In accordance with the normal process of marriage, they should also have a honeymoon in addition to the wedding, and the wedding ceremony has been confirmed.

However, the honeymoon needs to be postponed, because Gu Qingyan had received a movie before, so he was ready to go to the honeymoon after the filming was completed.

This movie is a suspense film called "Hey! Don't move, the actual script is pretty good, but at first it didn't agree with Gu Qingyan to follow this movie. The reason is very simple. There are some novels in this movie character setting. Gu Qingyan needs men to dress up.

Gu Qingyan is playing a doctor. His name is Lu Jingyun. He is a hospital doctor wearing a white coat to save the dead, but he still has an identity. He is notorious for making many serial killings.

This female killer is charming and cruel, no one knows that he is actually a man. Because Lu Jingyun was once perverted and mutilated when he was a child, it caused serious psychological distortion. With the increase of age, this distortion became a strange theory of justice.

Lu Jingyun has his own unique concept of justice, and because of his unpleasant experience in his childhood, he will wear women's clothes to seduce people he considers to be prey. If this person can't hold his trap, Lu Jingyun will lie to him. Somewhere and then cruelly killing it, there is a taste of fishing law enforcement.

At first, the police did not know that the killer was actually a man, but the police investigating the case found that the female killer and the E major affiliated hospital seemed to have some kind of connection, and with the investigation deepening the fog, Fang Ming found the female killer. There is a correlation with Dr. Lu from the E affiliated hospital.

The story of the whole story is very interesting and compact. After seeing the screenplay, Gu Qingyan wanted to promise the director Fu Zikai's invitation to participate in the role of doctor Lu Jingyun.

However, his younger brother Lu Ran is opposed, and does not agree with Gu Qingyan. However, after experiencing Gu Qingyan's many soft and hard foamings, Luran eventually lost the battle to agree with Gu Qingyan's request for the film.

The reason why Fu Zikai chose to play Gu Qingyan as a doctor Lu Jingyun at the beginning of the filming was because Fu has always been obsessed with Gu Qingyan's women's dress. Gu Qingyan's women's dress can be described as It is a bright spot and a shock to heaven.

Therefore, Fu Xian sent him an invitation letter directly after he thought of Gu Qingyan, hoping that Gu Qingyan would star in his directed film. However, Fu Zikai is not really sure whether Gu Qingyan will agree to starred. After all, his current image is very good, and he does not need to wear women's clothes to attract people's attention and attract attention. However, Fu Zikai finally gave Gu Qingyan an invitation with awkward mood. .

Because Fu Zikai’s intuition tells himself that with Gu Qingyan’s participation in this play, he will surely achieve great success.

Soon, Fu Zikai received a reply from Gu Qingyan. He is very much looking forward to cooperating with Fu Zikai. After watching the screenplay, Gu Qingyan said that the film is very interesting and the plot is very compact and eye-catching, so Gu Qingyan asked Fu Zikai to give him this opportunity. He starred in the role of doctor Lu Jingyun.

Just the filming time was after Gu Qingyan and Luran’s wedding ceremony, so after giving a positive answer, Gu Qingyan also invited Fu Zikai and Tang Song to attend their wedding ceremony.

On the day of the wedding ceremony, Gu Qingyan was smashed early. The makeup artist who was invited by the friend Qu Yang had a good smeared smeared powder to finish the clothing hairstyle, which was treated as a humanoid doll.

And his son Gu Xiaoyu was not fortunate enough to be dressed up as a beautiful little flower girl. Gu Xiaoyan wore a small suit with Gu Qingyan's matching suit and made a big back. He was wearing a small bow tie and a small adult. He is cute and handsome.

Gu Qingyan's appearance is very handsome, wearing a delicate and fit black suit, and a handsome hairstyle makes Gu Qingyan look very attractive. He was painted with a faint makeup and wearing the groom's corsage buckle. It should be the reason that people are happy and happy. Today, he looks more handsome and compelling.

Because Luran was rushed away by the ruthless brothers in the past few days, the name of the new couple before marriage is not good to meet or not unlucky, so Gu Qingyan has not seen a few days can only rely on phone text messages to solve The pain of lovesickness.

Therefore, he is particularly looking forward to seeing his younger brother, and Gu Qingyan was shocked when he appeared. The reason is very simple because Luran actually took his wedding dress to pick him up.

Yes, the poor Lu Ran Lu was forced to wear a wedding gown to pick up a kiss, otherwise the brothers would not care about Qing Yan and him, and could not be replaced by a set of white dew in the laughter of their own friends. Shoulder wedding dress, and white desert is not a bad friend. He also said how to wear a wedding dress can have leg hair? Therefore, the makeup artist not only helped Luran draw makeup but also pulled his legs and let Luran simply want to kill him.

