Dry and did not fall asleep.

   He sat at the table and wrote down his own experience of dry technique one by one. The lampstand has been filled with oil several times, and a small pile of paper manuscripts on his hand have also accumulated.

   He did the same thing when the Wanjing Tower Incident happened ten years ago.

   wrote the things he figured out on paper, and then passed them to the new generation of the Privy Council, so that even if he died, all of what he had learned would not dissipate in vain.

   The only difference is that ten years ago, he was very motivated. When he was struggling to write, every painting was like a knife. What he wrote was his experience, but it was also a battle book.

   At this moment ten years later, his brushstrokes have slowed a lot, and the purpose of doing this is more to distract attention.

   Facing the oppression of the emperor and the secular imperial power, Qian admits that he has never hesitated, because only by overthrowing them, can the people who feel inspired can truly stand up and guide the world and better fight against powerful enemies.

   But facing Jinxia City, he didn't have the firmness he once was.

  The "Shenjin Weekly" collected by the spy, I have read through the issue without fail, and the biggest impression is that it is a city that makes him unimaginable. Not only is most of Shangyuan, none of the cities of the six countries he's been to can give him such a strong sense of freshness as described in the newspapers.

  Because it is too bizarre, the members of the Privy Council who are qualified to have access to these news feel that this is a counterintelligence operation launched by Jinxia. Everything is true and false, deliberately trying to confuse the Privy Council’s judgment.

   I just have doubts in my heart. For example, the naval battle with the Kingdom of Natatine and the war on the West Pole World Island are all made up. It would be too detailed. Others may not know it, but he doesn't deal with the West Extreme Envoys once or twice. He knows more or less about the customs that these people usually follow and the spells used in battle. If there is a flaw, he should be able to tell it at a glance.

   The content in the Shenjin Weekly News can't be faulted except for a bit shocking.

   thinking of the impression Xia Fan left on him again, Gan found that it was difficult for him to make a judgment for a while.

   Sure enough, he is not good at strategy, and he has no overall view.

   gave a wry smile. He used to be the sword of the Privy Council, and he is still. It's just that the affairs of the Privy Council have been so many recently, and he has also been forced to participate in a lot of tactics, which led to these distracting thoughts.

   The so-called mediocre people are harassing themselves. This is probably the case.

   He stretched out his hand, intending to extinguish the wick and go to bed. At this moment, a cool evening breeze came from behind, causing the lights to flicker a few times.

   Gan put his hand back again, he didn't expect that someone would dare to come to his door to find him trouble.

  Interesting, no matter who it is, you may be able to pull out unexpected information.

"I can find this kind of place, and I avoided all surveillance methods, and did not attract the attention of a guard. I have to admire this identity." Gan turned around and said, "Unfortunately you chose the wrong person-Yu, Rain Linglong!?"

   Even if he is a warrior who has experienced many battles, he couldn't help feeling a little astonished at this moment.

   He did not expect that the core members who were wanted by the Privy Council would send them to the door by themselves.

   Is she here to sneak attack?

   Up to this moment, the other party did not show any signs of offense, or that... she was in a very bad state, with vain soles of her feet, and abnormal rosy on her face. If she really did hand in hand, it would be no different from death.

   "Sir... don't come here without any problems." Instead, Yu Linglong slowly sat down by the window.

  Abnormal, this is too abnormal! The thought reverberated repeatedly in his dry mind, which also prevented him from notifying the guards outside the yard at the first time.

   "I'm fine, but you seem to be sick."

   "Indeed, I almost died in Feinian's hands."

   It seems that both sides are going to argue with each other about the changes that happened in Shangyuan City.

   Gan sat in a chair motionless and said, "Finian said that you attacked him, and it has already served Jinxia City."

   "Yes, in this upcoming battle, I really stand on the side of Jinxia City." Unexpectedly, Yu Linglong confessed.

   "You should know the fate of the traitor." His tone became colder.

   "It's just a death at best." Yu Linglong smiled, "But before you die, I hope you can see the truth instead of being blinded by the enemy."

   "What is Jinxia blinding us?"

   "It's not Jinxia City, it's an evil force." She gasped, "Fei Nian has been deceived by Anjia or the Black Sect, and is no longer a member of the Privy Council."

   "Is that so?" he said nonchalantly, "As far as I know, Feinian also mentioned in the report that the three princesses had obtained the home-staying technique and taught it to the monster. If there is nothing to say--"

   Before he finished speaking, Yu Linglong had already torn open her clothes.

   Half of her shoulder was exposed.

   Gan couldn't help frowning--I saw that Yu's exquisite and white skin had an extra mark covered with dark spots and blisters, which was definitely not the effect of sword thorns or burnt. More importantly, he can already smell the rotten skin and flesh, proving that the wound was not left recently, but has been around for a while.

   But he did not see any signs of recovery.

   Gan finally got up, walked to Yu Linglong's side, and put a finger into the dark spot.

   Yu Linglong took a breath, she bit her lip, so she didn't let herself make a noise.

Yuyi circulates his vigor and injects it into the wound. Although he has a dry mind, he has a certain grasp of the exchange technique and the sunda technique in the side position. In addition, the dryness represents the power of life, and sometimes it is used to treat injuries than a professional exchange surgeon. Also efficient.

   The blisters seemed to calm down a bit, which can be seen from Yu Linglong's gradually relaxed expression, but the dark spots have not receded, as if engraved in the flesh and blood.

"This is indeed the trauma caused by chaos~www.mtlnovel.com~ He withdrew his finger, the fingertip still has a strong burning sensation, the blood stained seems to be incompatible with the breath of the living," but if you want to use it as evidence, it still It's far from enough, after all, it's not impossible to deal with it. "

   Even so, he tore off half of his sleeves and bandaged Yu Linglong's wound again.

"Sir, you can't say that...I at least have the evidence, does Feinian have it?" She forced her smile, "If I have this kind of magic, why use a black arrow to attack Feinian? Just shoot. With the last palm, he could not live now. In fact, Feinian also ignored this. In his eyes, I am afraid that I was already a dead person...Unfortunately, he did not expect that I had two souls, so I did not let the injury. Deteriorating to the whole body."

   "That's right..." Qian said with a pensive expression, "So the truth you want us to see is actually the opposite of what Feinian explained?"

   "No, it doesn't matter at all." Yu Linglong shook her head slightly, "I just don't want to be slandered."

   "It doesn't matter... it doesn't matter?"

"Yes, whether I betrayed the Privy Council or Feinian has served the evil forces, it is nothing compared to the truth I want to tell." She grabbed the dry collar and said, "Listen well, this war is in progress. Jinxia City must not be lost. Any damage it suffers is a great loss to those who feel angry. Even the Seven Star Privy Council at this moment is far less important than it—"

   Yu Linglong paused, and said word by word, "Jinxia City is undergoing a change, and that is the goal that the world's passionate people pursue all their lives!"