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Hello, How Long Has This Been Going On?

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Programmer Tao Zhiyue transmigrated into a cannon fodder in a bloody CEO article. He was the first love in the book that caused the protagonist Huo Ran to become disabled and heartbroken. In the end, he was revenged to death by the protagonist’s husband and wife, especially miserable.

Tao Zhiyue ran away without hesitation.

As a dead house, he firmly squatted at home with the computer as a companion, indulging in the wonderful sand sculpture online world, so unhappy.

Just kidding, even if the plot wants him to meet Huo, there is no chance, okay?

When browsing the forum one day, he saw such a delusional phishing post:

[Title] I was pursued by four people of the same sex, but I am a straight man, how should I politely refuse?

Tao Zhiyue, a gay man, replied with a sneer –

Then he inexplicably had met an old-fashioned netizen.

Tao Zhiyue tried to teach the straight male netizen some coquettish manipulations of rejecting other people’s love, and the effect was remarkable, and he successfully strangled the other party’s peach blossoms!

Later, the netizen, who he had an increasingly ambiguous relationship with, invited him to formally meet him, and he went to the appointment with a throbbing heart.

The tall and handsome man stretched out his hand nervously, blushing: Hello, my name is Huo Ran.

Tao Zhiyue:! ! ! ! ! !

A decisive programmer who loves life and never works overtime × Occasionally the pure love of elementary school chicks straight ball rich second generation attack, double first love.

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Short Title:HLTBGO
Alternate Title:你好,这种情况持续多久了?
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All Time Rank:#5413
Tags:Businessmen, Calm Protagonist, Misunderstandings, Modern Day, Modern World, Nationalism, Online Romance, Programmer, Transmigration,
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20 Comments on “Hello, How Long Has This Been Going On?
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  1. I'm recommending this novel to all my friends, the story is incredibly good I SWEAR!! Their relationship is incredibly cute and mature, the secondary characters are good, there are no villains in this story which I already consider a bonus!! I read these 101 chapters in two days and honestly they would read a thousand more pages if the author wrote it, it's all so good that I'm rooting for him to create a physical version of the book <3

  2. 15 reasons to read this work of art: (do not contain spoilers) 1- The MC is not the dumb and clumsy type, he is incredibly intelligent. 2- ML is not the type that sees the MC as inferior, from his point of view you can see how much he admires him. 3- Their relationship is like a black cat and a golden retriever, our MC is more introverted and he acts more for reason, while ML is extroverted and acts for emotion. 4- Their relationship is incredibly mature, there are no unnecessary couple fights where they don't talk to each other, before an argument starts they already dialogued and resolved everything. 5- In this novel there is no villain, and there is also no cannon fodder to try to interfere with the relationship. 6- In this novel there is also no secondary couple, which I think is a shame because I would like to read more about ML's sister who is incredibly self-astral and fun. 7- There is no extremely sad scene :) 8- MC and ML's love language can be said to be quality time and gifts. They both like to spend time together watching movies and playing games, and right now they are treating each other. 9- Our ML despite being extremely athletic is also very nerdy, he is passionate about space mainly the constellations and the planet saturn (while reading he explains in detail) 10- Our MC is extremely passionate about cooking and every time he is happy he likes to cook. (ps: he often cooks when talking to ML and when they are together.) 11- The couple is quite cinephile but their tastes in movies are different, the MC prefers horror movies while the ML loves romance movies. 12- Throughout history, both MC and ML have a common game that they play. The MC's character in the game is a hedgehog representing his more introverted and isolated side, while the ML's character is represented as a bear demonstrating to be friendly and extroverted. 13- At the beginning of the story, the MC's sexual orientation as gay is introduced, but there is a whole process until he opens up and comfortably tells his closest friends his sexual orientation. Already the ML right away thinks he's a straight man for never having been interested in men even after several have already tried to flirt with him. (ps: he only discovers his sexual orientation when he meets the MC) 14- The dialogues during the course of the plot are like poetry, there are many passages that can be applied in our personal life. (ps: my gallery is full of excerpts that the author writes ^_^) 15- Their relationship begins at the very end of summer, and at the end of this novel, the season is summer again.

  3. First I must say that this story has become my favorite, and if the author decides to make a physical book I will really spend all my savings to buy this work of art!! Well, at first, you read the plot and imagine that it's something common like a simple reincarnation story, but it's MUCH more than that. . Our MC is practically a version of me, he was a guy who lived for his work and ended up missing many opportunities to live something new and when he reincarnates in another world at first he feels very lonely and alone, he desperately tries to escape the core of the soap opera and tries to create a routine where every day he does the same thing, his life becomes monotonous and his fear of interacting with others makes him even lonelier. But one day he interacts with someone online and realizes how good the interactions he avoided so much are, from a beautiful friendship that was created soon turned into love, our ML is incredibly patient and respectful with the MC, he always think of your well-being first, their relationship is so cute and sweet that you want to fall in love just by watching them!! Throughout the story we met the true "protagonist" of the soap opera who should have been ML's romantic couple, as a reader it scared me thinking that he would interfere in their relationship but no, he only had small lines and proved to be an extremely kind person with our MC!! The story itself is light and very beautiful to follow, it has no villain and no character that tries to interfere in the relationship between the two, which is extremely mature and comfortable, it would read a thousand pages if the author rewrote it again ^-^

  4. Primeiramente devo dizer que essa história se tornou a minha preferida, e se o autor resolver fazer livro físico eu realmente vou gastar todas as minhas economias pra comprar essa obra de arte!! Bom de início você lê o enredo e imagina que é algo comum como uma simples história de reencarnação, mas é MUITO mais que isso.. todos os pensonagens tem seus charmes e características tão únicas que da vontade de conhecê-los pessoalmente e interagir com eles. Nosso MC é praticamente uma versão minha, ele era uma cara que vivia pelo trabalho e acabou perdendo muitas oportunidades de viver algo novo e qnd ele reencarna em outro mundo ele de início se sente muito solitário e sozinho, ele tenta desesperadamente fugir do núcleo da novela e tenta criar uma rotina onde todos os dias ele faz a mesma coisa, sua vida se torna monótona e seu medo de interagir com os outros o faz mais solitário ainda. Mas num dia qualquer ele interagem com alguém on-line e percebe o quão bom são as interações que ele tanto evitava, de uma bela amizade que foi criada logo se transformou em amor, nosso ML é incrivelmente paciente e respeitoso com o MC, ele sempre pensa em seu bem estar primeiro, o relacionamento dos dois é tão fofo e doce que da vontade se apaixonar apenas observando os dois!! Ao decorrer da história conhecemos o verdadeiro “protagonista” da novela que deveria ser o par romântico do ML, como leitor me deu medo achando que ele interferir no relacionamento dos dois mas não, ele só teve pequenas linhas e se mostrou ser uma pessoa extremamente gentil com nosso MC!! A história em ci é leve e muito linda de se acompanhar não tem vilão e nenhum personagem que tenta interferir no relacionamento dos dois que é extremamente maduro e confortável, leria mil páginas se autor rescrevesse novamente ^-^

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