And Bai Lu smirked and looked at the violent murderer Lu Ran said: "Brothers and wives are going to pay the price, hahaha..., it’s too funny to be like you, Gu... No, the little cute brother still It’s okay to lose..."

"Ha ha ha, it's so interesting, brother, you are really beautiful today." The words went back to the front and touched Lu's chest. "You don't want to put two gimmicks for you. This is more realistic."

Luran black face, hand off the white desert hand, coldly said: "The flower head is still more than you, when you get married, give me waiting."

Bai Mo’s face doesn’t matter. I touched the hand that I had been beaten. The tone was firm and my eyes were slightly erratic: “I’m not married, I haven’t played enough yet. Isn’t the game world good? I’m in the middle of the flowers. I don’t want to be alone, I am free to live happily, I don’t need one more person to control me~”

Luran Emei, he always feels that his friend Liu Bai has not been fond of playing recently. It seems that the house is at home, and there is something wrong with it.

"Are you having something recently?" Lu Ran asked.

"Where can you?" Bai Mo called haha.

"Oh, is it?" Luran heard the words of Bai Mo more confused.

Bai Mo looked at Lu Ran's appearance and directly shifted the topic: "Hey, you have to wait for a little cute and wait. Don't hurry, be careful that your wife and people are running..."

"Hey, you shut me up. Today, I am overjoyed, what are you talking about?" Luran looked very dissatisfied with the look of Bai Mokou.

"Haha, I don't remind you of this? You can rest assured that you and the little cute will be able to grow old and look at each other for a lifetime. I can be optimistic about you~" Bai Jing really looked at Lu Ran.

"This is almost the same, let's go." Luran was quite satisfied with the blessings of Bai Mozhen, and he forgave the unspeakable mouth of the friend.

Gu Qingyan saw the first look of Lu Ran, showing that she later thought that the little brother's women's clothing actually had some good looks, but always felt like laughing.

Gu Qingyan tried to restrain his own rising mouth, and said to Lu Ran intimately: "Little brother, you are beautiful today."

Luran heard the words of Gu Qingyan, and forced himself to feel uncomfortable. He must clean up the little **** who is consuming at the end of the night.

"Yeah, you are also very handsome today, my little crying bag." Luran back with a smile.

Gu Qingyan heard Lu Ran’s words and looked at the other’s smile. He always felt that he was pill at night, but now he is excited to want to tease his little brother.

Gu Qingyan replied with a smile: "It's really beautiful, little brother, you are the best person I have ever seen."

The people next to them are squatting, and Qu Yang even opened a microblogging live broadcast.

I saw the barrage at the moment:

Today's Lu is really beautiful, 2333 fans are not paying for life. //Laughing at me, I can’t stop. Don't say that today's general appearance is really beautiful, and he is very handsome. Male and male? ? //No, everyone, my laughing stomach hurts a new generation of women's squats, I actually feel a bit nice. //It’s an unforgettable wedding. Gu Gu Shuai Lu...emmm, it’s so beautiful. //How can you do this in front of you? In fact, it’s really good to look at the gas field that is not dominant with Lu’s domineering. If you can be shy, it’s better. //...

After all the friends and relatives who have experienced the brothers and the little crying bag are in a difficult situation, Luran finally holds the beauty.

It’s true that it’s really beautiful, and Lu’s wedding dress directly hangs his lover’s crying bag, regardless of Gu Qingyan’s excitement and turns around and ran away.

On the road with Gu Qingyan's wedding car, Luran whispered to Gu Qingyan's ear and said: "Small crying bag, you will wait for me at night..."

Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran innocently and pleased to say: "Little brother, I have nothing to do, I am innocent. And you are really beautiful today."

Lu Ren resentfully bite Gu Qingyan’s cheek and squinted his eyes and threatened: “When I wait in the evening, I will let you know who is better...”

Gu Qingyan heard Lu Ran’s words red, and the little brother was really too... Gu Qingyan buried his face in Lu’s chest and shyly replied: “Well, I am waiting~”

To be honest, getting married is a sweet and painful thing. The reason is very simple. It is very good because two people who have been in love for a long time have entered the happy marriage hall. This is a wonderful wedding ceremony.

Not to mention the new people, just like the performance actors, going back and forth to change clothes, just saying that the toasting of this table is almost terrible, especially the table that looks at the people who want to retaliate against Lu, especially Gu Qingyan. My brother Gu Shuo and Gu Ling are simply.

Today's Luran can be said to have been tossed, and the wine that has been poured a lot seems to be drunk. Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran's look distressed, and wanted to help Lu Ran stop the result of Gu Shuo's eyes.

"Gu Qingyan, I tell you that this wine is definitely a drink today, otherwise he would not want to call me a small scorpion." Gu Shuo's tone is overbearing.

