The incident of the peace of mind is officially passed, although the follow-up influence still exists. For example, the book of the heart of the heart has finally found the best place to remind, whether it is Gu Qingyan’s Weibo or Luran every day. Weibo and even the official Weibo of Star Entertainment have a large book of powders under the guise, and the scene can be said to be unprecedented.

Lu Ran finally realized at this moment that he understood that Gu Qingyan’s family would receive a lot of blades to sell. However, Wanshou Book Powder is still sensible because most of the book powder is afraid of scaring Gu Xiaoyu, so the book fans will urge the more blade express to be sent to Star Entertainment and express special attention on the express that may be equipped with a more blade. Accepted by the office.

From this, we can see the deep position of Gu Qingyan in the hearts of the fans, the kind of hatred that sharpens the sword.

At the same time, the filming of the "Competition" TV series was nearing the end, and finally the filming of the last scene was made.

- "Competition" 103rd

With a complex mood, Mu Zifei came down to the palace royal study with his supporter and his loyal hand. Today he is coming to force the palace.

While Qin Ge is making tea at this time, his look is lightly holding the delicate white jade porcelain cup with the slender fingers of white scorpion, and sighing without hesitation. Qin Ge's look is leisurely and leisurely. It does not seem to be disturbed by Mu Zifei's sudden visit, but rather an unexpected look.

He seems to have expected this all the same, Qin Ge's face is like a smile, as if waiting for Mu Zifei for a long time. Qin Ge played with the white jade teacup in his hand and sighed and glanced at Mu Zifei indifferently said: "You have finally come to Xiaoliu, I have been waiting for you for a long time."

Mu Zifei looked at Qin Ge, who was in the robes and added himself to the world. The other party was already not the one who remembered his brother and brother, and he said that he was just a brother and brother. He is now his own four emperor Mu Jin. Xiao.

Mu Zifei told himself that this person was a tyrant. He used unscrupulous means for his superiors. He had a killer for those who disobeyed him. His method was fierce and sinister. He was a cruel emperor instead of the one. Qin Ge Qin brother, who is kind and compassionate.

"Four brother, you abdicate." Mu Zifei looked at Qin Ge's tone with a sad feeling of unclear.

Qin Ge looked up at Mu Zifei and put down the teacup in his hand. The heart is complicated, Mu Zifei is his sixth brother, and he was the best person to treat himself in the palace where he was eating meat. The expression of Qin Geqi was unknown.

The men who followed Mu Zifei to come to force the palace together were very nervous and pointed to Qin Ge at the moment. They were afraid that this person would be unfavorable to their own temple.

Mu Zifei indicated that his subordinates could not act rashly, let them stay in place, and refused to let them go to harm Qin Ge.

And Qin Ge’s move also exceeded the expectations of the people present, and it was unexpected. I saw him touched Mu Zifei’s hair and looked at Mu Zifei’s eyes gently, but his eyes were mixed. There are too many things that Mu Zifei can't understand.

"Six emperors, you are still too naive." Qin Ge's tone is like a brother who taught his brother, helpless and petting.

This person is always so naive to believe that there is still a so-called brotherhood in this emperor's house, which makes people feel ridiculous and stupid. This person is too naive to always have a heart of a child, but only such a person will be able to bring the rich and healthy life that they hope to the people of Limin, perhaps in the near future, his younger brother Zifei will Becoming the Sheng Shi Ming Jun that he had hoped for, and then went to the world to be admired by future generations.

He is too tired, whether it is hard-working revenge, or hard-working to get on the top, or quietly eradicating dissidents, ruthless murder, such as hemp, he is really tired and finally his When the younger brother grows up, he can let go of all this and take a breather.

Mu Zifei did not understand what Qin Ge was thinking, and Mu Zifei looked at Qin Ge. Qin Ge showed a happy smile to him, and then the smile disappeared. Qin Ge suddenly fell to the ground, his mouth began to bleed, and then slowly closed his eyes and did not breathe. Everything was too sudden and everyone did not respond. come.

"Quickly pass the doctor!" Mu Zifei hugged Qin Ge's body and cried with tears.

But when people die like lights, it is such a moment, Qin Ge is dead. His four emperor Mu Jinxiao died, and eventually he got the emperor, but only he was alone.

The last picture, Mu Zifei, went out to the palace and went to the tavern where Qin Ge often went to drink, and Qin Ge, who had already died, appeared in front of himself.

