Recently, Lu’s status at home has been greatly affected, because there is another small thing in the family that grabs a small crying bag.

A fluffy soft palate will sell small things that will spoil, a puppet cat cub.

Small animals are so cute, right, can induce human pity and love, right?

But no matter how cute the other party is, it can't conceal the very serious thing that this little thing has to grab with his own crying package.

Lu Ran can say that thousands of defenses are afraid that there will be more out of the family, Gu Xiaoying is very cute. However, Lu Ran did not want to have such a small life any more, and he was afraid that another one would appear in his life and Gu Qingyan’s life, stealing the attention of the little crying bag and the love of the little crying bag.

After all, Lu is always a childish ghost with a strong possession that even his own son is abandoning. Even if you have a small bag, whatever it is.

Just never imagined that the small bag of small buns was blocked, and a small milk cat came.

One day, Gu Xiaoying took home a beautiful cage, and the cage contained a beautiful purebred puppet cat cub.

The chief culprit of this matter is Qu Yang, a friend.

Qu Yang usually loves to brush Weibo when he is fine. Then he occasionally sees the harmonious life of his own cats and dogs shared on Weibo. He sees that the cats and dogs that people raise are so intimate and loving, it is just that he is irritating. In the period of time, I was fascinated by the beauty of the puppets, and the puppet cat was very beautiful.

Thinking of his own white dog, a dog is too lonely and lonely, just thinking about getting a puppet cat to go home, he ordered a purebred puppet cat in the cat house.

Qu Yang thinks that this is also a complete cat and dog. He dreams of a cat and dog like other people's family. Like his cute picture of harmony and harmony, his future is also a beautiful scene.

The more fun Qu Yang thinks, the better it feels, but the facts later prove that others are always home.

When the cat scorpion really came to the Quyang family, the aboriginal people in the Quyang family turned directly to the sky, and the cat and dog family were not all peaceful and loving each other.

It’s awkward to get into the house, and finally Quyang can’t think of giving the cat a hand.

There is no way for anyone to make their own stupid dog into that look, a dog is actually afraid of the cat is not afraid, not used to the extreme.

Qu Yang didn't think about who to give it at the beginning, but he was looking for someone.

It happened that a while ago, Lu Qingyan accompanied Gu Qingyan to the Y country to receive the award. Gu Xiaoyu was taken care of by the mother of Lu. Occasionally, Gu Xiaoyu wanted to go to the sheep and goats and let the grandparents send them. Gu Xiaoyu likes small animals very much. When I saw the kitten, I liked it. Just Quyangzheng did not find a suitable adopter.

When Gu Xiaoying’s children expressed their love for the cat scorpion, Qu Yangyi thought that this feeling would be good to give the kitten to his own son, and he could rest assured that he could cultivate the love of the children. Their friends did not have a pet. Why, how good is one thing?

And Lu Mama Lu’s father has no objection to his own baby grandson who wants to raise a pet. There is no way to say that the good old-fashioned relatives, Gu Xiaoyu is now the heart of the old couple.

Baby grandson said what it is, don't say that a cat is even dozens, as long as his grandson likes to want everything is not a problem.

So when Luran and his own baby were happy to play back home, when they took the son home, they had another new member, a cat named Huang Zibao.

At first, Lu did not think that there would be any big problems. Since the son liked it, he let his son raise it. After all, the milk bag is still very cute.

However, Luran later felt that it was wrong. What kind of cuteness is simply an eye-opener. Because the milk yellow bag is especially good for selling this product, it is no problem to sell the son. Gu Qingyan is even more accustomed to being pitiful, so Gu Qingyan likes the milk and yellow bag very much. Recently, I have been fascinated with this photo on the Weibo, and even let this one lie on the bed of both of them.

Luran looked at Gu Qingyan's dissatisfaction with the arrogance of this cockroach and felt that he had neglected it! !

So Luran thought of a very sick idea, online shopping for a set of things to go home.

Finally, I waited for the goods to arrive. At that night, Gu Qingyan took the milk yellow bag into the room as usual.