Lu Ran looked at Gu Shuo’s appearance. Although he was reluctant to be so tempted by the other party, he would not want to cry with the little room today. Everyone said that life is three great things. The happiest thing is this room. But today, this is afraid that there is no way.

Lu Ran can not offend Gu Shuo can only bitter haha ​​preparations to take over the wine glasses handed down by Gu Shuo, and then suddenly extended a slender hand to pick up the glass.

Gu Shuo looked up and saw the white desert that had nothing to pretend to be unable to see him. He was watching his smile and playing haha ​​and said: "Gu, this wine is still my drink instead of Luran. I am a good person today." Best man, drink around, who is not the same, what do you say?"

Gu Shuo looked at Bai Mo, and finally caught this person today. The previous debt can be settled, so Gu Shuo opened his mouth faintly: "Well, you will accompany him to drink with me..."

"Good, one word."

Although the mouth said so, but the eyes of Bai Mo have some meanings are unknown, and Gu Shuo’s only stare at the white desert.

Gu Qingyan looked at his own brother and Bai Mo's manners, and he couldn't help but wonder, but he quickly forgot his head because his little brother was the focus. Lu Lu looked like he couldn't get drunk.

Finally ended the wedding banquet, waiting for the group of drunk friends and family, Gu Qingyan to get drunk and drunken to get to the bed, helplessly glanced at Luran, ready to go to the hotel bathroom to receive water to help Luran Scrub it.

As a result, she just turned and prepared to leave, and she was pulled from the back to the bed by Luran. Luan turned over and turned Gu Qingyan down.

Luran’s face was obviously drunk, and he smiled at his little crying bag.

Gu Qingyan looked at Lu’s stupid look. He smiled and took a sigh of relief. He was suddenly taken over by Lu. Lu Ran took Gu Qingyan's hand to his lips and kissed him. He looked at Gu Qingyan and said, "I love you, crying."

Gu Qingyan looked at Luran's movements and smiled and responded: "I love you too, little brother. But the drunken little brother, you let me go. I went to the bathroom to help you get the water rubbed, you have all the wine. stinky."

Luran heard Gu Qingyan's words, leaned over and pressed close to Gu Qingyan's ear/sense, and whispered, "Hello, so use your fragrance to cover up the smell of my body, you said good or not?"

Gu Qingyan was suddenly stunned by Luran’s sudden screaming, and Lu’s hand was still unfairly groping on Gu Qingyan’s body. Gu Qingyan’s shy response: “Don’t... don’t touch where...”

Luran heard Gu Qingyan’s words dark and dark. He looked at Gu Qingyan’s eyes and said: “Today is our cave, and your enjoyment is just fine. I am here to serve you...”

There is a low gasping voice from Gu Qingyan in the language of the door. The air is filled with a sultry taste. The moonlight tonight is as beautiful as you, but I have no time to look at the moonlight, because now you are hooked, like The goblin is generally fascinated by my mind, which makes me unable to extricate myself.

There is a saying that the red candle is warm, and the spring is short. But now there is no red candle, so it will be very long tonight...

After spending a sweet wedding ceremony, Gu Qingyan invested in "Hey! In the filming of "Do not move", although Luran had a small temper to separate himself from his newlyweds, he was relieved after receiving the deep comfort of his lover.

Gu Qingyan began to prepare for the work, while the other side of the same time Luran planned the honeymoon travel arrangements.

- "Hey! Don't move, the first game

At the beginning of the lens, a beautiful woman with a long shawl in the dark alley wearing a tight short dress on a pair of high-heeled shoes, a woman with a pair of very beautiful eyes with a black tears under her eyes, looks like a genre And temptation is unlimited.

A man has been wretched to follow a woman for a long time. The man knows that there is no monitoring around him, so he dragged the woman into the deserted alley from behind. He thought that this beautiful woman was his prey, but unfortunately this is not the case. He is the prey that the other side is looking for.

Before he waited for the man to react, he was overthrown by the other side. The woman looked at his prey carefully and looked at it for a long time, picking up the scalpel and cutting it.

Hunting prey outside is also a very interesting experience for him.

He has done this many times to kill people, so his movements are clean and neat, and after the evidence is processed, he ensures that he is very clean and happy to leave the song.

- "Hey! Don't move, Game 32

In E's affiliated hospital, doctor Lu Jingyun is processing the case in his hand. He is a cool and handsome man, so there are many people who like Dr. Lu.

Lu Jingyun wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses and dressed in a neat white coat. The body was full of abstinence. He loved to drink bitter black coffee. He was a polite and helpful person.

When the police came to the hospital to see the doctor, they met Dr. Lu. Gradually they became friends, and they could say nothing.

Fang Ming revealed to Dr. Lu that their police were recently investigating a difficult serial killing. According to eyewitnesses, the victims had contacted a very beautiful woman before they were killed. Therefore, the police initially determined that the woman was a prisoner of the murder.