"Four brothers!" Mu Zifei shouted.

Qin Ge smiled at Mu Zifei and said: "Hey, isn't this your Highness? Can you accompany a small drink?"

The two people returned to the past many years ago. At this moment, they all put down all the unhappiness in their hearts. Everything seemed to vanish. They talked freely, talked loudly, and didn't feel good, and Mu Zifei didn't know that he was slightly drunk and fell on the table.

Qin Ge smiled at Mu Zifei's appearance and turned to prepare to leave without saying goodbye. When he was just about to step out of the pub door, he heard a question from Mu Zifei behind him: "Four brother, where are you going?"

Qin Ge did not look back, but the tone of emotion expressed in his tone: "I am not your fourth brother, my name is Qin Ge. I am going to travel to this great river. I will not be with my Highness. I hope that the treasure will be treasured and forgotten." ""

Mu Zifei looked at the back of Qin Ge's departure. He smiled bitterly. His fourth brother actually only wanted to make him an emperor. The purpose of the fourth brother was finally reached. He could never become a prince. He was pitted by his fourth brother.

There is no such thing as Mu Jinxiao in the whole world.

After the "competition" was killed, Gu Qingyan and Lu Ran and his son could have been a very comfortable time.

During this time, Lu Ran also got a lot of harmony with Gu Qingyan's brothers. On this day, Gu Qingyan participated in an activity. After the event, he received a phone call and asked him to go to them for the first time. Meet the little park.

It’s a naive act like the two people who went together to go where they used to go. They often do it together. They will hold hands together, walk together the path they have traveled, eat the snacks they used to eat, and feed each other to recall the youth.

Gu Qingyan walked on the small road in the park wearing a mask. When he was small, he was so helpless that he came here and misunderstood him. He met the person who was "not him" in his life.

It may be because of the feelings of the scene, Gu Qingyan can even clearly feel his fear of helplessness and fear in the past, all this seems to have happened not long ago, but also vividly. But soon Gu Qingyan smiled and left the thought behind.

Suddenly someone grabbed Gu Qingyan's eyes from behind. He subconsciously wanted to hit the other party but heard the "small crying bag." He relaxed because Gu Qingyan knew that this was his little brother.

"Little brother." Gu Qingyan wanted to take off his hand with his eyes, but he did not let it.

Lun said softly: "The little crying bag is closed, and you don't move."

Gu Qingyan heard Lu Ran’s words, and his well-behaved eyes closed motionlessly waiting for Lu’s movements. Luran took out a soft red ribbon and tied Gu Qingyan's eyes, then leaned closer to his ear and said softly.

"Hey, don't be afraid that the little brother will take you." In the words, Lu Ran took Gu Qingyan's hand.

Luran’s hand is very warm, so Gu Qingyan is very at ease. Although Gu Qingyan didn't know what Luran had to do, he didn't care about it. When this is a small love of Luran, maybe there are some small surprises.

However, Gu Qingyan does not know, this is not a small surprise, but a vulgar marriage proposal~

They took a walk with both hands and suddenly stopped. Gu Qingyan couldn’t touch the back of his back.

Gu Qingyan asked in confusion: "What happened to my little brother?"

Lu did not speak, but the ribbon that tied Gu Qingyan’s eyes was ripped off. But Gu Qingyan didn't blink because he was very embarrassed. The little brother didn't say anything. He would never blink and peek.

"Open your eyes." Luran's voice is gentle and sweet.

Gu Qingyan opened his eyes for a moment and the whole person was forced.

Why are his family and friends and Luran’s parents here? ?

Lu Lu opened his mouth at this moment. He looked at Gu Qingyan’s eyes and asked: “Small crying bag, remember? This is the place we met for the first time.”

Gu Qingyan nodded: "Little brother, I remember."

Luran pulled up his hand, his eyes filled with love, and the joking memories complained: "When I first saw you, your dirty ones pushed me."

Gu Qingyan nodded embarrassedly, and Lu looked at him with a sigh of relief: "But you don't know, I actually fell in love with you at first sight. I still remember the moment you looked up, I saw a beautiful peach blossom with tears. Eyes, then I don’t forget the twin peach eyes, dreams, and thoughts, I think I’m afraid to fall in love at the moment I look at you.”

Gu Qingyan's face was too hot, and the tip of his ear was red.

Because Lu’s eyes were too affectionate, Gu Qingyan was somewhat embarrassed to see him.

