The void was twisted and turbulent, and a water-like wave reappeared in the hall with a figure.

The master of the palace who wanted to escape was caught back by the other party and pinned on the throne!


The throne exploded, and the master of Zhenkong Palace vomited blood.

This majestic old man wearing a star-patterned robe had his crown dropped and his robe cracked, revealing an unprecedented embarrassment.



The pressing palm interrupted the palace master's begging for mercy, and Jiang Tian completed the soul search with an expressionless face.

Corroborating with Qingshan's eternal memory, there is a complete story about the ins and outs of that interception.



The master of the Zhenkong Hall exploded into blood mist.

Jiang Tian turned around and glanced at the more than 20 elders in the hall, his face expressionless and his eyes indifferent.


Everyone gasped and were horrified.

The palace master is dead, can they still live?

Some people even closed their eyes in fear, not daring to look at Jiang Tian's actions.

But the next moment, someone suddenly exclaimed!


"he's gone!"

Jiang Tian did not take action against them, but disappeared directly into the palace after killing the palace master.

The next moment, a figure suddenly flashed in front of the treasure hall next to the Zhenkong Hall.

"A treasure trove of treasures, idlers..."


Jiang Tian's breath swayed, knocking away the elder guarding the palace.

Shi Shiran entered the temple and began to worship and refine the golden feet.

"Before I leave this palace, anyone who enters the palace will be killed without mercy!"


Jiang Tian's voice came from the hall, and the elders who originally wanted to rush into the hall were frightened back.

He quickly fled towards the main hall, only to learn a terrible fact - the master of the hall was dead!

From this moment on, the entire Zhenkong Palace was shrouded in unprecedented fear, and everyone was trembling with fear, walking on thin ice.

Inside the Treasure Hall.

Jiang Tian called out Huo'er and ordered him to help him refine the golden feet.

The refining essence of the Great Five Elements Xinmu is a necessary material for sacrificial refining, and it has the miraculous effect of turning stone into gold.

But this does not mean that only this kind of material is enough. The assistance of other materials is still needed.

Those materials may also be found in the many storage rings Jiang Tian acquired, but it will also take a lot of time to sort and find.

If there were two sisters, Wei Feng and Wei Yu, accompanying him as before, of course this kind of thing could be left to them.

Although there are Zishuang Qiuxian and Qin Yao in Zixuan Realm now, it is obviously not a superior move to ask them to help temporarily.

On the contrary, the Zhenkong Hall has been in operation for a long time, and its treasure house contains a complete range of natural materials and earthly treasures in large quantities, which can definitely come in handy in this sacrifice.

"Qiu Xian, Qin Yao, come too!"


"Brother Tian!"

Jiang Tian waved his hand, and two beautiful women appeared beside him.

It is the two girls Zishuang Qiuxian and Qin Yao who have been staying in Zixuan Realm for a long time.

After appearing, their eyes were all focused on Jiang Tian, ​​and they were stunned by his majestic aura!

"This is...half-step eternity?"

The two women looked at Jiang Tian, ​​and then at each other. They were shocked and stunned for a moment, unable to believe their eyes.

Half a step into the eternal realm, it is impossible for the aura to be so powerful.

Obviously, during the time they were hiding in the Zixuan Realm, Jiang Tian's cultivation level had greatly improved.

We are only one step away from the eternal realm!

However, their progress in cultivation is still difficult to describe.

After Zi Shuang Qiuxian's hard training in the recent period, she has entered the early stage of the Origin Realm from the peak of Taichu Realm.

Qin Yao hasn't broken the bottleneck yet, and even without Jiang Tian asking, she feels blushing.

"Brother Tian, ​​I..." Qin Yao blushed, feeling a little embarrassed.

They have been in the Zixuan Realm for some time.

During this period of time, Jiang Tian never let them come out for ventilation, which shows that the outside environment is not so stable, and the pressure Jiang Tian faces must be extremely great, otherwise it would be impossible to keep them bored inside.

Although a large amount of cultivation resources have been prepared for them, they always feel like two canaries that are carefully guarded and do not have the feeling of practicing freely.

"No need to say more, I have some gifts for you."


The two girls' eyes lit up.

The gift Jiang Tian mentioned must not be an ordinary thing.

But even if it is a mortal thing, as long as it is given by Jiang Tian, ​​it is a treasure!

They were looking forward to this moment extremely.

Jiang Tian said again: "Don't worry, help me complete this sacrifice first."


The two girls immediately stood beside him and assisted in refining the golden feet.

Dozens of golden complex legs were suspended above Huo'er's Daolian body, and were repeatedly refined by the true fire of the burning weapon and the Daolian fire.

Pieces after pieces of precious five-element wood refining essence were integrated into it.

Jiang Tian kept giving orders, asking Zishuang Qiuxian and Qin Yao to take various materials from the treasure house.

The subsequent refining process was extremely smooth. The once stubborn and strong Golden Fuzu quickly completed the transformation under the enlightenment of various materials led by the refining of the Great Five Elements Xinmu, and became a magic weapon that can be activated.

"These golden feet are my gift to you."

Jiang Tian waved his hand, and the eighteen golden complex legs were divided into two groups, with nine in each group suspended in front of the two women.

"Thank you husband!"

"Thank you, Brother Tian!"

Zishuang Qiuxian and Qin Yao couldn't hide their excitement.

Each of these golden complex legs is an extremely precious treasure. With their cultivation level, they cannot fully exert their power.

But it is a great supplement to their combat power.

It is enough to make them invincible within the same level, and even kill powerful opponents across levels.

For Jiang Tian, ​​he actually doesn't really need the golden feet now.

But it has to be said that these monster materials that have experienced the prelude to eternity are still a great weapon until now.

If you can survive the eternal calamity with him, you may show greater power.

So he still retained some, waiting for the official impact of the eternal realm in the near future to feel their changes.

"In addition, there are many elixirs here to assist cultivation, you can just take them."

Jiang Tian pointed to the countless treasures behind him.

"Husband, where is this place?" Zi Shuang Qiuxian asked.

"Plane's Fair, Zhenkong Hall's Treasure Hall."

"I see!"

"bring it on!"

After solving their doubts, Zishuang Qiuxian and Qin Yao rushed into the rows of treasure shelves, looking for elixirs and heavenly materials and earthly treasures that were suitable for them.

For them, improving their cultivation is a top priority, and they must narrow the gap with Jiang Tian as soon as possible.

But Jiang Tian's growth rate was much faster than theirs, which created a contradiction - they tried their best to practice, but they still couldn't catch up with Jiang Tian, ​​and even fell further and further behind.

Although he was anxious, he was helpless. After collecting some cultivation resources, the two women immediately started refining them at Jiang Tian's suggestion.

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