Siwei smiled. She didn't think there was anything wrong here. On the contrary, she was very happy and liked to stick to Ansheng, and she was happy to see the children complete the appearance of loving each other.

And the little baby in Xiang Ning's arms seemed to want to join this big family of'love each other', and began to move restlessly in Xiang Ning's arms, swaying her little arm continuously, From time to time, I called out a few times.

Xiang Ning couldn't help covering her mouth and laughed as she looked at him, and said, "This kid doesn't like to move, but now he is lively. Bian Shen, you are really heavy."

The side wing stood aside and took his son out rudely. Yes, he took it out without any gentle movements, and he directly hung the baby upside down.

By the way, the little baby was still grinning, not crying at all.

As a mother, Xiang Ning didn't seem to worry at all.

All the people around gave a thumbs up in their hearts: As expected, they are pure Mozu children! The vitality is very tenacious!

The wing swayed twice, and the thief laughed and said, "Oh, I think Luo Luo is so attached to Ansheng, why don't you make a kiss! The left and right Ansheng is not too old, and the people of the demons all carry it. You have to live old!"

After this sentence, everyone burst into laughter, but An Sheng was a little embarrassed, but he didn't take it seriously. These elders have never made jokes on him since he was a child, so they took it for granted. Made a joke.

An Sheng picked up Starfall very easily, and the little girl hugged An Sheng's neck tightly, as if very happy.

Xiaoxiao said helplessly: "Luo Luo is really sticky brother."

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