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Her Majesty Was Pregnant Before Entering the Palace

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Jiang Ning, who was in the boudoir, was pregnant and entered the second room of Jiang’s family with a lame leg, just as he met the emperor to choose a concubine for King Yu.

The noble ladies of the noble family participated in the selection of the concubine with all their strength, but the flower fell on the head of Jiang Ning, who was watching the fun.

Jiang Ning: “???”

She didn’t dare to let King Yu be the receiver, she tried her best to tell others that she was pregnant, but the whole world didn’t believe it.

She vomited, and they laughed at her pretending to be sick.

She was sleepy, and they laughed at her for pretending to be weak.

She had a big belly, and they laughed at her for eating too much.

Jiang Ning wanted the doctor’s proof, but all the eighteen doctors he found were of the same caliber: You just ate too much!


King Yu, a handsome and handsome young man, raised his eyes to look at the blue sky, as bright as a jade tree in front of the wind.

This is the description of the fifth emperor of the emperor’s family by the people of Chang’an City.

But the real King Yu is ruthless and cruel, and only takes advantage of women.

He knew that the second lady of the Jiang family was Bai Yueguang of the emperor’s father, and that the daughter the Jiang family had just found looked exactly the same as the second lady of the Jiang family when she was young.

So, even though the girl was lame, he still threw the embroidery in his hand into her arms.


After marriage, he knew that he was a successor, but for the sake of the throne, even if he hated her extremely, he still pretended to spoil her until…

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Short Title:HMWPBEP
Alternate Title:娘娘进宫前有喜了
Author:Gongsun Xiaoyue
Weekly Rank:#822
Monthly Rank:#948
All Time Rank:#3286
Tags:Cooking, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Pregnancy, Transmigration,
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12 Comments on “Her Majesty Was Pregnant Before Entering the Palace
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  1. Anyone have the raws for this? I Transmigrated Into a Novel and Became the Vicious Stepmother of Five Cute Babies Wu Shuangzho # COZY # OMNIPOTENT # CHIEFASSISTANT In her past life, Mo Ruyue was a top-notch assassin. She was as indifferent as an abyss, and had killed more people than she had fingers to count. In her new life, she became the vicious stepmother of five munchkins in a remote mountain valley, and they were terrified of her. In this life, she decided to change the way she lived. She only had four bare walls for a house? Her children starved to the point they were just skin and bones? No problem. She could kill wild boars with her bare hands, so food wasn’t an issue. She was also proficient in multiplication tables, and her kids instantly became big fans of hers. It had been a difficult journey to change from a vicious stepmother to a warm one. Then, her supposedly dead husband suddenly returned, now the first minister of the dynasty.“Let’s divorce. Give me the children, and I’ll return the money to you.” “I don’t lack anything, just you and the children.” "Is she dead? Why hasn't she moved for so long..." "Er Bao, I'm... scared of... death. What should I do? Why hasn't Da Bao brought Wu Bao back yet? "Er Bao, San Bao... could Da Bao and Wu Bao have been eaten by... some big, fierce beast?" In a shabby house, two little boys less than six sat in the corner, holding hands. They looked at the motionless woman on the ground in horror. Although they were afraid to get close, they did not dare to leave the house. The little ones mumbled in a low voice and sobbed in fear simultaneously. The small movements of their chattering directly woke up the impatient Mo Ruyue. I Transmigrated Into a Novel and Became the Vicious Stepmother of Five Cute Babies

  2. I tried, but I just can't get into it. There are too many unfinished mysteries, too many misunderstandings, too many secrets. A little bit of suspense is fun, but this story drags everything out and adds a bit of everything into the mix. The FL has transmigrated into the body of an orphan girl, whose parents have left her a dilipated restaurant. A sloppy old man fainted at her door one day, after that he comes by often to eat. When the story starts he brings his grandson. Pretty soon it is clear that the old man is the emperor. Why did he faint at her door? Is FL blind, can't she see the quality of clothes and people? The difference in appearance between an emperor and a poor old man should be evident. The emperor pays for his food with antiques, that really look old and dirty. Why? He knows she is poor, why not give her money? The time he comes with his grandson, he gives her food to cook with. Then as payment again a dirty cup. I don't understand, just pay her in money or food, already... And is she so stupid that she does not recognize even one bit of art? Even if she does not recognize it, FL ran out of food. Why not pawn it off? Then going further, a nanny from the palace comes to recognize her, but they talk around each other into a weird misunderstanding. Why? Why was this necessary? A day later, her father comes to recognize her. First of course they must misunderstanding eachother, then when she understands she asks: do you have money? And leaves with him. No author, this is not funny. Her father immediately realizes she has been feeding the emperor, and that her house is full of treasures, but doesn't tell her. Why not? Back to Jiang house, it becomes evident that her mother was the most beautiful woman of her time and that only after FL went missing, the mother got sick and concubines went rampant. Why, then, are there 5th and 6th sisters (FL is 7th). So much for the love of her parents.. Still at Jiang house, father Jiang asks her to stay with her bio mother, but because mother is mentally ill, FL should pretend to be a distant niece. Why? Just stop with the weird twists, we are barely 20 chapters in... FL thinks she is pregnant and has more than one doctor diagnose her pulse. Except for one very young doctor, who thinks her pregnancy pulse is obvious, all other doctors do not detect it. Why? Why? Why??!!! I skipped a lot of chapters and got to the part where she marries the 5th Prince. They don't consume the marriage, but he finds out she is pregnant and wants her to abort. From that part, I think the child should/could be his, but he does not know. Instead of explaining to him, she says something like: "you know who visited me in the old restaurant", making him think the baby is the emperors'. WHY? Then, of course she runs away with an old male friend (wanna bet a misunderstanding will occur with ML?) and I dropped it. Only thing bothering me is the question whether she is really lame. I don't think she should be, but it seems to really be the case. I still have my doubts, which is another annoying mystery. I don't recommend. Too many misunderstandings and mysteries. I can't emphatize with FL and don't feel the humour author fails to use.

  3. Okey still early chapter Mostly comedy Mc transmigated to an unknown dynasty (but from story it should similar to Tang dynasty) it is not stated yet how long she living here but she should living here from a childhood Mc original body was kidnaped around 3 years old later was adoupt by a couple They open home cooking store. Mc can cook, has great hand writing and other skill but she doesnot known any antique There is an oldman come to eat at mc store and give antique instead of money but mc does not known any of them so she thought all of them is junk she use one of expensive bowl as a cat bowl ... mc has a ton of treasure now. She does not even reconize real bank notes. Mc had an accident when she was a child that make her lower body paralyse need a wheelchair to move around. I will add more later or maybe once I finished this novel.

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