Although Gu Qingyan is still only a newcomer, he has already taken a lot of dramas, and it can be said that every character is reminiscent of people.

The fans are arrogant about his acting skills. Passers-by also give his affirmation to his exposure performance, so he is now a member of the popular red meat, but in Gu Qingyan’s words, he is not an idol, he is just a Ordinary actors still have a lot to learn and progress, and the public has a good impression of him.

The role he played, whether it is Jiang Yan of the black tongue of "Wu Tong Hua Kai", "Yu Yuan" in the "Sin Choice", and the eternal and mature Xing Zi Ang in "Jing Hua Drama" In the competition, Qin Ge, who is quite slick and slick, can't compare with this time. Dr. Lu Jingyun Lu, a double-sided criminal in Don't move.

In the daytime, the Lu Xunyun Lu doctor who was full of sorrowful taste and dressed in great white sorrow and the tempting female murderer in the night was not a type of person. No one can think of it! ?

The people who eat melons have said that I am shocked by my little friends. Why can a man be a woman who is more **** than a real woman? This is totally unscientific! ?

On the eve of the film's release, Gu Qingyan has won the Best Newcomer Award for the wonderful performances in many previous TV series, so many fans are very curious about his new play, and the movie's preview clips are super suspenseful.

In the trailer, you can see a beautiful and attractive woman's back at the beginning. A woman with a long lens can't see her face cleanly and cleanly kills a man, and then she handles all the women's songs. Pleasantly turned and left, although I did not photograph the woman's face, but I took a pair of beautiful peach eyes, a black tear under the corner of my eyes, and the emotions in my eyes tempted people. "She" is like a charming sea monster. Even the article.

The actress who wanted to find the audience at the beginning, felt that the eyes were super playful and that the back figure was awesome, and I wanted to see the front of this "female star".

So they all commented under the director's official blog, but they did not give a reasonable answer. They only said that the audience and friends would look at the movie and find the answer. There were still a few smiling smiles at the end.

Very successful has caused everyone's curiosity.

In the movie trailer, Gu Qingyan's appearance in the movie trailer was warmly welcomed by the fans. The fans said that the doctors who watched the car were so good that they couldn't stop the crazy screen. They were expecting the release of Gu Qingyan's new movie.

So when "Hey! When the "Do Not Move" is released, it can be said that it is very sensational that the box office rate on the day is high. And especially after the end of the audience's viewing, all kinds of shocking Amway stop can not stop, whether it is the fun of the movie itself, the expression of the director's shooting level lens or the actors' entire acting online, the viewers can't stop watching.

It can be said that this movie has no urine in the whole process, and it is particularly attractive to the people with a tight and tight sense of righteousness. It makes the audience feel like they are full of heart and soul. Of course, the "female killer" is simply like this.

No one thought that Gu Qingyan would play a female killer, and the look of women's clothes is particularly fascinating. I have to say that Gu Qingyan is really like a fairy, wearing women's clothes to play a female role is even more beautiful than a real woman. No matter whether it is walking posture or eye-catching, it is impossible to see that he is a man.

So after the movie ended, fans who supported Gu Qingyan to go to the movies were all commenting on his Weibo.

Sheep and goats: "Hey! Don't move, it's really good to look at, call for madness! ! I like Dr. Lu, who likes abstinence. Although he is a pervert, he is so handsome! ! I want to get rid of his clothes, but I can't stand his women's clothes at all, because he is actually more beautiful than the girls! ? I doubt that my gender is good, (~ ̄ ̄ ̄) ~, care about you is really a little goblin! !

I love Gu Gu: I think Lu has to welcome a large number of new rivals this time. I guess there will be male fans. I don’t know if Lu will eventually blow up? After all, he is so stingy and cares about why you can wear a dress as a woman to dress up like? ? ? To the most important point, Dr. Lu’s saying “Hey! Don’t move” when wearing men’s clothing is really fried, although I know that he is actually a pervert but I just can’t move and I want to say to him: Doctor, you want to Anything can be done for me, o(*////▽////*)q.

Don't talk to kiss me sheep: Gu Gu, if you are a woman, I must marry you. Because you are a man, you have been taken away by Lu! ! Sad! ! I want to fight with Lu. !

Little Strawberry: My care is really changeable. I want to know what else you can't play? ? Heartbeat! !


Little crying family's little brother: Little crying bag, although the style of women's clothing is infinite and tempting, but I prefer the way you look at men's clothes, because you want to get rid of the abstinence. (salvation) @小哥哥家的小哭包

Little brother's little crying bag: Little brother, you are too yellow! ! ! (*/ω\*) We have to secretly say ~o(*////▽////*)q

But "Hey! Although it is very good to watch, but in the **** award Gu Qingyan was nominated for the film, but ultimately did not get the title of the film.

Because his age is too small to shoot a lot of movies, although this time in "Hey! The performance in "Do not move" can be said to be amazing, but this role seems to be a bit too much for the XX award, so the title of XX Award-winning film is finally awarded to other actors with more young works.

Although Gu Qingyan’s fans are very dissatisfied, everyone knows who’s acting is better, but they can only make fun of the fun of the heart.

Fans said: It must be because the women's clothing is too good to watch, so the XX award is very difficult, after all, it is not good to give him a title after the film.

Xiaoxiaobao's little brother: Little crying bag Although you didn't get the movie master this time, you have always been the shadow of my mind. Because you are so changeable, always bring me unlimited surprises. But no matter which one you are, I am fascinated. @小哥哥家的小哭包(づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭~

Little brother's little crying bag: o (*////▽////*)q

However, no one thought of the outside of the wall, but because Fu Zhefu also carried "Hey! "Do not move" also participated in the opening of the film festival of the Y country, the results of the expected Fu guide himself also took back the grand prize of his director's career dream, and Gu Qingyan actually got the favor of the Y country's S award became the S award actress .

According to them, "Hey! This work is very good, and the acting starring male No. 1 is even more eye-catching and is a well-deserved movie.

When Gu Qingyan’s fans knew the news, they were happy to blow up. The loved ones that they liked were so young and they got the best! !

However, this is not important. Luran is now planning to accompany Qing Yan to the Y country to receive the award, because Luran heard that many foreigners now pass "Hey! Don't move, this movie likes his little baby crying bag.

Gu Qingyan’s popularity in Y is very high, and fans with Y’s enthusiasm even publicly propose to him. It is very dangerous to let Lu always be half-dead. Now, everyone seems to be rushing to cry with them. Every day, I want to follow Gu Qingyan to drive away those flies. Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran’s look at the food-feeding loyal dog.

Lu Lu’s idea is: how to do your own lover is too good, online and so on! !

Xiaoxiaobao's little brother: I want to skip the class! ! Too many people like my little crying bag. I have to watch the little crying bag tightly. ̄へ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ! @小哥哥家的小哭包

Little brother's little crying bag: But the little crying bag only likes the little brother~(*/ω\*)

Xiaoxiaobao's little brother: The little brother knows of course, but the little brother still wants to go to the Y country with the little crying bag and once again belongs to our honeymoon. o(*////▽////*)q

Little brother's little crying bag: Little brother is not allowed to work hard! ! You go to the company to eat jujube pills! !

Xiaoxiaobao’s little brother: No matter what... Don’t listen...

Little brother's little crying bag: Little brother, is this a faint king? ?

Little crying brother's little brother: faint priests and nowhere, Hou Gong Jiali three thousand, and I only take a scoop. I can only count as a little brother who loves beauty and doesn't love Jiangshan, as long as my little cry pack. (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭~

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