Lu Ran went to M country with Gu Qingyan and his son. In fact, Lu did not want to bring his son at all. He just wanted to spend two honeymoons with his little crying bag. What is this with his son? ? Family travel?

Lu said that he was very unhappy and needed to cry and kiss him.

Although his son Gu Xiaoyu is very cute, but his son and himself grabbed a small crying bag, to some extent, they still can't quite understand their son.

Lu Ran originally wanted to throw his son to Lu Dian Lu Ma. After all, the older generation and the second old can say that they like Gu Xiaoyu very much.

In fact, it should be said that no one does not like Gu Xiaoyu, you must know because you have been abused today? After the broadcast, Gu Xiaoyu already has his own support group and a large number of fans of the whole country. Every day, people will go to Luran and Gu Qingyan’s microblog to ask them to hand over Gu Xiaoying’s Xiaomeng.

Even the older generation who did not use Weibo also saw this sensible child and then liked him because of the occasional accompanying program. There is no way to take care of the story of Lu Ran and Gu Qingyan. In addition, the poor little identity that was rejected by my own big dad made people feel sorry for this cute little guy.

However, Gu Qingyan said that they did not have a family to travel, this time for the first time a family of three, then Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran with his beautiful peach eyes, Lu Ran said that he could not refuse, although Lu Now I can resist the star eyes of my own son, but I can't resist the peach pattern of my own little crying bag.

Eventually he was defeated, and he was reluctant to bring Gu Xiaoyu’s little bag, but his wit was like Luran. He planned to go to the first stop to go to M, and he threw his son to Xia’s mother. After all, the old couple haven’t seen Gu Xiaoyu for a long time, and they should be very satisfied with Lu’s intimate behavior.

After arriving at Gu Qingyan's home, Luran received a very good "entertainment", and the big scorpion scorpion gave him the scorpion, and the means were all done.

The poor Lu always knows that he can only bear it silently. Fortunately, his little crying bag is to love him. If his brothers bully him, he will jump out to help him, but it is because of his big nephew and little nephew. Of course, it is not pleasing to the eye.

For the brother to control this kind of creature, the existence of Luran can't bear it!

But fortunately, Xia Mama and Gu Dad still like Lu Ran, so...

It’s good to have a wife’s mother’s wife, what is his brother? ? Lu always always looks like a pitiful anger and dare to speak. All kinds of little wife-like brushes have a sense of existence. In the end, even the summer mothers began to teach their sons, so that they should be close to each other. Bullying Lu Ran.

Gu Shuo and Gu Ling are simply not good at all, and they cursed Lu Ran’s man.

Therefore, in the days of Gujia, it can be said that it is very lively. The three men can play a big fight in a variety of ways.

In this case, Gu Qingyan had to sigh one sentence. Sure enough, art comes from life, but the original man’s heart can be so small.

However, it is precisely because of being labeled as a poor person, Lu has also gained a lot of benefits in blessings. For example, Lu Ran got a lot of photos of Xiao Chuangbao from Xia Mama. He saw all kinds of small crying bags.

When I was a child, my little crying bag was soft and cute. When I was laughing, the two shallow dimples looked as good as the memories. The earliest thing he liked was the little tears of tears, but he now likes to laugh more. Little crying bag.

Lu Ran thinks that in the days to come, he will make the little crying bag so happy every day, even if you want to see the peach eyes with tears, it will have to be at that time, um.

The photo is the best item to record memories. He saw the photo of the crying bag after 7 years old. He can feel the other party's unhappiness from the photo.

Even in the best sunshine afternoon, the little crying bag that used to be laughter did not laugh again. His expression looked a little bit sullen and made Luran feel distressed.

Luran thought that if at that time, he would be able to accompany the little crying bag, but it is a pity that he was not at the side of the crying bag.

So he secretly took the photo away because he was ready to do something big.

