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Hello, 1983! I am back!

My relatives, my partners, my hometown, everything changes because of me…

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Short Title:H
Alternate Title:你好,1983
Weekly Rank:#465
Monthly Rank:#476
All Time Rank:#3456
Tags:Age Progression, Body Tempering, Business Management, Businessmen, Clever Protagonist, Doctors, Economics, Family, Gambling, Male Protagonist, Marriage, Medical Knowledge, Nationalism, Pregnancy, Second Chance,
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  1. "Qingshan, thank you for taking precautions, otherwise, we will be in big trouble this time. If not, Longteng Company will have to be seized."    And Xiao Wu patted Liu Qingshan on the shoulder with a smile:    "Comrade Liu Qingshan, don't be proud. This time I was selected as one of the top ten outstanding youths in the country. I must continue to work hard. Next time, I will strive to be elected as one of the top ten outstanding youths in the world" Lol, one investigator can seize his company? Did china went so backwards that different parts of their government doesnt communicate with each other? What happened to communism, so laughable.

  2. When in china the retarded mc gives away money left and right, when he's out of china he's the scum who steals money every chance he gets.

  3. You know, I almost believe in chinese medicine after reading this if not for "It nourishes kidney essence, warms essence and blood, and is a precious Chinese herbal medicine" being the description of 99% of the plants they've shown here.

  4. "  Liu Qingshan felt that the proposal of the fourth child was really good. Once Harry Potter was born, it was destined to become popular all over the world.   If the ancient Chinese mythology system can be integrated into it, it will indeed play a very good role in publicity.    You must know that China's mythology system is the most complex and colorful, and there are too many branches that can be extended." Oh boy he's going to butcher potterverse

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