Lu Lu’s next move made Gu Qingyan feel in the same place, and he was at a loss. He saw a beautiful box on one knee and opened the box. The inside of the box is a pair of styles that are exquisite and should be customized.

Luran holding the ring, kneeling on the ground and looking up at Gu Qingyan: "Little crying bag, before the little brother said that I want to compensate you with my brother's next life. So my little crying bag, can you promise me? Little brother?"

Gu Qingyan finally came back to God, and his eyes were unconsciously a little moist, and he answered with a pleasant answer: "Good."

Luran smiled and took out a ring and put it on Gu Qingyan's hand. Gu Qingyan took the other out and put it on Luran's hand, and then pulled it up.

Luran got up and hugged Gu Qingyan to kiss his lips, and forgot his little crying bag, this kiss was gentle and somewhat overbearing and extremely lingering.

At this time, the fireworks suddenly appeared in the sky above the park, and the fireworks spread out in the shape of a loving look.

This is a very old-fashioned way of marriage proposal, but Gu Qingyan feels very sweet and very happy.

There are many ways to propose a marriage, but Luran feels that this may be the best way to propose a marriage. Although it is not novel enough, it can be said that it is vulgar and old-fashioned. In the place where two people first met each other, they invited their family and friends to witness together. He used his ring to put his little crying bag in his grip. This simple happiness does not care about the form. Care about love.

There is a lettering in the ring, Lu Yan is engraved with a small crying bag, Gu Qingyan is a small brother.

Childish as Luran, but what about it?

As long as his little crying bag likes not to be disgusted, Luran wants to cry for a childish life.

Little brother's little crying bag: Little brother asked me to marry, so happy. o(*////▽////*)q@小哭包家的小哥哥

(づ ̄3 ̄) づ I love you, my little brother.

Xiaoxiaobao's little brother: I love you, my little crying bag. (Love, love, love)

Qu Yang: I have witnessed a special old-fashioned proposal, but they look so happy! ! (With pictures: Gu Qingyan and Luran kiss and kiss, the fireworks on the sky is the shape of love.)

Weibo has blown up the melons and said: Little brother, please make sure that the little crying bag has been happy.

The next day, the two of them went directly to the card. The two people in the photo matched and laughed sweetly.

Gu Qingyan: I am married to my little brother, I love you, my little brother. @陆然@小哭包家的小哥哥(づ ̄3 ̄)づ (With picture: red book wedding photo.)

Lu R: I love you too, my little crying bag. @顾青衍@小哥哥家的小哭包(づ ̄3 ̄)づ (With picture: Red book wedding photo.)

The people who eat melons have congratulated and said: My cute cp finally learned to use a large sugar candy, so sweet~~

The little oranges of the sheep and sheep family: Yesterday, I saw the marriage of Lu Zong and Gu Gu on Weibo Weibo. I am going to do a marriage certificate today. Saflower celebration! !

I love Gu Gu: Although I have long known that I love to care for = loss of love, but I am very happy to see if I can be happy! ! I wish you a happy new year! !

扣子君: I wish you a big happy wedding, and Lu’s big book powder warns you that if you dare to bully our family, we will use your real blade to smash you! ! !

I love to eat small strawberries: blessing for a happy wedding, fans will always love you! ! We will always be your strongest backing, what?

Care for the happy wedding: Gu Gu for you, I even changed the name of Weibo ~ praise me, o (* / / / / ▽ / / / / *) q. And we will always be your strongest backing. If Lu always dares to bully you, we will slap the land with the older brothers! !


Xiaoxiaobao's little brother: Xiaoxiaobao, your fans are so ferocious. Wronged (;へ:), they scared the little brother. @小哥哥家的小哭包

Little brother's little crying bag: Touching the little brother, I know that even if they don't say you will hurt me for a lifetime, right?

Xiaoxiaobao's little brother: Of course, the little brother promises to hurt you and love you all the time, even if they don't say I will do it. (Proud face) But it's really good, except for me, there are so many people baby you, but a little crying bag you have to remember that the little brother is the most precious one of you! ! (づ ̄3 ̄)づ

Little brother's little crying bag: Ok, childish ghost, I know ~o(*////▽////*)q


Baby, although everyone knows you are good, but unfortunately they can't have you to get you, because I will never give you to anyone, I will hurt you, love you, take care of you forever, I love You and I will regard you as life.

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It’s almost finished with 00 but there is still something outside, and it should be quite sweet. (*/ω\*) You have to believe the **** author~

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