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Heavenly Lord of the Myriad Realms

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What are the heavens?

Aloof and solitary, none can measure it’s might. It is law. It is commandment. It is merciless. It is unfeeling.

Overlooking all existence, controlling the winds and clouds, stripping reward and punishment, leisurely yet capable. For these reasons, the Will of Heaven cannot be measured, the firmament cannot be approximated. Obey it and yield to it even though it may not be to one’s benefit. Oppose it and rebel against it, fortune and disaster however are hard to determine.

Heaven, imprisoning the manifold existences like a deep well, the living things of the mortal world as mud.

There existed such a very simple, very resolute frog at the bottom of the well, cautiously guarding his mind there were a few, faint rays of light, bearing the meager convictions to absolutely nibble upon swan meat. Step by step from amidst the mire of the mortal world, struggling to leave, step by step to exit the unseeable depths of the sordid, deep well.

When he opened his great mouth towards the thoughts of nipping the swan, recklessly taking the firmament and swallowing it down in one bite!  

Chu Tian said, lacking money, demand even more money; lacking life, demand to pay with one’s life.

This is exactly Chu Tian’s determined, most simple and firm principle.  

This principle is greater than heaven!

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Short Title:HLMR
Original Title:万界天尊
Author:Blood Red
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Xuanhuan
Weekly Rank:#2255
Monthly Rank:#2434
All Time Rank:#2230
Tags:Ancient Times, Cultivation, Demons, Dragons, Gods, Male Protagonist, Nobles, Slaves,

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