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Heroes of the Invincible Knight

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Richard was reborn in a different world and became the heir of a small noble family. It was not a bowl start after all.

But this world seems to be very dangerous. There are giants in the north, the sea clan in the south, and the orcs are more aggressive. Humans are far from being powerful.

Fortunately, with the heroic invincible system, Li Cha finally has the ability to control his own destiny.

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Short Title:HIK
Alternate Title:英雄无敌之骑士
Author:Ye Han Scholar
Weekly Rank:#3348
Monthly Rank:#2481
All Time Rank:#2679
Tags:Aristocrat, Army Building, Cheats, Cunning Protagonist, Elves, Family, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Fantasy, Fantasy Magic, Kingdom Building, Knights, Knights Level System, Late Romance, Leadership, Magic, Male Protagonist, Marriage, Medieval, Modern Knowledge, Monsters, Nobles, Orcs, Pets, Reincarnated in Another World, Summoning Magic, System, Wars,
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26 Comments on “Heroes of the Invincible Knight
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  1. O autor deve tomar cuidado guando fala sobre o status do personagem pois em um capítulo onde ele volta da quinta regiao os status atingem 20 pontos o logo nos seguintes volta pra 17, 18pontos.

  2. is this novel really good? normally with rating more than 3 star is decent but somehow i read the first 50 and its annoying as hell. the way things progress, they way MC treat his soldiers, poor diplomatic that relies on coercion and heavily rely on system kinda tick me off somehow. its okay if the novel is about playing games. but since its about building kingdom, and yet he don't care much about own original local soldier lives, and saving system army and allowing cannon fodder charging head on without care. somehow its not like how modern civilized person, who the novel claim MC to be, should act. i mean in kingdom building, unlike in game, human lives is the most expensive resource. and yet he don't care much

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