Luran saw nothing and said that the milk yellow bag was taken out of the room and thrown back into its own cat litter, ignoring the pitiful little eyes of the milky yellow bag and turned back to the room.

Gu Qingyan looked at Lu’s protest: “Little brother, the milk bag is still small, you are too fierce to him.”

Luran did not speak and answered, but silently locked the door of the room.

Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran’s move and suddenly came up with an idea. He asked: “Little brother, shouldn’t you eat even the cat’s vinegar?”

Lu faintly looked at Gu Qingyan, silently turned into the bathroom.

Gu Qingyan feels helpless when he sees Lu Ran.

How to do a family loves a jealous lover, even the pet vinegar is eaten.

Hey, how can you do it?

While Gu Qingyan thought about the solution, Lu’s look calmly came out of the bathroom, and Gu Qingyan looked directly at Lu’s dress and was shocked by the other’s dress.

Luran actually wore a pair of black cat ears on his head. He did not wear a shirt and only wore a pair of pajama pants, but the focus was on the pants with a black cat tail.

Gu Qingyan swallowed his throat and asked Lu Lu: "Little is it?"

Luran slowly approached Gu Qingyan, and after looking at Gu Qingyan, he whispered in his ear and said: "Do you really like cat ears and tails? My dear master? Ah?"

Because Luran’s tone is too full, the Gu Qingyan’s face brush is red, Gu Qingyan hurriedly retorted: “What do you say! I don’t have that kind of hobby, and even if I like it, I also Just like real, don't like fake!!"

"Oh, don't you like it?" Lu Ran's tone was smiling, and he screamed at the ears of Qing Yan. "I really don't like it, master?"

He bit the Gu Qingyan's ear and continued to ask: "Well, really don't like me?"

Gu Qingyan's whole person was stunned by Luran. What a shameful play, the little brother is so sick. But what to do, I am a little excited.

Gu Qingyan's face was red, and the whispered whispered response: " like... actually... quite like it."

"Oh," Gu Qingyan’s ear, came to Lun’s chuckle. “I know that you like me more than a real cat.”

Then Lu Ran will take Gu Qingyan under his body and seduce him with evil spirits and express his sincerity and sincerity: "Since the master likes me so much, then I must work harder and harder, let the master prefer me." Row."

Gu Qingyan felt that at the moment he was a pitiful fish that couldn’t move under the cat’s mouth, because he could clearly feel that there was something that could not describe the hard state of the country against him. The bad-eyed, childish and jealous big cat in front of his eyes was After saying that he had expressed his loyalty, he began to bite and bully the master of his mouth.

Gu Qingyan was not bullied by his cat. His dumb nephew complained: "You are a bad cat. Why do you let the owner like you?"

At this moment, Lu is like a cat who has enough to eat and drink. He looks very cozy with his eyes open: "Does the owner dislike?"

Lu Ran smashed the neck of Qing Yan, satisfied with the self-satisfaction: "I know what you like, my dear master."

Gu Qingyan was mad at Lu Ran. He bitterly bit the big cat who was bullying. He was dissatisfied and protested: "The jealous child who loves jealousy!"

Lu Ran did not care, his shameless request: "Baby, will you change my cat next time?"

Lu Ran thought of his own baby wearing a cat's ear, only feeling that he began to get hot again.

Gu Qingyan felt the change of Lu’s breathing and hurriedly protested: “Next time, you are a bad cat, and you don’t want to think about the useless yellow scrap in your mind!”

Luran smiled and put his own baby in his arms. The relatives reached out to help him massage the sour waist: "That said, my little cat."

Gu Qingyan responded helplessly: "Well, I promise you."

Then he snorted in Luran's arms, powerless and spoiled: "My dear master, can I rest now? Very tired, I have no strength in your tossing."

Luran heard Gu Qingyan's pitiful complaint, kissed Gu Qingyan's cheek, and hugged him tightly.

"That good night, my little crying bag."

"Good night, I love jealous little brother."

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