Fang Ming spoke to Lu Jingyun to the heart of the most poisonous woman. The more beautiful things, the more harmful they are. He told Lu Jingyun to be more careful not to be stared, Lu Jingyun laughed back to see Fang Ming, with a funny smile in the beautiful eyes covered by gold wire glasses.

Fang Ming did not know that Dr. Lu had a special hobby, that is, changing the women's clothes to kill pests. However, this matter can not blame him, because Lu Jingyun's childhood life experience, the twisted childhood makes his psychology long gone, he thinks that he just used a different kind of justice to get rid of the social locusts nothing more.

Lu Jingyun likes to wear a women's dress to become a charming woman, looking for his prey.

During the day, the hospital rescued the injured doctor, the night city tempted the hot killer, the police and criminals contest, the collision of justice and justice.

And in "Hey! When I was not shooting, Gu Qingyan’s "The Deer" was finally broadcast.

Gu Qingyan used the Weibo number of his heart to do the first marketing.

The peace of mind: "Competition" was broadcast, I will play the role of Qin Ge in it. o(*////▽////*)q I hope you can enjoy my show~

Gu Qingyan: I hope everyone likes "competition" and likes Qin Ge.

Little brother's little crying bag: I hope everyone supports the "competition", this drama is very good. And I think that I am going on like this, sooner or later I will become fine. (*/ω\*)


Little brother's little crying bag: Little brother, I miss you. What are you doing? @小哭包家的小哥哥

Xiaoxiaobao's little brother: Little brother, I also want to cry. My little brother is watching the TV show you played, and you are thinking about it. (づ ̄3 ̄)づ

Little brother's little crying bag: (づ ̄3 ̄) づ Little brother 乖, I will soon be able to finish the work. After that, I will accompany my little brother, what?


扣子君: Mr. Qin Geqin, who is a good performer, is awesome! ! This temperamental conflict is actually not considered to be a play, and it is superb, but my dear heart, when the novel version of "Competition" can be uploaded and published, will you meet? I really want to see it! ! !

I love Gu Gu: Gu Qin’s Qin Fudge is really good. I found that my cute love beans are really amazing. The game masters who don’t write novels are not good actors~~

The little oranges of the sheep and sheep family: Gu Gu’s "Competition" is really good to look at, and it is really great to take care of you in order to care for you. !


And when Gu Qingyan finished shooting, hehe! When I don’t move, the plot of "The Deer" was also broadcast, and the identity of Qin Ge was exposed. So Gu Qingyan’s Weibo is full of fans of fans who are eager to eat.

Button Jun: What? A face is arrogant. Qin Fudge was so deep hidden that he did not find it before, he actually... Stunned, the seeds in my hand are gone.

Hey: I used to think that Qin Ge is strange, so is this all designed by him? ?

The little oranges of the sheep and sheep family: Looking back now, there are actually several fragments, and Qin Ge’s eyes are not right! Stunned, so Qin Ge is behind the big boss? ? Black question mark, I think I need to eat something to calm down now. Qin Fudge did not expect that you were actually such a person, but it seems that you are called Qin Fudge and we don’t have cat cakes (*/ω\*).

The little strawberry that you love to eat: Gu Gu’s performance is really good, and the novels written are also beautiful! ! To tell the truth, the individual is more like the "Devil" than the previous "Xian Zhe", which means that the man's play is really good! ! Especially Qin Ge and the six emperors, drooling...

I want to write Xiao Huangwen: I can't help but think of yy Qin Ge and the Six Emperors, although the reality of care and sheep can only be **** honey. But fortunately there are countless possibilities in the play, but I have to say that the gas field is too strong, the sheep and sheep are always too much! !


Xiaoxiaobao's little brother: My baby is awesome. I like watching the little crying package. @小哥哥家的小哭包

Little brother's little crying bag: Little brother likes it~~(*////▽////*)q. My little brother, my work is over. Where do we go to honeymoon?

Little crying brother's little brother: Go to M country first, I want to see where the little crying bag was born. (〃\'▽\'〃)

Little brother's little crying bag: Well, listen to the little brother. (づ ̄3 ̄)づ


The author has something to say:

Because the wedding ceremony is a sudden thought of the addition of the clip ... so, I need to sort out the microblogging later. Smile of the fascination, I want to see you later on Weibo~

The little crying bag and the little brother officially finished, and several other foreigners will be updated one after another. Because you don't say you want to see the secondary cp, so I won't write because I am lazy 2333.

Thank you, the little angels have chased my slogan for so long. I hope that you all will like their story 00+. In the end, the shameless **** author asks for the collection, other **** collections, if you like me, collect it. , o (* / / / / ▽ / / / / *) q leave a message to encourage me to encourage you, or a person alone is a bit lonely ~

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