Luran let Lu mother find out the photos of her childhood, and then use the ps software P to take a photo of her young self and a small crying bag. This is the first time Luran used this software, so the technical difference can be imagined. And know, but he didn't want to take the photo of someone else to complete the photo, and it took a lot of time to get the photo and then sent it out on Weibo.

Xiaoxiaobao's little brother: Although the little brother can't grow up with you, but the little brother hopes to accompany you. @小哥哥家's little crying package (with map: the technology is very poor, the photos are taken together, the photo is hard to go up. The photo of the stupid young boy and the look of a faint expression of some melancholy Gu Qingyan, around It was a little childish and ridiculous to get a lot of loving decorations by Lu.)

Little brother's little crying bag: Little brother, you actually stole my photo? o(*////▽////*)q

Little crying brother's little brother: Hey! Don't tell Mama Xia, I just stole it. (〃\'▽\'〃)

Little brother's little crying bag: silly... childish ghost...(づ ̄3 ̄)づ

Xiaoxiaobao's little brother: Do you like it?

Little brother's little crying bag: like it.

Xiaoxiaobao's little brother: That is, my ps technology is great~ boast me. (傲娇脸)

Little brother's little crying bag: You are the best, little brother~ I like you very much, what? (づ ̄3 ̄)づ

Xiaoxiaobao's little brother: I hugged the little crying bag, and I love you too much. o(*////▽////*)q


I like you, I love you.

Although you sometimes can't be naive, you always use the naive little way to please me. I am happy. I always make things that make me feel moved. You are so good, I really like you.

I love you, I feel that falling in love with you is the most correct choice for me in my life, because I loved you and I learned a lot of things to grow up, because I love you and I have a happy day.

Because of your existence, I am very happy, because I know that you like me too, and you love me too.

It’s good, I can love you, and I will advise you for the rest of my life.

The onlookers who watched their Weibo trumpet said that the total ps technology of Lu was not really bad, but I have to say that the two young boys in the photo are really attractive.

Hey: Lu Zong used to be like this when you were a child. I don’t know why there is such a feeling that this little devil is so stinky. When I was a child, it’s so cute, if I can smile, it’s better~

I love Gu Gu: The little Lu and the small Gu Gu actually have a little match? ? ? There is also the technology of your total ps ps technology is really too bad! ! And the love of the picture is simply, and a good photo is made to have a feeling of being non-mainstream in the country. If the value of both of you is enough, the photo is completely ruined.

I love strawberry: Lu, do you need technical support? ? I think your ps skill point is not lit, so people feel it is terrible! !

The little oranges of the sheep and sheep family: I want to take care of all kinds of childhood photos, and I care about the same hours as I thought, so I can love Meng (saliva), Xiaoyan is completely inherited, super hearted! ! ! I want to see smile Gu Gu, Army Headquarters, even if he wanted to hit a little cocky, Tanshou (* / ω\ *).


In the face of netizens vomiting their own ps technology rotten this point, Luran did not feel anything, how do you love how to spit out how to spit a small crying package like it.

However, the requests for netizens to ask for other photos of the crying package have been ruthlessly rejected. How can they be shown to them? ? This is a private collection of Luran, all of which are to be a family treasure! ?

Xiaoxiaobao's little brother: Don't even think about it! ! ! Although I actually stole a lot of cute pictures, but I don't want to show you, the little crying bag is me alone! ! !

Little brother's little crying bag: crying and laughing, what can you do with my little brother? ?

Xiaoxiaobao's little brother: Because the photos are memories, every one of you makes me feel excited~o(*////▽////*)q

The author has something to say:

Do you like the younger brother who is childish and arrogant? Anyway, whether you like it or not, it has nothing to do with Luran, because he knows that his little crying bag likes that he loves him. This is enough.

Later, Weibo updated the sheep and goat group and the director group..., smiled. Like to go see ~

The Fanwai will update a few and then officially end. Anyway, no matter how small the crying bag will be happy with the little brother for a lifetime.

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